Pence and a dash of 2020: What’s happening on Day 3 of the GOP convention?

Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz, right, R-Texas, shares a moment with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker at a campaign stop, Monday, April 4, 2016, in Madison, Wis. (AP Photo/Andy Manis) ORG XMIT: WIAM113

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Pence and a dash of 2020: What’s happening on Day 3 of the GOP convention?
Here’s your viewer’s guide to day 3 in Cleveland.


For the Record: This party’s just getting started
Nomination in hand, Trump and the GOP NOW turn their focus toward chipping away at Clinton’s lead.


High stakes for Pence speech at GOP convention
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence to give vice presidential acceptance speech at GOP convention.


Tenn. leaders want more positive Trump campaign
Donald Trump’s a flamethrower. These leaders want him to tone it down.


Is Tom Cotton testing the 2020 waters?
Sen. Tom Cotton met with Iowa’s delegates to the Republican National Convention.


Christie ‘presents the case’ for voters to reject Clinton
N.J. governor turns GOP convention arena into courtroom with attack on Hillary Clinton.


Mitch McConnell bashes Clinton at GOP convention
Senate Majority Leader delivers feisty prime-time speech at the GOP convention.


Why a Trump voter agreed to a ‘Daily Show’ interview
She know her quotes may be edited in an unflattering way, but she signs the consent form.


Get to know Donald’s other daughter: Tiffany Trump
She’s big on Instagram and dropped an electro-pop banger.


Trump and Pence nominated as Republicans target Clinton
The Republican National Convention moved Tuesday from formality to ferocious attacks.


Secret weapon in handling RNC protesters: police bikes
during the first two days of largely peaceful demonstrations here, the centerpiece of the law enforcement management strategy has been the simple mountain bike.


Mitch McConnell says why Clinton shouldn’t be president
Mitch McConnell said he was returning the favor by explaining why voters should not choose Hillary Clinton at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.


Who is Tiffany Trump? Donald’s younger daughter spoke out tonight
She’s big on Instagram and dropped an electro-pop banger.


Paul Ryan: The Clinton years are way over
Speaker Paul Ryan assured the crowd during day two of the Republican National Convention that 2016 is the year that America moves on and that the Clinton years are way over.


Analysis: An embrace for Trump from party leaders. But not too close
The nation’s most senior Republicans are angling to protect the GOP brand, just in case


Chris Christie: Clinton is guilty
Chris Christie criticized Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy record case by case while speaking at the Republican National Convention. He claimed she is guilty of misconduct.


Trump children offer personal tales of their father
Tiffany and Donald J. Trump Jr. gave a series of character testimonials about their father


Tiffany Trump: Dad helped me through my darkest times
Donald Trump’s daughter, Tiffany, shared a time in her life when her father’s advice helped her in a time of grief.


Paul Ryan makes less a case for Trump than a case for conservative ideas
Conservative Wisconsinite slow to endorse Trump, but was at helm when votes were counted.


Ben Carson rails against Hillary Clinton, Lucifer
Ben Carson wanted to get one thing straight right away in his Tuesday speech to Republican convention delegates: “I am not politically correct.”


#RNCinCLE: Catch up on what you missed
On day two of TrumpFest 2016, Donald Trump went from “presumptive” nominee to actual Republican nominee for president.


Get a delegate’s view of the RNC roll call
Step onto the floor of the Republican National Convention as the roll call takes place.


Ben Carson rails against Hillary Clinton, Lucifer
Ben Carson questioned the subject of Hillary Clinton’s senior thesis, Saul Alinsky. According to Carson, Alinsky acknowledged Lucifer in one of his publications.


Top takeaways from Day 2 of the GOP convention
The Republican convention rolled through a second bumpy day.


Trump Jr.: My father always strives for the impossible
Donald Trump Jr. recounts the number of times his father has taken the impossible into his own hands.


Here’s what you missed on Day 2 of the RNC
Donald Trump’s children were among the top speakers from the second day of the Republican National Convention. Susan Page highlights what else you missed from the night.

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