Presidential Elections| Trump And Carson Gain The Lead After Poll for Nominations.

The 2016 Presidential elections have been a hot topic for discussion and forecasts. Donald Trump and Ben Carson stand on top of the field of the GOP republican field and has seen the evacuation by Carly Fiorina after the polls results for nominations of elections have been announced. Losing 11 points last month and moving down in support from 15% to 4% Fiorina has suffered a slump and is in a tie for seventh place in the polls resulting in dismay among supporters.

Presidential ElectionsOn the other hand, Carson has gained 8 points and now is just behind Trump as the candidate enjoys support of nearly 20% of voters. Also, of almost half of the Republican electorate, Trump and Carson have been the first choices and enjoyed the many benefits in position and support. Nearly two thirds of Republican voters had Trump and Carson marked as their first or second choice for nomination for presidential election, nowhere less.

The Results

In this presidential race no other candidate has made the kinds of gains as these two unlikely heroes. Trump’s 27% of poll result is in the lead followed by Carson’s 22%. Being so close together in support and with nearly half of all support has left no space for any other nominee to enter the fray. Third place is a virtual tie between former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Florida Senator Marco Rubio with 8% support according to the poll result. This position is backed by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul both at 5%. Fiorina along with New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie and Texas Senator, Ted Cruz have secured 4% electorate support. Ohio Governor, John Kasich enjoys 3% support and former Pennsylvania Senator, Rick Santorum has 2% while 1% support is earned


by South Carolina Senator, Lindsey Graham.

The GOP candidates are to meet on the debate stage in a week and the poll results will provide increased fodder to the event. The polling criteria that have been set by organizers of the debate (planned on October 28th) have resulted in choosing 10 candidates to take the major position of stage. This will basically be the same field as the last debate in Simi Valley (after which, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker ended his presidential campaign).

The Surprising Fall of Fiorina

With her support now at 8% and including voters with college degrees, Fiorina’s decline has been somewhat surprising. Last month she stood at 22% with Trump and Carson and seemed to be mounting a formidable race. She has dropped down in the field with a loss of 12 points among men and 11 among women, 18 among independents, 15 among conservatives and 17 point drop among the 50 plus crowd. Republican voters have been reported to be satisfied with the poll results after they were announced. They also remain more excited about the presidential election campaigns overall than their Democratic counterparts.

2016 for Trump and Carson

The very enthusiastic voters are said to be backing Trump and Carson more than generally republican voters are. However, less enthusiastic Republicans are said to be supporting Bush. Enthusiastic voter’s contribution to Trump’s support have been at 30% while for Carson it is 25% and Bush’s support lies at 3%. There is a chance that Carson’s numbers might get a tick higher if GOP primaries and caucuses cling to the same pattern they’ve had in recent times.

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