Donald Trump, Australian PM Offer Mixed Messages on Refugee Deal

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Donald Trump, Australian PM Offer Mixed Messages on Refugee Deal
CANBERRA, Australia – President Donald Trump has branded an Obama administration deal that would allow mostly Muslim refugees rejected by Australia to be resettled in the U.S.

Questions Cloud US Raid on Qaeda Branch in Yemen

New York Times
Officials, including Senator Chris Coons of Delaware, left Washington for Dover Air Force Base on Wednesday to meet the family of an American commando killed in Yemen.

Trump had heated exchange with Australian PM, talked ‘tough hombres’ with Mexican leader

Washington (CNN) Donald Trump’s roller coaster ride toward diplomacy continued late Wednesday night with a tweet calling an Obama-era agreement with Australia to accept refugees a “dumb deal.

AP Analysis: Trump’s Clash With Australia Strains Alliance

New York Times
SYDNEY – For decades, Australia and the U.S. have enjoyed the coziest of relationships, collaborating on everything from military and intelligence to diplomacy and trade.

Brexit: Government to reveal plans for UK’s exit from EU

London (CNN) UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s government will formally set out details for the first time Thursday of its strategy for Britain’s departure from the European Union.

US Puts Iran ‘on Notice’ After Missile Test, Won’t Elaborate

New York Times
WASHINGTON – The White House has issued a cryptic warning that the U.S. will act against Iran unless it stops testing ballistic missiles and supporting Houthi rebels in Yemen, but declined to say what retaliatory actions the U.S.

Romania’s President Seeks to Annul Graft Law Amid Protests

New York Times
BUCHAREST, Romania – Romania’s president said Thursday he would ask judges to declare unconstitutional a government decree that dilutes what qualifies as corruption, after hundreds of thousands protested against the measure.

Tale of an Iraqi woman dying because of Trump travel ban unravels

Washington Post
The gut-wrenching story of the Iraqi family spread quickly across the Internet on Tuesday, depicting what seemed to be among the most calamitous examples of a family torn apart by President Trump’s order temporarily barring people from seven countries …

Palestinians fear UN roadblock despite anti-settlement resolution

United Nations (CNN) Despite official backing from the UN, Palestinians fear an uphill battle to curb Israeli settlement expansion — particularly with a US President who has voiced strong support for Israel’s government.

Cool dad Obama wore a backwards hat on vacation, and the internet lost it

Yahoo News
Seeing former President Barack Obama out of office in street clothes is like seeing your elementary school teacher at the grocery store.

Trump admin eyes scrapping anti-extremism program

Washington (CNN) The Trump administration is working to scrap a program to fight extremism in favor of one focusing on extremism among Muslims, a source familiar with deliberations in the White House said Wednesday.

China’s new aircraft carrier to be based near South China Sea, as tensions with Washington rise
China’s first home-made aircraft carrier is likely to be based somewhere near the South China Sea to handle “complicated situations”, mainland media has reported.

Who is Marine Le Pen?

Paris (CNN) For most of her life, Marine Le Pen has lived and worked in the shadow of her father. Jean-Marie Le Pen founded the far-right National Front, the party that she now leads, in 1972.

Near Ukraine war’s front lines, curiosity about the Trump effect

Spartak and Avdiivka, Eastern Ukraine (CNN) It is noisy, for something so forgotten. Each evening, we are told, as the sun sets on the grim snowy plains around Spartak, a separatist-held village near the hotly contested airport of Donetsk, the chill is

Illiberal democracy and liberal Muslims

Yeni Şafak English
Donald Trump, who took over the U.S. presidency on Jan. 20, was quick to start erasing his predecessor Barack Obama’s legacy. Trump also underwent the most turbulent period in the first week of his presidency at the White House with the successive …

Trump’s White House not yet open for tours

Washington (CNN) Nearly two weeks after his inauguration, President Donald Trump’s White House isn’t yet open to the public for tours.

Anti-Semitic hate crime at record high, says UK charity

BBC News
Anti-Semitic hate crime in the UK increased by more than a third last year, with recorded incidents now at record levels, charity figures suggest.
New York Times
MOSCOW – On his first trip to the European Union since the U.S. presidential election, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday is heading to Hungary, the nation whose leader has cozied up to Moscow despite Russia-West tensions.

Shocking details as Russian spies charged with treason

CBS News
Last Updated Feb 1, 2017 10:40 AM EST. MOSCOW — Russian news agencies are reporting that former members of the domestic security agency and a cybersecurity expert have been formally charged with treason.

Trump team building a wall inside National Security Council

President Donald Trump’s national security adviser is planning to rely on a new layer of hand-picked aides to serve as a “barrier” between the professional staff of the National Security Council and top White House officials, according to two sources

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