Can Super Mario Save Nintendo from Destroying Itself?


The experts have given their verdict, Nintendo is a falling giant and it seems that it is in a collision course with itself. However, there is a ray of hope that Nintendo can cling to, and some may argue that it has been clinging onto for the past decade. It seems that Super Mario is the one thing that can save the video game giant and ensure that they are able to keep their heads above the water, only just!

Nintendo has had a rough ride over the past few years and the only way the company can turn their flagging fortunes around is through their most popular video game franchise (perhaps the most famous video game of all time?).

The latest game launched by Nintendo, Super Mario Maker has breathed new life into the company, and it has revived its Wii U gaming console. The game was launched on September 11 in the United States and players can create their own customized courses, which can be based on their favorite Super Mario games.

It has only been a week since the game’s release and there have already been over 1 million courses that have been designed in Super Mario Maker. This report followed news that the game had been a flop in the U.S. market, but it has proved to be a resounding success amongst both old and young gamers.

An Instant Hit

The Super Mario Maker has really turned around the fortunes of Nintendo, and although there are no solid figures that suggest the early market sales of the game, there are reports that it has helped Nintendo sell more Wii Units in one week, than they managed to sell in a year. This surely translates as a resounding success for Nintendo, who it seems have to ride on the coat-tails of their most popular game in order to get back to their glory days.

Experts suggest that Nintendo were clever in adding the nostalgia factor into their marketing, with Super Mario Maker. Most of the fans of the Mario franchise are above 30 now but they are still fans of the game and now have kids. Now they are purchasing the game for their kids so that their children can relive the magic of Mario in their youth as well.

The Super Mario franchise turned 30 on September13th and it has helped Nintendo survive the unpredictable weather of the video game market. Super Mario Bros. was launched in 1985 and took the video game industry by storm as it sold over 40 million units over its lifetime and resurrected the video game industry single-handedly. This is perhaps the reason why it is considered to be one of the most iconic video games of all time, and is one of the most loved and well-known video game franchises ever.

The success of Super Mario games has helped Nintendo stay afloat in the industry and even deal with the unprecedented dominance of Sony and Microsoft in the video game industry in recent times. However, whenever Nintendo has found itself in a pinch, it has always turned to Super Mario to save it and the strategy has paid dividends every single time.


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