Apple just received a patent for a ‘war situation’ device


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Apple just received a patent for a ‘war situation’ device
Apple got a patent for a new piece of military tech Tuesday.

Just how secure are electronic voting machines?
Have we entered the era of the hackable election? Security researchers explain how easy it would be to hack electronic voting machines.

Facebook will show you ads even if you use ad blockers
Your move, ad blockers.

Airbnb hosts cash in big on the Olympics
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Delta’s big headache – Day 2
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Here comes the … virtual reality wedding
When Daniel and Ilana tied the knot in Guatemala City earlier this year, the couple wanted an innovative way to relive the day.

Intel recalls smartwatches that will burn your skin
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Delta passengers upset at missing ‘Carol’ kiss
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Google loses lead self-driving car engineer
Chief technology officer Chris Urmson is leaving Google’s self-driving car project after more than seven years.

The future of Elizabeth Holmes & Theranos
Elizabeth Holmes presented a new device this week in an attempt to reboot her blood testing startup Theranos. But insiders say it may not be enough.

Facebook to websites: stop clickbait headlines
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Will China’s ‘elevated bus’ really work?
A Chinese firm’s road-straddling bus has drawn a lot of attention, but experts say putting it into practice would face a raft of challenges.

This volcano is turning into a (wireless) hot spot
An active volcano in Nicaragua is being outfitted with 80 wi-fi sensors to help detect future eruptions.

Walmart buying for $3.3 billion
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Happy (sort of) birthday, World Wide Web!
In 1991, the first public website went live. What’s changed since then and what’s remarkably the same?

Bitcoin customers lose 36% of their money after hack
Bitcoin customers with Bitfinex accounts will find that their accounts are 36% smaller after hackers targeted the exchange last week. The company said it’s still considering how it will make up for those losses.

The big fight over the little set-top box in your home
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AT&T could hand deliver your next phone
AT&T is expanding its partnership with Enjoy, a startup that delivers and sets up electronics in your home.

Airbnb’s valuation soars to $30 billion
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This urban ‘sky garden’ could revolutionize Seoul
Touted to rival New York’s High Line, Seoul’s Skygarden will stretch for nearly a kilometer, with performance spaces, cafés, street markets and greenhouses.

Stunning underwater Olympics shots taken by robots
Sports photographer Al Bello has shot 11 Olympics Games, but this summer is his first capturing live-action pictures with the help of underwater robots.

The real reason airline computers crash
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Travel nightmare after power outage grounds Delta
Delta flights were delayed early Monday by a failure of its global computer system.

Meet the guy Walmart is betting $3.3 billion on to fight Amazon
Walmart has been watching the founder of for years. Here’s why.

Police eye homicide in Google employee’s death
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Washington State is suing Comcast for $100 million
Washington State’s attorney general is suing Comcast for $100 million for what it claims are “deceptive practices.”

NY governor wants sex offenders off Pokemon Go
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo solicits the help of Pokemon Go creator John Hanke in restricting dangerous sex offenders from playing the wildly popular mobile app.

Google wants to cure you with electrical signals
Forget pills. Alphabet wants to cure what ails you by focusing on your electrical signals.

Apple now owns a piece of Uber?
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Verizon wants to run every part of your life
Verizon just bought the core assets of Yahoo — and now it’s buying Fleetmatics, a company that develops tracking technology for cars and trucks. It’s another sign of how Verizon aims to get a cut from tech tied to all mobile devices.

Tesla offers to buy SolarCity for $2.6 billion
With Tesla offering to buy SolarCity, Elon Musk is trying to solidify his claim to the clean energy throne.

Uber sells its China business to big local rival
Uber is selling its China operations to local rival Didi Chuxing, a landmark deal that ends the ride-hailing company’s quest to dominate one of the world’s largest markets.

Kanye West rants about Tidal-Apple ‘beef’
Kanye West apparently really, really wants Apple to buy Tidal. On Saturday, the prodigious rapper took to Twitter to urge the tech giant with its couple hundred billion in cash to “give Jay his check for Tidal now.”

Finally, an app that empowers parents
Sara Mauskopf started Winnie to help parents find everything from parks to family-friendly restaurants.

