Manchester United vs. Everton to kick off live on Facebook


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Manchester United vs. Everton to kick off live on Facebook – CNET
England captain Wayne Rooney’s testimonial game will be shown live from Old Trafford to Facebook users around the globe.

Sennheiser lets you rent headphones for a week at its new store – CNET
German audio brand Sennheiser takes a new step into retail, opening up its own store in Singapore and devising a new rent-a-headphone scheme.

China puts its terrifying elevated bus through first public test – Roadshow
The public transport of the future is here: It’s cheaper than an underground train system, it glides above traffic and frankly it gives us the heebie-jeebies.

Why is Pokemon Go so popular? Here’s a theory – CNET
Is Pokemon Go’s refusal to tell players how the game is played actually part of its appeal? Luke Westaway argues exactly that.

Have a go on a Gogoro in new electric scooter-sharing scheme – Roadshow
200 of the stylish rechargeable scooters are available to rent on the streets of Berlin.

What 90’s pop culture item should be rebooted next? Chat with us live 3:30 p.m. ET/12:30 p.m. PT – CNET
The reboot can be a wonderful and terrible thing… but with the recent resurgence of mega 1990’s icons (TMNT, Power Rangers, Hey Arnold, etc…) the Open_Tab crew have to ask: are these highlights, lowlights and what franchises should return?

DJI opens drone arena to let enthusiasts to stretch their wings – CNET
The drone enthusiasts among us no longer have to settle for parks and lots — as long as they live in South Korea.

NFL star quits Pokemon Go, fears it involves mind control – CNET
Technically Incorrect: The Detroit Lions’ Larry Warford sees everyone around him playing the game and worries that there’s something sinister going on.

With Electrolysis, Mozilla hopes to zap speed and stability into Firefox – CNET
The browser begins matching important advantages of rival Chrome, and Mozilla says it’ll do so without sponging up so much of your computer’s memory.

Alphabet gets clearance to begin testing delivery drones in US – CNET
Tests in designated areas part of White House effort to increase spending on unmanned flight research.

This exercise equipment doubles as a video game controller (Tomorrow Daily 401 show notes) – CNET
SymGym thinks it has a fitness hit on its hands with its controller machine, but would you use it at your local gym?

Is Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 the iPhone you’ve always wanted? (The 3:59, Ep. 88) – CNET
Today’s show is all about Samsung’s latest flagship phone, and whether it’s got the chops to take on Apple’s jumbo handset.

Apple CarPlay reads every emoji: Here’s how the world burns – Roadshow
If you leave this 30-minute video on in the background, it makes for some surprisingly calming ambience.

NFL cozies up to Snapchat with Discover channel – CNET
The football league will also make custom geofilters for all 32 NFL teams.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 makes its debut – CNET
The phone has a new, curved screen made with much tougher Gorilla Glass to protect it.

College students move one step closer to majoring in Pokemon Go – CNET
Forget dodgeball. Hunting for Magikarp and Meowth is now a part of one university’s physical-education curriculum.

Clever soy-sauce dishes make for edible optical illusions – CNET
Would you like a side of optical illusion to go with your sushi? Just pour some soy sauce into a special dish.

Snapchat introduces Geostickers, another way to decorate your snaps – CNET
The new addition comes hours after Instagram launched the Snapchat-esque “Stories” feature.

Weird things you can buy in ATMs – CNET
If you can eat it, drink it or wear it, you can probably get it…anytime you want.

Feel the need for speed? Virtual reality lets you tour aircraft carrier – CNET
A German newspaper takes VR for a spin out at sea with two 360-degree videos shot aboard the USS Harry S. Truman.

Here’s why Mitsubishi cheated on its fuel-economy reporting – Roadshow
An investigation has determined that a confluence of bad decisions led to the automaker’s latest scandal.

Samsung-sponsored smart golf shoes now on Kickstarter – CNET
The Iofit smart golf shoes created by Samsung spin-off Salted Venture tee up on Kickstarter.

Jon Snow for president: HBO launches alternative GOT political party – CNET
Don’t like the two-party system? No problem. You can vote for Jon Snow or Cersei Lannister instead.

NFL’s DeAngelo Williams defines ‘creepy romantic’ with ‘Walking Dead’ wedding – CNET
The Pittsburgh Steelers running back has been outrunning defenders for years, but when his undead wedding party catches up with him, it’s more gruesome than any punishing hit from a linebacker.

