Why the DNC’s mysteriously hacked oppo file on Trump is a big yawn


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Why the DNC’s mysteriously hacked oppo file on Trump is a big yawn
First we were told that a Russian hacker had broken into the Democratic National Committee’s computers and gotten hold of its oppo file on Donald Trump.

San Francisco proposal to rent plots of land at popular park yanked after scrutiny
A proposal to let people reserve grassy plots of picnic lawn at a popular San Francisco park hit a collective nerve when it was unveiled last month: Within hours, thousands of people signed an online petition to kill the plan, a protest was scheduled and city leaders declared the grass wasn’t for sale or rent.

Arts commission approves plan for higher White House fence
A plan to increase the overall height of the fence surrounding the White House by approximately 6 feet, about doubling its current height, won preliminary approval from a Washington arts commission Thursday.

Dozens of US officials call for military action against Syria’s Assad
Dozens of U.S. officials have called on the Obama administration to order “targeted military strikes” against the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, with the aim of pressuring Damascus to accept a binding cease-fire and engage in peace talks.

Krauthammer on winning the war on terror: ‘You have to go after them where they live’
Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said Thursday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that in the wake of the Orlando terror attack, none of the country’s major political players, including the president and presumptive presidential nominees, are proposing a terror strategy that will succeed.

Sanders vows to continue ‘revolution,’ fight for Dem platform changes
Bernie Sanders vowed Thursday to fight for “the most progressive platform” in Democratic Party history as well as reforms to the party itself‎, in an online address to supporters in which the presidential candidate made clear he’s not dropping out yet — but is ready to start working with presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton.

US officials demand Syria action in internal State Department document
U.S. officials say dozens of State Department employees have signed an internal document that advocates U.S. military action to pressure Syria’s government into accepting a cease-fire and engaging in peace talks.

Ryan, top Republicans urge caution on post-Orlando gun control measures
House Speaker Paul Ryan and other top Republicans pushed back Thursday on growing calls from Democrats to ban people on terror watch lists from buying guns, even as Donald Trump and other GOP figures opened the door to discussing it.

Nicaragua expels 3 US government officials
The United States says Nicaragua has expelled three American government officials.

Obama arrives in Florida to meet with Orlando victims’ families
President Obama arrived in Orlando Thursday for a solemn visit to a community still absorbing Sunday’s terrorist attack on a gay nightclub that left 50 people, including the gunman, dead.

House nixes bid to bar illegal immigrants from military
The House has narrowly defeated an attempt to bar immigrants living in the country illegally from enlisting in the U.S. military. Opponents tied the measure to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Obama to meet with key Saudi official on Friday
The White House says President Barack Obama will meet with Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Friday with the conflicts in Yemen and Syria among the topics of discussion.

VA benefits chief retiring; was suspended in relocation scam
The acting head of the Veterans Benefits Administration said Thursday he is retiring, three months after he was suspended for allowing two officials to manipulate the agency’s hiring system for their own gain.

Philadelphia becomes 1st major American city with soda tax
Philadelphia has become the first major American city with a soda tax despite a multi-million-dollar campaign by the beverage industry to block it.

McCain says he ‘misspoke’ in calling Obama responsible for Orlando shooting
Republican Sen. John McCain said Thursday he “misspoke” after initially calling President Obama “directly responsible” for the mass shooting in Orlando, because of the rise of the Islamic State on his watch.

GOP plan promises to reclaim congressional powers
The latest piece of the campaign agenda commissioned by House Speaker Paul Ryan is promising to reclaim powers ceded to the presidency, give stronger directions to federal bureaucrats, and reassert lawmakers’ control over the federal purse strings.

Ex-CIA officer facing jail in Italy claims Clinton, State Dept. ignored her pleas
A former CIA officer and diplomat who’s repeatedly denied playing a role in one of the most notorious U.S. counterterrorism programs is set to become the only American held accountable for it – and claims the Obama administration has abandoned her.

Watchdog: Countries in visa-free travel program not sharing terror info
More than a dozen countries participating in a program that allows visitors into the U.S. without a visa are not sharing terrorists’ identities and other vital information as required by law, according to a watchdog report raising concerns on Capitol Hill about yet another major security gap.

