Donald Trump, the master of working from home

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New Star labels differentiate between news and opinion

Toronto StarDec. 8, 2017
You can find a “glossary” of the labels we now use to differentiate news from opinionpublished in the “footer” of the home page of In brief, news is defined as “verified information based in the impartial reporting of facts,” and opinion as, “articles based on personal interpretation and judgment of …

Articles of impeachment

Arkansas OnlineDec. 11, 2017
Talk about articles of impeachment. The papers are full of such articles these days, and a lot of them discuss the idea of impeaching the current president of the United States. Most times, those articlesmention the name Al Green–no, not that one. The politician Al Green from Houston. This guy won’t quit.
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Trump’s global credibility is shot

CNNDec. 6, 2017
She is a frequent Opinion contributor to CNN and the Washington Post and a columnist for World Politics Review. The opinions …. Brazil’s O Globo, in multiple articles, said plainly that the President of the United States tweeted videos with false information, “inciting prejudice against Muslims.” A similar …
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Daphne’s murder: Judge says UK law firm’s opinion on human rights …

Malta Independent Online1 hour ago
A judge today called a British law firm’s opinion that the Caruana Galizia family’s human rights have been breached a “manipulative orchestration” aimed at … and the bereaved family, under Articles 2, 3, 8, 10 and/ or 13 ECHR (and indeed under other international human rights treaties and domestic law).”.
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Donald Trump, the master of working from home

CNN16 hours ago
The opinions in this article are those of the author. (CNN) So … He sets down the Sharpie he was using to circle articles about himself in the daily newspapers and presses the button on the Resolute Desk to summon a butler with an ice cold drink — 12 times a day, if the latest insider gossip is to be believed.
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Rise of the Roypublicans

New York TimesDec. 10, 2017
If Alabama voters on Tuesday elect Roy Moore to the Senate, the Donald Trump-diseased party once known as the Republicans may as well call themselves Roypublicans. There will be no way to shake the stench of this homophobic, Islamophobic, sexist, racist apologist and accused pedophile.
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Billy Bush: Yes, Donald Trump, You Said That

New York TimesDec. 3, 2017
We now know better. Recently I sat down and read an article dating from October of 2016; it was published days after my departure from NBC, a time when I wasn’t processing anything productively. In it, the author reviewed the various firsthand accounts about Mr. Trump that, at that point, had come from 20 …
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The GOP Is Rotting

New York TimesDec. 7, 2017
A lot of good, honorable Republicans used to believe there was a safe middle ground. You didn’t have to tie yourself hip to hip with Donald Trump, but you didn’t have to go all the way to the other extreme and commit political suicide like the dissident Jeff Flake, either. You could sort of float along in the …
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Judge Scolds Manafort for Contributing to Ukraine Op-Ed

Bloomberg19 hours ago
At that same hearing Monday, U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson scolded Manafort for contributing to an opinion article published last week in the Kyiv Post despite her order to refrain from using the media to influence public opinion about his Oct. 27 money-laundering and conspiracy indictment in …
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I Grew Up Around Korean Beauty Products. Americans, You’ve Been …

New York TimesDec. 9, 2017
I have no opinion as to whether snails are particularly young-looking, but my experience is that their excretions do work on humans. That aside, as someone who … Dozens of articles in the Western press claim that Korean beauty innovation is 10 years ahead of the rest of the world. So … in beauty terms, …

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