Google could renovate the home screen on its 2016 Nexus devices – CNET
Changes might be in store for the app launcher and the search field, according to Android Police.

Cat hidden in a wood pile stumps the internet – CNET
A snoozing cat exhibits top-notch camouflage skills as sharp-eyed feline spotters attempt to find its hiding place in a pile of chopped wood.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 anoints USB-C as the king of ports – CNET
The biggest phone maker is no longer standing on the sidelines in a technology transition that should make all your devices easier to use.

200 million Yahoo log-ins reportedly for sale on dark web – CNET
A hacker linked to breaches at MySpace and LinkedIn now has millions of alleged Yahoo accounts. Yahoo says it’s investigating the claim.

Running on Legos on a treadmill has to be the dumbest idea ever – CNET
Owwww! Any parent could’ve warned these guys that cutting footloose with the torturous toy bricks was going to end in tears.

Amazon launches new developer tools for Alexa-powered voice gaming – CNET
A new gaming category in the Alexa Skills Kit will help developers create interactive adventures that you play using only your voice.

Xbox One S runs some games faster, while others see few gains – CNET
New benchmarks reveal what effect the improved Xbox One S hardware does for existing games.

Destiny’s Xur appears in World of Warcraft’s new expansion – CNET
Activision is finally crossing its properties over with the addition of the exotic weapons vendor to World of Warcraft.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Everything you need to know – CNET
Samsung’s latest, greatest big-screen phone has been unveiled. Here’s everything you need to know about the Galaxy Note 7.

GTA 5 update adds another online mode, kicks off new bonus event – CNET
This new mode requires teams to communicate.

How Pokemon Go nearly destroyed a quiet suburb – CNET
After the release of Pokemon Go, an Australian suburb experienced a sudden influx of players.

Adblock Plus now sweeps ads out of Microsoft’s new Edge browser, too – CNET
The new Windows 10 anniversary edition opens the door for Eyeo to bring its widely used but controversial ad blocker to Microsoft’s modern browser.

A year’s worth (almost) of Facebook Live video at RNC, DNC – CNET
Facebook says media outlets used its platform to broadcast 8,500 hours of video during the Republican and Democratic conventions.

This bar blocks Wi-Fi signals to make its patrons more social – CNET
Technically Incorrect: A UK bar owner says he got sick and tired of people not talking to each other.

The 2017 QX30 is officially the least expensive way into an Infiniti – Roadshow
It’s also an inexpensive way to get into a Mercedes-Benz, because the QX30 is based on largely the same underpinnings as the GLA-Class.

Businesses can’t Tweet #TeamUSA or #Rio2016 because reasons – CNET
The Olympics has a longstanding rule that businesses cannot misappropriate its symbols and terms without permission. That’s going to get tested in the age of social media.

Your phone’s battery now betrays your privacy – CNET
Security experts detect shady software that can use your smartphone’s unique battery signature to sniff out your online activity.

25 things you didn’t know you could buy with bitcoins – CNET
We’re talking seriously awesome stuff here, from alternative comics to yachts.

Twitter to unveil Rio Olympics ‘Moments’ and emojis – CNET
Social network is dedicating a Moments section to capture the most significant events and is releasing hundreds of emojis.

Instagram adds Snapchat-style stories feature – CNET
In a clear effort to compete with Snapchat, Instagram brings to life its story-sharing feature.

Xiaomi’s Mi QiCycle folding electric bike is small but powerful – CNET
Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi adds yet another product to its diverse portfolio. This time, it’s a bicycle.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Ready for the rumble of the jumbos – CNET
Samsung helped blaze the trail for supersized phones. Now it hopes its latest phone will help it fend off Apple’s iPhone Plus line.

MicroJib adds another twist on GoPro pole mounts – CNET
The GoPro camera accessory maker is back on Kickstarter with three new poles to add more life to your movies.

Man claiming to run Pokemon Go on Tesla Model S is faking it – Roadshow
There are just too many red flags for this to be real.

LinkedIn leaps into video by using its most influential members – CNET
The social network for professionals has added short videos created by its “influencers” to share and discuss.

‘Suicide Squad’ has all the pieces, but it can’t fit them together (spoiler-free review) – CNET
An A-list cast, top-notch soundtrack and cameos from DC comics heavy hitters should be a recipe for success, but “Suicide Squad” is less than the sum of its parts.

