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Here is the latest Political News from CBS News.

Trump makes rare admissions after week of controversy
The latest CBS News battleground tracker shows Ted Cruz leading Trump by six points in Wisconsin

Clinton and Sanders spar over fuel donations, email scandal
The Democratic primary in Wisconsin is virtually tied

Impact of Trump loss in Wisconsin, calls for Kasich to drop
CBS News political director and “Face The Nation” moderator John Dickerson joins “CBS This Morning”

Clinton, Sanders spar over adding new campaign events
The candidates plan to hold a debate before the New York primary, but they can’t agree when to meet

2016 candidates face a cruel April
The 2016 primary calendar, with infrequent and far-flung races this month, creates more challenges for presidential candidates

Trump: “RNC shouldn’t allow” Kasich to stay in race
The Republican presidential front-runner claims the Ohio gov. is stealing his votes in the primary process

Donald Trump tries to recover after slippery week
On Tuesday, the race for the White House moves to Wisconsin

Will Hillary fall to Bernie in Wisconsin?
A new CBS Poll shows Bernie Sanders two points ahead of Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin

FTN: Page 2
Missed the second half of the show? The latest on Donald Trump’s abortion comments

4/3: Trump, Priebus, Salvanto
“Face the Nation” has the latest on the presidential campaign trail with Republican front-runner Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton: FBI has not asked about email probe
Last week, the State Department stopped its own internal review of Clinton’s possible mishandling of classified information

Hillary Clinton on a New York debate: “I’ll be there”
The details are still being organized, but one has been tentatively scheduled for April 14

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly becomes campaign’s top story
Megyn Kelly is a Fox News anchor who has found herself very much in the news this campaign season

Trump: “I’m the one being discriminated against”
The GOP presidential front-runner said on “Face the Nation” that the situation in Louisiana proves that he’s not being treated fairly

Poll: GOP voters divided over Donald Trump, Ted Cruz as April primaries loom
Battleground tracker poll of Wisconsin, New York and Pennsylvania voters for GOP and Democratic races

​Breaking the unwritten rules, of baseball and politics
N.Y. Times Magazine reporter Mark Leibovich on how the traditions of the playing field and the presidential field are being tested by brash upstarts

RNC chief issues stern warning over party loyalty
Reince Priebus explained on “Face the Nation” that if candidates withdraw support for the GOP, there will be consequences

Rules – in baseball and politics – made to be broken
Baseball fans are rejoicing in the unofficial American holiday known as Opening Day. Mark Leibovich, chief national correspondent for The New York Times Magazine, winds up and pitches his thoughts on the start of the baseball season

Trump on defensive ahead of Wisconsin primary
Republican front-runner Donald Trump is doing damage control after a difficult week that has seen several controversies and a slip in the polls ahead of the Wisconsin primary

Sanders, Clinton trade “debate dodger” accusations
The Clinton and Sanders campaigns are sparring over who is to blame for the lack of an agreement on a New York debate

Trump admits Heidi Cruz tweet attack was “a mistake”
“If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t have sent it,” the GOP front-runner said

Clinton campaign: Sanders holding up New York debate
Campaigns continue to spar as race becomes increasingly testy

FBI pledges to help local police unlock iPhones
Earlier this week, the agency successfully hacked into the Apple phone of San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook

Obama joined by Aaron Rodgers, Mark Kelly for golf outing
The president is on the course with some high-powered golf partners

Christie defends Trump in Jimmy Fallon interview
Of his Trump endorsement, Christie said, “it’s not like I drew it out of a hat or something, Jimmy”

Secret Service take White House fence jumper into custody
The individual was charged with unlawful entry

Clinton and Sanders to face off in Wis. primary
The Democratic presidential candidates will be in Wisconsin to attend a state party fundraiser dinner

Washington Post’s Philip Bump on 2016 campaign
Washington Post political reporter Philip Bump joins “CBS This Morning: Saturday” to discuss the latest developments of the presidential campaign

New legislation boosts minimum wage
Workers in California and New York are in line for a raise, with legislation boosting those states’ minimum wage to a nationwide high of $15 an hour

Donald Trump tries to clarify abortion remarks
In an interview that will air Sunday on “Face the Nation,” GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump was asked about his comments earlier this week on abortion

Clinton and Sanders getting testy over campaign contributions
Most of the fireworks have been on the Republican side this campaign season, but Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have demonstrated an increase in personal tension recently

Obama wraps up summit on nuclear security
President Obama has been looking for good ideas to prevent nuclear terrorism

Donald Trump: Don’t change abortion laws
The GOP frontrunner seeks to clarify his recent controversial comments on abortion during an interview with “Face the Nation”

Obama responds to Donald Trump’s comments about nuclear weaponry
At the end of the Nuclear Security Summit, the president had some critical things to say about the GOP front-runner’s remarks

