Emissions Scandal Rocks Volkswagen Passenger Cars


If you are a Volkswagen fan, you may not remain one for long, especially after you read about the emission scandal, which has turned the world of Volkswagen passenger cars upside down. Its fans are not the only ones dismayed at the disclosure of the scandal, but it has devastated the diesel passenger vehicle market, as their reputation along with their reliability has become tainted.

Even though the automaker was trying to quietly sweep the scandal under the rug, the evidence piled against it was too much so they finally came clean. In their statement to the press, representatives over at Volkswagen admitted to their wrongdoing of equipping the defeat software on more than 11 million cars worldwide. What is the defeat software? Well, it is the ultimate cheating device.

It lets cars cheat on their emissions tests. Cheating on an emission test may seem innocent but is ethically wrong none the less, as its puts the life of passengers in danger. Vehicles are meant to be safe and are only allowed on the road after they successfully pass every test. However, Volkswagen passenger cars cheated their way to an “A.”

Their passenger cars are spewing forty times more than the acceptable levels  of NOx which leads to creating a host of problems for the environment and human life. It creates pollutants like smog, damages the ozone layer, and causes respiratory difficulties in humans. Even though the company has enforced the stop-sale order on all new and used Volkswagen passenger cars, they will not be getting off that easy.

The Justice Department is prepping up to launch a criminal investigation against Volkswagen and they are looking to make an example of them to prevent other automakers from going down the same road. The question that everyone is asking is how the automaker will get out of this mess. Will they repair the remaining cars? Sell? Buy back? Discount on next purchase of car?

These are questions that will go unanswered, until the matter is completely resolved, which it won’t be for a many years unless they make an announcement in the near future telling the saddened and shocked public of their plans regarding the state of their cars, or should you say livelihood. The deception of Volkswagen does not stop there though.

In 2009, the company lied about its miles per gallon rating, touting in their advertisements that their car gives 38 miles per gallon in the city and 44 miles per gallon on the highway. They came up with that by getting help from their own inside man, AMCI, a third party vendor.

A little click here and there revealed that the company chose to go with a third party vendor over the EPA because they wanted favorable results regarding their MPG. In reality, the Volkswagen passenger cars gave somewhere around 29 to 39 miles per gallon in the city and 39 to 42 miles per gallon on the highway, depending on the driveline configurations and the model.

As for the future of diesel powered vehicles, rest assured, you will still see them on the roads, as their domination in  transport vehicles remains unaffected by these revelations. However, if the environmentalists push for the end of diesel run cars, the future of passenger cars that run on diesel is at stake. The lesson here is, don’t cheat because you will get caught!



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