Here’s when you can get Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 and for how much – CNET
Samsung finally debuted its stylus savvy Galaxy Note 7. Here’s the lowdown on when you can get your hands on it and for how much.

Samsung’s Gear Icon X wireless earbuds available for $199 on August 15 – CNET
The earbuds have no connecting wire or neckband.

Pokemon Go creators admit to cracking down on third-party apps – CNET
Niantic, the creator of Pokemon Go, confirms it’s behind recent changes that limit outside help with the game.

Here’s why Mitsubishi cheated on its fuel-economy reporting – Roadshow
An investigation has determined that a confluence of bad decisions led to the automaker’s latest scandal.

Samsung Gear 360 hits US stores on August 19 for $350 – CNET
The ball-shaped gadget lets folks create their own video for VR headsets.

Crayons are coming! New ‘Game of Thrones’ coloring book to debut – CNET
HBO and Chronicle Books release an official coloring book for the hit television show, complete with beloved characters, dragons, direwolves and more.

Pokemon Go — away: Players are ticked off at world’s most popular game – CNET
An update to Pokemon Go changes the game so much that people are in revolt.

Are you moving enough every day? Here’s how to find out – CNET
Fitness trackers market themselves as health tools; here’s how to put that data to work.

Galaxy S7 Edge hottest Android smartphone for first half of 2016 – CNET
The S7 Edge was the top seller thanks to its curved sidebar of apps, which consumers find simple to use, says research firm Strategy Analytics.

Vevo signs on Warner Music’s videos, finally hitting major-label trifecta – CNET
Adding the last of the three major labels to its catalog, Vevo will expand with videos from artists like Coldplay.

Japan kicks off 8K TV broadcasts – CNET
4K is still far from mainstream, but Japan’s public broadcaster NHK is pumping out programmes in 8K, ahead of the Rio Olympics.

Virgin Galactic space plane gets operator license – CNET
The license will ultimately permit commercial flights of the SpaceShipTwo craft, the company says.

Twitter’s comms chief flies the coop after just five months – CNET
Natalie Kerris joined the social-networking company in February after 14 years at Apple.

What if ‘Stranger Things’ was an 80s sitcom? – CNET
The hit Netflix show has been given the remix treatment, based on the popular TV shows of the 1980s.

Could crab legs be the wheels of the future? – CNET
The Crabster CR200 is a car-sized vehicle based on a crab, designed for underwater exploration.

iPhone 6 explosion leaves man with third-degree burns – CNET
A Sydney cyclist required a skin graft after a minor fall caused his iPhone to “explode” in his pocket.

Pokemon Go catches lawsuit for game’s creators – CNET
New Jersey man claims players attempting to trespass on his property in search of mythical monsters are creating a nuisance.

Rhea window: NASA probe eyes Saturn’s bright moon – CNET
NASA’s Cassini Saturn probe has taken a glorious, full-frontal image of ice moon Rhea.

The killer app of 3D printing: Snacks – CNET
Researchers at Columbia University have developed a 3D printer that can cook and fabricate food.

Logitech Create keyboard case turns your 9.7-inch iPad Pro into a portable workhorse – CNET
The accessory uses the iPad Pro’s Smart Connector to automatically pair with the tablet when you snap it in place.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 livestream: How to watch and what to expect from Samsung Unpacked NYC – CNET
Tune in here to watch Samsung streaming video live from the company’s Unpacked event in NYC. The smartphone giant will announce the specs, price and release date for the Galaxy Note 7 as well as details about Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

This is the closest thing we have to loading a wheelchair into a mech (Tomorrow Daily 400 show notes) – CNET
We’re loving the Ripchair, which aims to give disabled people the chance to enjoy outdoor areas with terrain too rugged to navigate in a standard wheelchair.

Twitter’s comms chief flies the coop after just five months – CNET
Natalie Kerris joined the social-networking company in February after 14 years at Apple.

New Apple TV Remote app turns your iPhone into a touchscreen clicker – CNET
The updated companion app is now out of beta and brings the core features of the physical remote to an iOS device.

US Constitution becomes a best-seller after Trump comments – CNET
A pocket version of the centuries-old document is second on Amazon’s best-seller list, coming in behind a Harry Potter book.

