US court raises Netflix sharing anxiety in password ruling


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US court raises Netflix sharing anxiety in password ruling
A US court ruling saying password sharing is illegal could influence future complaints on the matter, including for services like Netflis.

Ransomware ‘stopped’ by new software
Scientists at the University of Florida claim to have developed software that stops ransomware from encrypting files.

Pokemon Go firm fixes ‘full Google access’ error
The firm behind smash-hit game Pokemon Go reassures users that it only accesses basic information from their Google accounts.

Warner Bros paid YouTubers thousands to promote games
PewDiePie and other YouTubers took money from Warner Bros for positive game reviews

Pikachu’s back
Did a player really find a dead body? Why is Pikachu a thing again? What even is this Pokemon Go?

The sound of me
As global banking giant Citi begins to roll out voice biometrics to 15 million Asian customers, we look at the pros and cons of this form of security.

Farnborough Airshow: Keeping drones safe from harm
How to protect technology such as drones from cyberattacks is one of the big issues at the Farnborough Airshow.

‘Dalek’ commands can hijack smartphones
Researchers demonstrate how garbled speech commands hidden in radio or video broadcasts could be used to control a smartphone.

Pokemon Go players take to the streets
A new mobile game that lets players catch Pokemon as they roam the streets becomes a phenomenon.

Microsoft scraps Finland phone unit
Microsoft confirms it will close its mobile phone unit in Finland, cutting 1,350 jobs.

Telecoms companies unite to sign 5G manifesto
The telecoms industry signs a 5G manifesto calling for a “positive stance on innovation”.

Bitcoin rewards halve for virtual cash money miners
The financial rewards for people who help to verify who does what with their bitcoins have been halved.

Tesla stock rises after Elon Musk’s masterplan tweet
Tesla’s stock rises after its chief executive Elon Musk hints he will soon reveal a new masterplan for the car-maker.

‘Water-resistant’ Samsung Galaxy S7 Active fails test
A Samsung smartphone marketed as water-resistant has failed underwater tests by a leading product review site.

Kim Dotcom plans 2017 relaunch of Megaupload
Net entrepreneur Kim Dotcom plans to relaunch the Megaupload web storage system in January 2017.

‘I came out of retirement to work in digital world’
The death of a much-loved pet inspired one woman to find her dream job with an internet start-up company.

Messaging app Line set to raise up to $1.3bn in IPO
Japanese messaging app Line is set to raise up to $1.3bn when it lists its shares in New York and Tokyo later this week.

Pokemon Go player finds dead body in Wyoming river while searching for a Pokestop
A woman playing augmented reality game Pokemon Go finds a dead body in the US state of Wyoming.

Pokemon Go release ‘paused’ in UK
Pokemon fans get frustrated by a delay to the release of Pokemon Go in the UK

Work begins on Eric robot resurrection
Work begins to resurrect Eric – the UK’s first humanoid robot – who was first built in 1928.

Facebook tests ‘secret message’ service
Messages that disappear are being trialled by Facebook as it experiments with a new option for those using its Messenger app.

Malware hits millions of Android phones
Up to 10 million Android smartphones have been infected by malware that generates fake clicks for adverts, say security researchers.

Privacy Shield data pact gets European approval
A revised pact governing how data is handled as it flows between Europe and the US has been approved by EU governments.

Green light for pink pregnant seat alert
Following a successful trial, the city of Busan in South Korea is now planning to introduce a system to help pregnant train and bus passengers.

AI experiments roam Minecraft’s lands
Minecraft gains a tool that lets artificial intelligence experiments be carried out in its virtual worlds.

Medi Teddy
The healthcare technology sector is attracting a lot of innovative entrepreneurs to develop a range of diagnostic tools.

The hamster-powered drawing machine and other tech news
BBC Click’s Lara Lewington looks at some of the best of the week’s technology news

Man v Machine: A face recognition battle
An artificial intelligence machine called Mark took on a human being. But who won?

Second Tesla crash probed in US
A second Tesla crash, which left a driver and passenger injured, is being investigated with particular emphasis on whether the Autopilot feature was in use.

‘Cheapest smartphone’ Freedom 251 ready to deliver
Indian technology firm Ringing Bells has announced that the first 5,000 units of the “world’s cheapest smartphone” are ready to deliver.

Technology push to get girls educated
The UK’s Department for International Development has announced funding for a range of tech projects to get poor girls educated

Marvel’s new Iron Man is 15-year-old black girl
The character who will replace Tony Stark as Iron Man in a new episode of the comic has been revealed – and it is a 15-year-old black teenager.

Snapchat Memories update will allow you to use old photos and videos
A new Snapchat update will allow users to save photos and videos and upload them at a later date.

Amazon to create 1,000 UK jobs
Amazon says it is creating 1,000 new jobs in the UK and that Brexit has not caused a dip in sales yet.

Bitcoins used in child sex abuse deals targeted
Bitcoins used to buy images of child sex abuse could soon be tracked and blocked as two companies share intelligence on how virtual cash is spent.

Manchester City sign first e-sports player
Manchester City Football Club sign a new recruit – but one who will never actually set foot on the pitch.

UK’s first robot college to teach future tech workers
The Japanese robot Pepper’s latest assignment is in the classroom to teach future tech industry workers.

Meals on wheels: Could a robot soon deliver your takeaway?
Could a robot soon be delivering your meals and groceries?

Criminals winning ‘cyber arms race’ – National Crime Agency
Businesses and law enforcement agencies are losing the “cyber arms race” with online criminals, the UK’s National Crime Agency warns.

A brief history of the mobile phone
BBC Rewind takes a brief look at the history of the mobile phone.

What fraudsters hope you’ll post online about your identity
It’s claimed identity theft is rising and social media’s the new “hunting ground” for criminals.

Goodbye to the BlackBerry Classic as the company discontinues the model
BlackBerry announces that it’s getting rid of its Classic model after increasing competition from smartphones.

Twitter live-streams Wimbledon matches
Tennis matches from the Wimbledon championships are being live-streamed on Twitter in a first of its kind broadcast.

Digital Economy Bill: Networks and porn sites face fines
The government proposes new fines for mobile networks and pornographic websites that fail watchdogs’ tests.

Half a million hoverboards recalled in US
More than 500,000 hoverboards have been recalled in the US because of a fire risk.

Huawei sorry for ‘misleading’ photo

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