How to Talk to Children About Terror Attacks


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How to Talk to Children About Terror Attacks
Experts give advice for families after multiple terror attacks.

Zika Transmission Risk During Olympics Is Low, CDC Says
Olympics travel is a fraction of overall travel to Zika-affected countries.

Zika-Infected Elderly Patient Dies in US
Patient had underlying health conditions.

Dallas Surgeon’s Poignant Message About Defending Police, But Also Fearing Them
Dr. Brian Williams gave emotional statement about standing by Dallas officers.

President Obama Defends Obamacare in Medical Journal
Obama said Affordable Care Act has lead to “significant progress” in health care.

Scientists Break Down Why Flying East Is Worse for Jet Lag
Study explains how a rapid shift in daylight affects “pacemaker” cells in brain.

Pancake Mix Recalled Over Concerns About E. Coli
Specific lots of blueberry pancake mix are being voluntarily recalled.

Fighting Zika in the US: The Battle Over GMO Mosquitoes
How a Florida Keys island could change the way we fight mosquito-borne diseases.

US Zika Infections During Pregnancy Climbs to 320, CDC Says
Possibly “dozens” of pregnant women being infected per day in territories.

20 Vets Commit Suicide Each Day, According to New VA Study
The VA examined over 55 million veteran records from 1979 to 2014.

Husband Gives Wife 500 Roses for Last Chemo Treatment
Family and friends bought the roses and raised money for cancer charity.

Volunteer Explains Why Working in Hospice Is a ‘Privilege’
Deb Kingsbury has volunteered at a Michigan hospice since 2013

Consumers Often Choose Sunscreens Which Fall Short of Dermatology Association Guidelines, Study Finds
Many sunscreens lacked water/sweat resistance, according to researchers.

The New Sex Abuse Scandal: 2,400 Doctors Implicated by Patients
State medical boards allowed more than half to keep their licenses.

CDC Recommends Shots Over Nasal Flu Vaccine
Nasal vaccine was found to be less effective in flu season.

Orlando Hospital Performed Dozens of Surgeries on Nightclub Victims
At least 26 operations have taken place and more are expected today.

Teens Who Vape May Be More Likely to Smoke Cigarettes Later, Study Finds
Teens Who Vape More Likely to Smoke Cigarettes Later, Even if They Said They Didn’t Want To

Abortion Requests in Latin America Rise After Zika Warnings
The Zika virus is known to cause serious birth defects including microcephaly.

Girl Takes First Breath Without Tube Thanks to Breakthrough Surgery
Hannah Schow had a rare condition that affected her airway.

What Your Job Says About Your Suicide Risk
A new CDC report details which lines of work had the highest suicide rates.

More Clinics Marketing Unproven Stem Cell Treatments, Study Finds
Easier access to unproven stem cell treatments is rising in the U.S.

‘Precision Medicine’ Pills Shrink Little Girl’s Rare Brain Tumors After Chemo Fails
Allison Schablein, 8, was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2012.

The Ways Music Therapy Can Lift Body and Soul
Music therapists aim to ease pain, nourish social connections, and bring peace and familiarity to patients in the hospital.

Toronto Approves Supervised Injection Sites for Opioid Users
One advocate died by overdose before the approval vote.

Bullying, Excessive Internet Use Increases Teen Suicide Risk, Study Finds
Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among teens, study shows.

Don’t Eat Raw Cookie Dough, FDA Warns After E. Coli Outbreak
Make sure you bake your cookies to avoid getting sick.

Zika May Affect Infants Even Without Microcephaly, Study Finds
Zika virus infection in utero may cause additional birth defects.

Bug Spray Hacks: Avoid the Summer Bite
Avoid pests this summer with these handy tips.

Everything You Need to Know About ‘Foreign Accent Syndrome’
How you can wake up with a different accent.

Teen Gets Heart Transplant Day After Spending Prom at Hospital
Isabella Anderson got news of a new heart after spending prom in the ICU.

Teen Dies After Contracting Brain-Eating Amoeba
There have been just 37 cases in the U.S. since 2006.

First Responders Grapple With Psychological Toll After Orlando Shooting
As emergency responders examine their reactions to the Pulse shootings, there are many less visible, but equally devastating, psychological ramifications.

Experts Call for Overhaul of Transgender Health Practices
A major medical journal addressed issues in transgender health care.

Many Sports-Related Concussions May Go Untreated in Children, Study Finds
A new study puts the spotlight on sports- and recreation-related concussions.

Zika Could Infect ‘Thousands’ of Pregnant Women in Puerto Rico, CDC Warns
The CDC is also seeing an increase of Zika-infected blood donations there.

3rd-Trimester Zika Infection Poses Little Risk of Microcephaly: Study
CDC study wanted to look at which pregnant women were at risk.

How to Help the Injured in an Emergency
Learn when to use pressure and when to use a tourniquet.

CDC Hasn’t Launched Detailed Gun Study in 15 Years
A 1997 amendment led to diminished research into gun safety.

Orlando Gunman Donated Blood Less Than Two Weeks Before Shooting
The One Blood Donation Center confirmed the donation.

Call for Blood Donors After Orlando Massacre Excludes Many Gay Men
Men cannot donate blood unless they abstain from sex with men for one year.

How Zika Research Labs in the US Handle the Dangerous Virus
Lab researcher was infected with Zika after needle-stick this week.

Zika Virus Causes Pregnancy Dilemmas in Outbreak Areas
WHO says couples in Zika-affected areas “should consider” delaying pregnancy.

Doctors’ Hand Hygiene Plummets Unless They’re Monitored, Study Finds
Without supervision, doctors’ hand-cleaning compliance plummets, study finds

Zika Forces Tough Choices on Couples Seeking Fertility Treatment
Couples traveling to endemic areas are taking steps to address Zika virus risks.

Mom of NJ Baby With Microcephaly Speaks About Zika Infection
Mother said her original doctor said she’d be “fine.”

Amputee Moves ‘Fingers,’ Thanks to Innovative Prosthesis
Surgeons devised an operation to give an amputee more dexterity.

Tasmanian Devil Gets Pacemaker to Fix Loony Heart
A Tasmanian devil named “Nick” underwent surgery to fix his heart.

Prince’s Death Highlights Dangers of Painkiller Fentanyl
Fentanyl is 30 to 50 times more powerful than heroin.

Salmonella Outbreaks Lead to Hundreds Infected in 35 States
The CDC linked the outbreaks to live poultry.

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