Apple insists that iPad Pro is now a computer – CNET
Technically Incorrect: A new ad suggests that iPad Pro does everything. Just like a Microsoft Surface Pro, perhaps?

Sonic Blocks: The crazy wireless speaker that lets you customize everything – CNET
Modular design comes to wireless speakers, giving the user the ability to swap out almost everything.

Time to preorder your $1.3 million diamond-studded iPhone 7 – CNET
It’s time to kiss your cash goodbye when you preorder a luxury iPhone 7 kitted out with gold, diamonds and insanity.

Apple makes iOS 10 emoji more diverse – CNET
Female athletes and Santas with different skin colors are just a few of the additions to the emoji offerings in the mobile operating systems coming out this fall.

The story of woolly mammoths’ last stand on an Alaskan island – CNET
Isolated in the Bering Sea, woolly mammoths outlasted their mainland counterparts for thousands of years. But their eventual demise provides a cautionary tale for today.

Robots invade Kansas City’s sewers – CNET
A fleet of eight small robots is mapping Kansas City’s sewers in hopes of preventing future leaks.

Gawker CEO Nick Denton files for personal bankruptcy protection – CNET
Petition lists former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan as his largest creditor after a jury’s $140 million judgment against Gawker over a sex tape.

No more selfie distortion? Tool helps you put your real face forward – CNET
Bad case of selfie face? A photo-editing tool out of Princeton automatically adjusts camera distance to remove the fallout of getting in too close.

Volcano spews a fiery smiley face during eruption – CNET
A Hawaiian volcano subscribes to the “don’t worry, be happy” philosophy with a glowing hot smiling face.

Tablet shipments continued their global decline in Q2 – CNET
Apple retains tablet crown as market recedes more than 12 percent, according to IDC.

Ask Clinton and Kaine anything — in a Quora Q&A – CNET
An “Ask Me Anything” segment on Reddit is often an expected stop for politicians and celebrities. The Democratic duo, however, is dropping in at Quora next week.

Accio Visine! 6 spoiler-free tips for reading the new Harry Potter script – CNET
Scooping up the script for “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”? Here’s your guide to prepping for Harry’s last hurrah — and savoring every moment.

Fiat Chrysler to remain under federal scrutiny for a little while longer – Roadshow
Bear in mind, this only relates to the company’s safety issues. The sales brouhaha is a whole ‘nother can of worms.

Guy who bought leaked No Man’s Sky copy reaches center of galaxy – CNET
He paid over a thousand dollars for the leaked copy and has apparently “beaten” the game.

New Pokemon Sun/Moon trailer turns Exeggutor into a giraffe-necked monster – CNET
Also get a look at the game’s other Alola Forms, new Pokemon, and Z-Moves.

Here’s how to get Window 10 for free — still – CNET
People who assistive technologies still quality for the free upgrade, though Microsoft doesn’t ask for any evidence that you actually use such tools.

New Xbox One Summer update rollout begins – CNET
New features include Cortana, background music via Pandora, and store tweaks.

Inside releases on PS4 at ‘end of August,’ report says – CNET
Trophies appear online, suggesting a PS4 version is indeed on the way.

Rio Olympics torch undergoes extreme torture test with power tools – CNET
The torch designed for the Rio Olympics is as tough as a decathlon champion. See if a series of angle grinders can take it apart.

Google updates Android with onscreen security notifications – CNET
When a new device is added, the account owner can now get an alert right on his or her phone, instead of through email.

What Amazon Music can do that rival streaming services can’t – CNET
Amazon Music has a fraction of the songs of Spotify or Apple Music, but the service for “mainstream” fans says it offers other benefits.

Daimler puts money behind high-end Uber competitor Blacklane – Roadshow
Blacklane connects travelers and professional chauffeurs, and it’s looking to expand into Asia and the Middle East.

Pokemon Go’s controversial update: Chat with us live at 3 p.m. PT, 6 p.m. ET – CNET
Join CNET editors live today to go over Pokemon Go’s big makeover. Plus, what’s confusing you about Pokemon Go? Ask away!

Federal judge throws out $625.5M verdict in VirnetX patent case against Apple – CNET
The verdict was the result of two separate lawsuits combined into a single trial. A judge orders the cases to be tried separately at later times.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo: No Pokemon Go for NY sex offenders – CNET
Officials are concerned sexual predators will gain access to minors by buying a “lure” in the game that intentionally increases traffic to a particular location.

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