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The Samsung Galaxy S6 has certainly cemented Samsung’s position as the leading smartphone manufacturer and amid growing competition from Apple; Samsung has decided to up the stakes even more. The next-generation Samsung Galaxy S7 is already getting a lot of attention and it has been indicated that the new phone is only 6 months away from a launch.

According to rumors the South Korean tech-giant is going to release 2 different models of the Samsung Galaxy S7. This will be in line with the trend set by Samsung with their Samsung S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. It could be that the former phone would be a flat screen while the latter will have a curved-edge display.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 project is being called the ‘Project Lucky’ whilst the first model for the S7 is going to be named the ‘Hero’ phone, whilst the other one will be named as ‘Hero2”.

The Juiciest Rumors

According to Phone Arena the two Galaxy S7 phones will have separate screen sizes. The first one could flaunt a 5.2 inch display, whilst the other phone will have a massive 5.8 inch display. When it comes to performance the 2 S7 phones will be powered by Samsung’s Exynos 8890 SoC or they could maybe sport the Snapdragon 820.

Both the Samsung S7 phones could sport the same specifications as the Galaxy S6 with a UFS 2.0 storage. This will be good news for diehard Samsung fans, since the phone manufacturer plans on bringing the microSD card slot back with their latest phone.

The camera on the Samsung Galaxy S7 is also going to be offered with a 20 megapixel ISOCELL sensor. The body of the S7 will also be available in magnesium alloy with a unibody design. Both Samsung Galaxy S7 phones are going to be made available in the United States, South Korea, China, Europe and Canada. The handset is also set to be offered by AT&T, US Cellular, Verizon, SamMobile, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Cricket.

Should you be excited with the Galaxy S7?

Samsung never fails to deliver when it comes to making shockwaves in the industry so it is safe to say that their latest phones are going to be one of a kind and will meet the expectations of everyone in the industry. There has been plenty of talk about the new phones already and once they are launched we are going to see whether they continue to dominate the industry or will Apple’s iPhone 7 steal the show.

Fans of the South Korean smartphone giant, should rightly expect an outstanding phone, when the S7 hits the markets, since Samsung really has to step their game up if they want to stay ahead of Apple in the smartphone wars.

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