On October 6, Microsoft Corporation Will be Full of Surprises

Microsoft Corporation Building

Microsoft Corporation Building

With October around the corner, technology enthusiasts are on the edge of their seats, anxiously  waiting for Microsoft Corporation to kill their curiosity. Microsoft will appear at a special hardware event where people are speculating that the corporation will have some big news to share.

Word going around the industry and the internet is that Microsoft Corporation will lift the cloak on several innovations such as a wearable device, the new Surface, and Windows Phones. Right now, they are being pretty tight lipped about it, but their silence has stirred up quite a storm of rumors so just imagine how people will react when its latest devices come to light.

The brass at, Microsoft Corporation have definitely fueled the fireof productgossip. Therefore, it’s critical  that they finally satisfy  people’s curiosity by answering some  important questions that have been lingering for months if not years. They should begin with telling the audience about the Surface Pro 4.

Surface Pro 3 is fifteen months old, but in technology years, that seems like a decade, especially at the rate Apple and Samsung are launching their products. Are they falling behind in the race or are they just about to catch up in a big way.

If the rumors are to be believed and in the technology industry, they are, Microsoft Corporations decision not to launch the Surface Pro 4 was because they were waiting for Intel to launch the Skylake CPUs. Microsoft will use Skylake CPUs to power up their devices.

The new Surface Pro 4 will also be built with its own dedicated GPU, which will produce superior SSDs, improved graphics, and will offer LTE support. If the assumptions and rumors become a reality, Apple’s iPad Pro may be facing a huge threat. With each release of a new smart device, the storage capacity increases and  the Surface Pro 4 will not disappoint.

Microsoft Corporation may offer a storage capacity of 64GB and 500GB. Are you still there because that is a lot! iPad Pro only offers 32GB to 128GB. Yup, the headquarters at Apple will become a scenario of chaos if all of this turns out to be true.

Another question the company will need to answer is if they are going to include the  Continuum feature, which will allow Windows 10 Mobile phones to transition to desktop mode once the user plugs in the device. What about wearable technology?

In that department, Microsoft Corporation has suffered a defeat at the hands of Apple, as their smartwatch and fitness tracker took a backseat to Apple’s Watch and other wearable gadgets. One advantage that Microsoft does have over Apple and Android is that its band, which they will reveal a new version of, is compatible with all three operating systems.

One thing you can take away from this is that Microsoft Corporation will keep looking past its failures and delve into new challenges. This is evident by the company’s move into holographic computing. If Microsoft Corporation does happen to come out victorious from the conference, Apple may finally admit the defeat in the tablet arena.


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