Apple iOS 9.1… Enhancements, Prospects and Noteworthy New Features

Owners of Apple mobile products eagerly anticipate the regular iOS updates. Their most recent update, iOS 9.1, is yet another much-awaited opportunity to upgrade and update. Apple’s latest mobile operating system introduces not only several new, never-before-included features but it has also built on the excellent functionality of iOS 9 with iOS 9.1.

Emojis, Apple Maps, Siri, Notes, News… Enhancements to Look Out For iOS 9.1

One of the most notable improvements includes new emojis, including the middle finger emoji which is being enthusiastically employed, especially by those on social media sites. These new emojis will also improve both the Live Photos and Messages applications.

Maps-IconsApple Maps, considered highly inferior to Google Maps thus far, has also been significantly updated. In attempting to catch up to the popularity and usability of Google Maps, iOS 9.1 has made improvements mainly based on better data and search results. For example, iOS 9.1 includes public transport information. Such changes suggest that Apple Maps may start to give Google Maps a run for its money.

Today, the importance of digital assistants is being repeatedly highlighted by technology companies. Siri is no exception. While Apple has made significant improvements to Siri over previous versions, many believe that it is from iOS 9 onwards that it is living up to its full potential. Building on that, iOS 9.1 allows Siri to go one step further by providing voice assistance on a contextual basis. The software now assesses what activities are being carried out at a given time. Siri can now play an active role in searching and, more importantly, accessing activity-based, useful information from the Internet. The search API has also been opened up such that third-party apps can also be searched, thereby creating a more flexible mobile operating system policy overall.

Apple News appThe News app launched in the US recently has been improved also. Critics have remarked however, that there is a significant lack of publications within the music filtering service. Apple has addressed this by vowing to enhance this in future.

Notes has been revamped as well. It is now possible to use the sketch button to insert drawings. It is possible to add photographs and bullet points in Notes. Notes can also be shared from any application. Though seemingly simple changes, they have helped turn Notes into much stronger tool.

All-new Features:

The ‘Back to’ is a minor addition to the iOS 9.1 software. Though minor, it is, nonetheless, convenient as it now allows users to switch back to their original application once new software is opened up from inside another program.

Apple has now introduced Proactive which is, essentially, Apple’s version of the Google Now application. In iOS 9.1, Proactive includes a new search screen. It is possible to access this by swiping left from the first home screen on the iPhone.

apple-ios-9Spotlight Proactive is yet another noteworthy improvement. In iOS 9.1, utilization of certain apps is monitored and relevant suggestions are made intelligently at relevant times of the day.

iOS 9.1 promises to deliver improved battery-life. This will be a welcome change for smart phone users, however, it remains to be seen if Apple follows through in delivering its promise.

iOS 9.1 offers new Apple Music features also. Now, Apple Music is pre-installed, making the user interface not just simpler but more intelligent.

Last, but not least, minor alterations to Apple’s system font (the San Francisco System font) has improved the user-friendliness of the software.

Future Prospects:

While Apple has been praised for the superior quality of security in its devices, it has attempted to build upon this security in iOS 9.1. 6-digit pass-codes will now be set as the default in the iOS 9 package which translates, simply, to greater security. Apple has also vowed to introduce two-factor authentication in future, which will see yet Apple achieve yet another milestone in improved security.

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