5 Favorite Online Sources That Allow Access to Free Music


Do want to listen to quality music, but don’t have the budget to keep your digital library stocked? If this is the case there are a variety of  sources to download your music for free. Below we have compiled  5 of the best online sources that offer music of all varieties to listen and download for free.

So, plug in those headphones, open your browser, and visit the online music sites  listed below.


Amazon offers more than 45,000 digital music tracks for free. The best thing is that all the tracks are sorted by artist, genre, release date, and customer reviews. You can select from among different music genres such as pop, folk, gospel, country, rock, hip-hop, rap, and many others. The tracks you can download from the Amazon site are in MP3 format and of high quality (217kbps and 271kbps), and include album art.

Google Play

Google Play android app store also offers free music, mostly from up and coming artists. There is a section called Antenna Sampler that offers a selection of free music. The music list is updated monthly and contains different genres of music to download. Near the bottom of the page, there is a section called Free Music. To easily find this section, just go to the Google Play Music page, press Ctrl-F, and type ‘free’ in the search box.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive offers a wide selection of free online music. Most of the music available on the site is from independent or less known bands and artists. However, sometimes, you can find tracks of big bands such as Nine Inch Nails floating around the site. The music site allows you to search for the music through radio stations and CC license type. You can also search for free music based on genre. The tracks available on the website are of good MP3 quality with bit rates ranging from 256Kbps and 320Kbps.


Freegal is another great online source for free music. You can find a plethora of free music by different artists and bands. The website may not offer songs included in most top 40 lists, but it does offer new songs of well known artists. For instance, at the moment, you can download and listen to Rachel Platten’s Fight Song, OMI’s Cheerleader, and Walk the Moon’s Shut Up and Dance. All the music hosted at the site is in good MP 3 quality with bitrates of 256 Kbps.



NoiseTrade is another great free online music platform that offers downloadable tracks of different artists. You can download as much music as you like from the site. In exchange, you have to accept the receipt  of promotional emails from the site, which isn’t such a bad deal considering that you get free music.

You can find tracks of different genres listed on the site. Although, most of the tracks are from lesser known artists and bands, the songs are really not that bad. You can stumble onto quality tracks with the kind of variety that will be a treat for your ears.


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