Grab The Limited Edition Coffee Table Book About Gisele Bundchen For $700


If you are a Gisele Bundchen fan, we’ve got great news for you. You’ll be extremely happy with the news of the highest earning supermodel’s very own limited edition book that is now out. I bet you just can’t  wait to get your hands on the book. Don’t  get too excited because the book will definitely put a dent in your wallet. If your  love for the beautiful  model outweighs your love for money, then this is the book for you.

The Cost

The cost of this coffee table book by Gisele is $700 US. The Brazilian supermodel has recently retired and has published this book as a celebration of her career as a supermodel. It will contain300 plus pictures along with tributes from fashion leaders as well as her family and closest friends. And while the cost of the book seems excessive, it is definitely something to consider investing in, since it is a limited print edition and may gain in value over the years. The book titled ‘Gisele’ will only print one thousand copies and each will  be personally signed by the model herself. The highest earning supermodel of all time is now certainly focused on selling an expensive piece of literature.


The Focus Of The Book

Taschen, the publisher of the book, has stated that it will reveal intimate details about the models career and how she managed to become a fashion icon. Gisele, who is 35 years old now, is pictured nude on the cover, and the image has been shot by Irving Penn.

Nine hundred of the books will be collector’s edition prints whereas the remaining 100 will be art edition copies. The art editions will include prints specially signed by the fashion photographer Juergen Teller. By November, the book will be made available.

There was a rumor circulating  that Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen’s husband, was going to develop  a similar book.. He apparently asked his assistant to stop the project from going forward.

Gisele has definitely had tremendous career as a fashion supermodel. Her book can serve as an inspiration for many people who are still struggling with their careers and life in general. People looking to get into fashion and modeling can take inspiration from this book. And while this book is quite expensive, we feel that there might still be many people around who are willing to spend their hard earned cash to gain a glimpse into the life of the legendary model. So be on the lookout for the book, because we strongly suspect that it will fly off the shelves as soon as it is released.

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