The Best Sci Fi Movies Streaming on Netflix

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The Best Sci Fi Movies Streaming on Netflix

IGN18 hours ago
By William Bibbiani It’s hard to imagine it now, but there was a time when a service like Netflix Streaming was the stuff of science fiction. It’s a repository of motion pictures, available to watch at the push of a button. It’s a magical, wonderful concept, and the only thing that would make it better is if they actually …
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Amazon: Prime Video Isn’t Netflix, but so What?

Barron’s18 hours ago
If Netflix is “unstoppable,” what does that mean for Amazon Prime Video? Not that much, actually. In a Tuesday note, Loop Capital shared the results of a survey of 500 consumers in the U.S. with both Netflix (NFLX) and’s (AMZN) Prime memberships. Their conclusion: Prime Video isn’t “a …
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Danger, Will Robinson! ‘Lost in Space’ finds new life on Netflix

KFGO9 hours ago
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – More than 50 years after it appeared on U.S. television, science-fiction family drama “Lost in Space” is getting new life as a series on Netflixand will offer a break from the dystopian fare popular among futuristic shows today, the show’s star Toby Stephens said. “There’s great TV …
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Help Wanted: Netflix Movie Publicist. $400000 Including Options

BloombergMar 27, 2018
None of that is stopping Netflix from attracting publicists with as much as $400,000 in salary and other compensation, or about double their prior paychecks, according to the people, who asked not to be identified discussing private compensation data. More senior professionals are seeing similar increases, …
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British drama ‘Requiem’ now streaming on Netflix

Catholic Courier15 hours ago
NEW YORK (CNS) — “I want to know who I am,” Matilda Gray (Lydia Wilson), the protagonist of the supernatural thriller “Requiem” says. By the time they finish the six-episode miniseries, which began streaming on Netflix March 23, viewers will likely identify this aspiration as an example of the saying “Be …
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Netflix’s ‘Wild Wild Country’ Sparks Questions Over Use of ‘Cult’ Label

Sojourners15 hours ago
The Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country has revived interest in the “free-love cult” founded by Indian guru Rajneesh, or “Osho,” that in 1984 launched a “bioterror attack,” spreading salmonella in restaurants near the group’s Oregon headquarters. Then there’s NXIVM, a “sex cult” based in Albany, N.Y. …
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UT The Daily Texan

How the most iconic looks from season 2 of Netflix’s ‘A Series of …

Mic16 hours ago
Every surface in season two of Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events looks as though it’s covered in a decade’s worth of dirt. The show’s world — adapted from Lemony Snicket’s novels of the same name — isn’t a place where people, on the whole, are doing great. Despite that, the entire series is bursting …

Fox Takes Netflix Exec Poaching Row To Calif. Appeals Court

Law3608 hours ago
Law360, Los Angeles (April 10, 2018, 11:00 PM EDT) — Twentieth Century Fox and Netflix took their dispute over the latter’s alleged poaching of Fox executives to a California appeals court Tuesday, with Fox telling judges that a lower court should have thrown out Netflix’s counterclaims that Fox’s employment agreements …
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Netflix Threatens to Snub Cannes After Row Over Competition Rules

Financial Tribune16 hours ago
T he ongoing spat between Netflix and the Cannes Film Festival has worsened, with the streaming service reportedly threatening to withdraw five of its films from the festival. Netflix, an American entertainment company, has been effectively barred from Cannes’s top prize, the Palme d’Or, after the festival’s …
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What Barack Obama Would Mean for Netflix Stock

U.S. News & World ReportMar 12, 2018
Netflix Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) has taken a lot of heat from critics about its aggressive content spending, but the company certainly seems to be landing some big-name talent. The New York Times reports that Netflix is in negotiations with none other than former President Barack Obama, and GBH Insights says …

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