From The Living Room Straight To The Driveway, Apple Plans Electric Car

Bringing innovation to technology, Apple is now ready to continue itsexpand its automotive ambitions. Anticipating a massive change in the automobile industry in near future, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, addressedThe Wall Street Journal (WSJD)live conference in San Francisco on Monday.

iosIt’s clear that Apple is working towards the development of a car. An electric car in particular. If it’s Apple, there’s bound to be arevolution right? He further revealed that software would be an important part of the car, he feels autonomous driving will becomemuch more important.

Under the name of “project Titan”, Apple has brought on hundreds of employees to execute the project by 2019, as sources reveal. The early stages of developmententails the hiring of new employees and meetings with automotive suppliers.It seems like Apple is definitely positioned to bring a massive change.

Sources also reveal that they are skeptical about meeting their target launch of 2019. Due to low gas prices and battery range, the global market isn’t very strong when it comes to electric cars. Currently nothing beats Tesla Motors Inc and Nissan Motor Co when it comes to battery powered high volume vehicles, however total volumes are weak with the industry hitting only 85 million in vehicle sales.

When Is This ‘’Massive Change’’ Expected?

By the time Apple makes its debut in this competitive market, there’s a high possibility that the current playersincluding GM, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, and Porsche will introduce a vast range of electric automobiles to their product line.

The project is rumored to be integrated deeply with the iOS, with the goal being expanding the iOS beyond iPads and iPhones. The exploration of the project started last year, but has only come to light recently when an Apple employee was spotted driving a van with a camera rig attached to it with multiple cameras, similar to what one would find on Google street view.


In order to move the project from test to live,rigorous road testing will be acquired.Apple arranged a meeting with California appleautonomous driving officials back in August of last year. Furthermore, an engineering project manager was also hired.Reportedly, Apple has invested over a year researching the project’s feasibility.

Jokingly called the “Tesla graveyard”, Apple is trying to poach Tesla employees offering a 60% salary increase, excluding bonuses! Sounds like a great deal doesn’t it? However, Tesla continues to thrive and has been more successful in recruiting Apple’s employees than vice versa. Clearly, Tesla is winning the battle.

To sum it up, Tim Cook is quite occupied with project Titan as he should be, it does seem like a major milestone in the development of self-driving cars in the automobile industry. Apple has conducted meetings with BMW, showing a great interest in their latest invention BMW’s i3. However, it was not clear if they were going to work together in the near future.

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