Trump camp hits one year as discussion turns to guns
Trump’s campaign kicked off one year ago today as the national discussion turns to guns.

Clinton wins endorsement of the AFL-CIO
Hillary Clinton on Thursday won the endorsement of the AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest labor federation, in another sign of her consolidation of the Democratic party heading into next month’s convention.

Rep’s staff accidentally posts campaign conversation online
Pocket dials can be embarrassing. Pocket Facebook posts can be worse.

Report: San Francisco labor regulations hurting workers
San Francisco regulations pushed by union organizers to set employee schedules have hurt part-time workers the law was supposed to help, according to a new report.

Senator holds floor in bid to shake up gun stalemate – while missing ‘pizza night’
“We’ve been here before,” proclaimed Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., on the Senate floor at 6:44 p.m. ET, seven hours and 23 minutes into a tag-team Democratic filibuster on firearms.

CIA chief says ISIS working to send operatives to the West
CIA Director John Brennan will tell Congress on Thursday that Islamic State (ISIS) militants are training and attempting to deploy operatives for further attacks on the West and will rely more on guerrilla-style tactics to compensate for their territorial losses.

How the media are portraying Trump’s campaign: Apocalypse now
As the controversies mount and the poll numbers slide, the media are depicting Donald Trump’s campaign as a train wreck.

Democratic senator wages filibuster to push vote on gun control measures
A Democratic senator ended a nearly 15-hour-long filibuster on the Senate floor early Thursday, part of an effort to force a vote on gun control legislation in the wake of Sunday’s terror attack in Orlando.

Rahm fights alongside George Lucas to give Chicago museum a new hope
A nasty court fight between film icon George Lucas and Chicago environmentalists over a proposed art museum in the city could have the Star Wars creator saying, “Help me, Obi-Rahm, you’re my only hope.”

Lawmakers urge Congress to release secret pages from 9/11 inquiry
Lawmakers on Wednesday ramped up pressure on the House Intelligence Committee to declassify the 28 secret pages of a 2002 congressional report about the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks by publishing them in the Congressional Record.

Carlson on Trump-NRA watch list meeting: ‘Not the lesson of Orlando shooting’
Tucker Carlson told viewers Wednesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that Donald Trump’s announcement he would meet with National Rifle Association officials is “not really the lesson of the Orlando shooting.”

Double-digit ObamaCare premium hikes projected in 2017
Americans in markets across the country could be looking at double-digit premium hikes under ObamaCare next year, according to a new study that’s already fueling election-year finger-pointing.

Congress urged to release secret pages from 9/11 inquiry
Lawmakers backing the release of the 28 still-secret pages of a 2002 congressional report about the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, are asking House Intelligence Committee leaders to declassify them by simply publishing them in the Congressional Record.

Rahm fights alongside George Lucas to give Chicago museum a new hope
A nasty court fight between film icon George Lucas and Chicago environmentalists over a proposed art museum in the city could have the Star Wars creator saying, “Help me, Obi-Rahm, you’re my only hope.”

Trump, GOP lawmakers open door to restricting gun buys for those on watch list
A congressional push to ban or restrict gun sales for those on terror watch lists gained bipartisan momentum Wednesday, with everyone from key Republican lawmakers to Donald Trump to the National Rifle Association opening the door to discussing the idea.

Idaho officials say Capitol cannot display rainbow lighting for Pridefest
Idaho officials reportedly have denied a request from Boise Pridefest organizers to illuminate the state Capitol building in rainbow colors during this weekend’s gay pride festival.

Confederate flag removed from Pennsylvania Capitol display
Pennsylvania’s governor had a Confederate flag removed from a Flag Day exhibit in the state Capitol on Wednesday after the chairwoman of the black legislators’ caucus took it down and it was subsequently restored to the display.

New kids’ books praise Clinton, mock Trump
Parents interested in having their children learn about the presidential race will find several kid’s books about presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but so far just one for her Republican rival Donald Trump, and all of them lean against Trump.

New poll shows Hillary ahead overall, but not on security
Hillary has nothing to fear…except on security.

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