Obama acknowledges civilian deaths caused by drone strikes
The president said there’s been “legitimate criticism” of drone strikes in the past, but he justified the current use of strikes to kill groups of people

How “The Art of the Deal” informs Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign
Donald Trump’s guide to deal-making, published in 1987, is chock-full of insights into how the billionaire now approaches the 2016 Republican primary race

State Department will halt Clinton emails review, defer to FBI
At issue are emails from Clinton’s private email server that contain information that’s since been classified

Donald Trump: Living by “Art of the Deal” as campaign playbook
His 1987 book is chock-full of insights into how the GOP front-runner closes a deal

Megyn Kelly: On becoming part of the story
The Fox News anchor says it’s never a newsperson’s goal to become news

Word Association with Bernie Sanders
The presidential candidate fired off his the first words that came to mind when presented with a series of names and topics

Quiz: Donald Trump’s policy shifts, revisions, and reversals
On some issues, the GOP frontrunner has been crystal clear – on others, not so much

Why North Dakota GOP voters don’t vote in the presidential nomination process
Unlike every other state on the map, North Dakota doesn’t hold a primary or caucus

W.H. adviser: Garland is “reasonably into Taylor Swift”
Brian Deese, a senior adviser to President Obama, told a crowd in DC Friday that the Supreme Court nominee will meet with 11 more senators next week

Obama hails Iran deal as model for nuclear diplomacy
“This is a success of diplomacy that hopefully we will be able to copy in the future,” the president said at Washington’s nuclear summit

Trump meets with RNC leaders amid controversies
Trump is looking to restore his momentum before Tuesday’s primary in Wisconsin

Clinton fires back at Sanders over fossil fuel money claim
Tension is building for the Democrats in New York, where Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaigned Thursday

Dickerson on challenges facing 2016 candidates ahead of primary
“Face the Nation” moderator John Dickerson joins “CBS This Morning”

Hillary Clinton gets frustrated at Greenpeace activist
Asked by an activist whether she’d commit to not accepting donations from the fossil fuel industry and from lobbyists, Clinton had a heated moment

Megyn Kelly talks feud with Donald Trump
Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is the target of continuous attacks by Donald Trump this election season

New push to impeach Alabama governor amid sex scandal
Gov. Robert Bentley has acknowledged making inappropriate sexual remarks to a female adviser while he was married

Sanders on Clinton’s “lying” claim, chances of winning
Clinton blasted Sanders at a rally when an activist asked her about taking campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry

Sanders pushes back on Clinton’s claims that his campaign is lying
Clinton said Thursday that she was “sick of the Sanders campaign lying” about contributions from fossil fuel companies to her campaign

Is Trump confusing everyone on purpose?
Why the GOP front-runner’s habitual vagueness might just be an effective strategy

​Protesters rally against Trump’s abortion comments
Demonstrators gather in New York City’s Columbus Circle to protest GOP front-runner’s stance on women’s rights

Obama finds common cause with China on North Korea
More than 50 governments and international organizations are attending the two-day summit on preventing nuclear terrorism

Why Cruz is comparing Trump to Kim Kardashian
He explained his reasoning to the “John and Ken Show” radio program Thursday

Donald Trump’s complicated relationship with women’s issues
Donald Trump had a surprise meeting with leaders of the Republican party Thursday, following backlash from his controversial abortion comments

Hillary Clinton: “Women’s health is under assault”
Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton called out both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders after Trump’s comments on abortion

Trump meets with GOP leaders after abortion comment
Donald Trump met with RNC chairman Reince Priebus Thursday after his abortion comments sparked a firestorm

Donald Trump’s Scottish homeland unamused by his campaign
Donald Trump may be the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, but he’s not very popular on Scotland’s Isle of Lewis — his ancestral homeland

Does Donald Trump have a women problem?
Despite saying “I have great respect for women. I will take care of women,” GOP front-runner may face uphill climb to attract female voters

Debate continues over Donald Trump chalkings at Emory University
University administrators and students have taken multiple steps to respond to complaints that some students were in “pain” due to pro-Trump messages

Trump’s ancestral homeland bewildered by his presidential campaign
“There is this irrational sense of guilt. What have we spawned?” local writer ponders

Obama, Xi vow to narrow differences, work closely on North Korea
The risk posed by ISIS tops this year’s agenda at the Nuclear Security Summit, but concerns about North Korea are also commanding focus

Ted Cruz leads Donald Trump in Wisconsin, poll shows
The Texas senator has a substantial lead among female Republican voters in the state, the new survey shows

D.C. Council plans emergency vote to get Sanders on ballot
The Vermont senator was left off the ballot for the June 14 primary because of an administrative error

Ted Cruz: Changing the convention rules is “a terrible idea”
There’s a possibility Republicans will change the convention rules, especially if candidates face a contested convention

