Right targets Ryan — not Trump — on ObamaCare plan

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Right targets Ryan — not Trump — on ObamaCare plan

The Hill
President Trump has so far managed to avoid becoming a target for the conservative backlash to Speaker Paul Ryan · Paul RyanRight targets Ryan – not Trump – on ObamaCare plan Ryan pushes back against critics panning health plan as ‘entitlement’ …

Do Trump’s own surrogates actually believe what he says? Here’s a clue.

Washington Post
Vice President Pence was happy to speak for himself Wednesday during an interview with an Ohio TV station when asked whether the new Republican health-care plan will preserve Medicaid coverage for Ohioans who obtained it under the Affordable Care …

Snow likely to begin falling early Friday morning

The Boston Globe
Snow and subzero wind chills are expected to hit Boston this weekend, following a windy Thursday that saw gusts reach 60 miles per hour and proved that winter is far from over.

Federal ethics chief criticizes White House for decision not to discipline Conway

Washington Post
The federal government’s top ethics official on Thursday chastised the White House for declining to discipline President Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway for her on-air endorsement of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.

AG Jeff Sessions calls Guantanamo Bay a ‘very fine place’ to send captured terrorists

New York Daily News
Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Guantanamo Bay was a “very fine place” for newly detained prisoners. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh).

Marines have battled misogyny for years. Will it be different this time?

Marine Corps Times
Although the Marine Corps was quick to condemn the secretive “Marines United” Facebook group, the Corps’ leadership has known for years about websites that encourage misogyny and cyber bullying of female Marines, veterans and other women.

Fair-housing advocates call potential HUD cuts ‘devastating’

Washington Post
Fair-housing advocates and experts in urban policy say that significant cuts to the Department of Housing and Urban Development could be devastating to cities and low-income families across the country, probably stalling backlogged repairs at …

American Diplomats’ Comfort With Tillerson Gives Way to Unease

U.S. diplomats breathed a sigh of relief three months ago when Rex Tillerson was nominated as secretary of state, welcoming the oilman as a seasoned manager who would shield them from ideologues ready to gut America’s foreign policy machinery.

6 days later, no more clarity from Trump on wiretapping claims

Washington (CNN) Six days after he accused his Oval Office predecessor of wiretapping him, President Donald Trump on Thursday again avoided questions about the charge, leaving his aides and allies still-struggling to explain his Saturday-morning …

Harvard Will Make It Easier For People Who Won’t Get Into Harvard To Be Taken Advantage Of

Above the Law
The LSAT is an overvalued standardized test that serves an important, irreplaceable function. Both things are true at the same time.

Proof Daylight Saving Time Is Dumb, Dangerous, and Costly

If you hate daylight saving time and all the confusion and sleep deprivation it brings, you now have solid data on your side. A wave of new research is bolstering arguments against changing our clocks twice a year.

Is Trump Being Investigated? ‘No Comment,’ Justice Dept. Says

New York Times
The controversy generated by President Trump’s posts on Twitter about being wiretapped has generated intense scrutiny of every word on the matter.

A look at legal issues with Trump’s revised travel ban

Washington Post
SEATTLE – Some of the states that helped derail President Trump’s first travel ban are mounting efforts to block his second one, saying that while the new order applies to fewer people, it’s infected with the same legal problems.

Neil Gorsuch Is the Impartial Judge Our Supreme Court Needs

National Review
It is vital that America’s courts interpret the law rather than making it. Judge Gorsuch understands and respects the judiciary’s proper constitutional role.

Shabbat’s not the reason Trump tweets on Saturdays

The prevailing narrative about when President Donald Trump launches his most reckless tirades involves the absence of the two people viewed as the great moderating influences in his life: his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner.

Suing Trump on ethics? Good luck making your case

A lot of people – New York’s attorney general, law professors, Washington restaurant owners – think President Donald Trump is breaking laws by holding onto his businesses.

Utility crews: We don’t play favorites in restoring power

Detroit Free Press
As Michigan’s two giant utilities rush to get power back to hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses, schools and city halls following Wednesday’s record electric outage, those in charge are making a crucial choice – over and over – that profoundly …

An airline passenger made a scene over a $12 blanket — and the pilot diverted the plane

Washington Post
A Honolulu-bound Hawaiian Airlines flight was diverted to Los Angeles International Airport when an “unruly” passenger threatened to “take somebody behind the woodshed” over the cost of an in-flight blanket, according to officials.

Comey visits the Hill amid tension over Trump’s wiretapping allegations

Washington Post
FBI Director James B. Comey huddled with top lawmakers Thursday as pressure grows on the Justice Department to either substantiate or denounce President Trump’s accusation that the Obama administration tapped his phones during the presidential …

Middletown Catholic high school responds to petitions to change same-sex prom date policy

FOX 61
MIDDLETOWN — Last week, a senior at Mercy High School, an all girl Catholic school, started a petition asking to be allowed to bring a girl as a prom date.

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