Will there be another Democratic debate?
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are in private talks, and may agree to a debate in New York

Kasich on Trump: As president, “you don’t get do-overs”
The Ohio governor, speaking at a press conference in New York City, listed five reasons Trump is not ready to be president

Protests erupt during Erdogan visit to Washington
The Turkish president is in the U.S. capital for the White House’s nuclear summit

Donald Trump meets with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus
The meeting comes a day after Trump ignited a firestorm over his abortion comments

Clinton jabs Sanders over Trump abortion controversy
Knocks Vermont senator for characterizing Trump’s remarks as a distraction from “serious discussion”

Poll: In New York, Clinton, Trump dominate
A Quinnipiac University survey shows the two New Yorkers win with home state advantages

Cruz jokes about running over Trump with a car
On “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” he joked about what might happen if he saw Trump in his backup camera

State Department says it’s sorry for mean Tweets
“Not a ’10’ in the US? Then not a 10 overseas. Beware of being lured into buying expensive drinks or worse–bring robbed. #springbreakingbadly”

Trump reverses abortion comment amid uproar
Critics from all sides are condemning Donald Trump for saying he would punish women for having abortions if they ever become illegal

Impact of Trump’s abortion comment, Wisconsin primary
John Heilemann, co-managing editor of Bloomberg Politics joins “CBS This Morning” from Milwaukee

Ted Cruz tries to get John Kasich thrown off Montana ballot
Cruz campaign officials have raised questions about the 622 signatures submitted by the Kasich campaign to get on the state’s ballot

Noonan: Trump is “alienating” self with abortion comment
CBS News contributor and Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan joins “CBS This Morning”

John Kasich: Obamacare repeal was “a stupid promise” by GOP
“They told you in 2014 that they were going to repeal Obamacare. Do you realize, that’s just-that’s a big joke?”

At nuclear summit, world leaders to take closer look at ISIS threat
At the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, leaders will have a unique opportunity to consider the threat of ISIS in the context of nuclear security

Kasich makes an awkward pitch in Trump’s backyard
The Ohio governor visits Queens in a bid for New Yorkers’ votes — and eats pizza with a knife and fork

Trump stirs controversy with comments on abortion, punishment and women
Donald Trump earned scorn Wednesday from both the right and the left after pushing for an abortion ban, then saying that women who subsequently get the outlawed procedure should be punished

Will Trump’s abortion comments impact the presidential race?
Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been filled with controversial statements, but none have managed to curtail his momentum in the race for the GOP nomination

North Carolina faces backlash for “anti-discrimination” law
Eighty CEOs are condemning a new law in North Carolina that many feel is anti-gay

SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland meets with Al Franken, Kirsten Gillibrand
Garland has now met with 10 senators — nine Democrats and only one Republican

Donald Trump proposes abortion ban, punishment for women who undergo procedure
The GOP presidential frontrunner issued two statements after he made the remarks Wednesday

Top aide to Alabama gov. resigns amid scandal
Announcement comes a week after Gov. Robert Bentley admitted making inappropriate remarks to Rebekah Caldwell Mason, but denied they had an affair

Poll: Nearly two-thirds say torturing terrorists can be justified
The poll comes as Donald Trump has vowed he would strengthen laws to allow use of torture and waterboarding in interrogation

What is Obama’s post-White House plan?
The president joked about one possibility at Wednesday’s Easter Prayer Breakfast

Obama commutes prison sentences of 61 drug offenders
Twenty-one had been sentenced to life in prison

How Twitter reacted to Susan Sarandon’s Trump “revolution” comments
Sarandon, an avid Bernie Sanders supporters, suggested Monday that a Trump presidency “will bring the revolution immediately”

Cruz, Sanders lead in new Wisconsin primary poll
The survey, from Marquette Law School, finds Cruz leading Trump by 10 points and Sanders besting Clinton by 4 points

Clinton tells New Yorkers: Sanders’ ideas “just won’t work”
At a rally in Harlem, Clinton kicks off her New York primary campaign with an attack on Donald Trump and her Democratic opponent

15-year-old pepper-sprayed outside Trump rally
The assault of the teen girl is only the latest in a string of violent incidents at the GOP front-runner’s events; suspects sought

Trump defends aide charged with battery
Trump says the reporter who accused Corey Lewandowski is really the one to blame

Democrats condemn Trump after staffer’s arrest
Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders responded to the charges against Donald Trump’s campaign manager

Dickerson on Trump aide arrest, RNC pledge backdown
CBS News political director and “Face the Nation” moderator John Dickerson joins “CBS This Morning”

North Carolina anti-LGBT law faces backlash
More than 80 business leaders signed a letter Tuesday calling for a repeal

“We know better”: Hillary Clinton unveils first N.Y. ad hitting Donald Trump
30-second spot includes violent footage from a Trump rally where a an attendee sucker-punched a protester in the face

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