Why free Wi-Fi kiosks in NYC can’t stop people from watching porn in public
New York City’s free Wi-Fi kiosk service has a porn problem — and content filtering systems are struggling to fix it.

#BlackWomenDidThat trending after Clinton’s nomination
Activist Anthony J. Williams helped create the hashtag #BlackWomenDidThat to celebrate black women’s contributions to cracking the glass ceiling.

Uber doesn’t decrease drunk driving, study says
Ride-hailing companies have claimed they reduce drunk driving, but a new study found no impact in fatalities in the United States.

Sheryl Sandberg is writing a new book about grief
The book will focus on “finding meaning in the face of adversity,” drawing on her own experience losing her husband.

Facebook could owe $5 billion in taxes
You know what’s not cool? That.

Microsoft to cut about 2,850 more jobs
Microsoft’s costly bet on Nokia will mean about 2,850 more job losses than previously expected.

Sandberg hopes a woman will be president
Sheryl Sandberg says she supports Hillary Clinton for president, because she would help close the gender gap, and because she’s ‘the most qualified candidate.’

VC pleas to tech CEOs: Give employees time off to vote
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Google’s moonshot projects lost $859M last quarter
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Amazon posts its fifth straight quarter of profits
Apparently Jeff Bezos is learning to love profits.

Solving the weakness of noise-canceling devices
A new Amazon patent sets the stage for headphones that give us the best of both worlds.

This startup wants to prevent another Flint water crisis
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Musk’s push for autopilot unnerves Tesla employees
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Qualcomm to pay $19.5M to settle gender suit
The chip maker agreed to the pay the settlement to female employees and make internal changes to its culture and promotion system.

How Uber punishes drivers who refuse to use UberPool
Drivers can’t stand UberPool. But Uber cleverly nudges them to use the service.

News anchor quits to become a Lyft driver
Reporter Anthony Ponce moonlighted as a Lyft driver for months to get strangers to open up in the backseat of his car. Now he’s going to do it full time and produce a podcast: Backseat Driver.

Apple sells its billionth iPhone
But iPhone sales are slowing.

That time a Russian billionaire paid Trump $95M
Yes, Donald Trump got $95 million from a Russian who bought his Palm Beach mansion.

Facebook is unstoppable
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Owner of wants $90,000
A lawyer and artist in Washington D.C. bought the domain for $8 in 2011. That prescient decision could yield him tens of thousands now.

Beaten-down Apple has best day in 2 years
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Nintendo delays release of Pokemon Go Plus
Nintendo said it’s pushing back the release of the Pokemon Go Plus, an accessory for the wildly popular smartphone game, to September. It also posted a loss.

‘Notebook Air’ looks an awful lot like a MacBook
Xiaomi’s new laptop looks an awful lot like Apple’s MacBook Air. It’s even called the “Mi Notebook Air.”

Startup proves how good smartwatches can be
Mobvoi is a Google-backed AI startup from China with (finally) an affordable and powerful smartwatch, the Ticwatch 2.

This ambitious Chinese tech firm just snapped up Vizio for $2 billion
A cutting-edge Chinese tech firm that you’ve probably never heard of just snapped up top U.S. electronics maker Vizio for $2 billion.

Signs point to Russia in DNC hack, but FBI isn’t ready to blame Russia yet
The Democratic National Committee hack has ties to Russia, but the FBI won’t blame the Russian government — yet.

Inside Tesla’s ginormous Gigafactory
This is where Tesla plans to build enough lithium ion batteries to catapult Tesla’s electric vehicles into the mainstream.

Tesla’s autopilot remains in the spotlight
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Twitter stock falls 10% on weak sales
Twitter reported only 3 million more monthly active users and weak sales projections. So much for the turnaround.

Apple sales fall for second straight quarter
Apple’s sales slump continues, but not as bad as Wall Street expected.

eHarmony’s co-founder is stepping down
Dr. Warren, a former marriage counselor who dispenses advice in eHarmony commercials, is being replaced as CEO.

Inside BlackBerry’s new Android device
BlackBerry’s mission to stay competitive is riding on the release of its new Android handset, the DTEK 50.

Israel vs. USA: Google’s competition to the moon
The Google Lunar XPRIZE is a competition to reignite space exploration. Two teams have emerged as the frontrunners: Moon Express, from the U.S., and SpaceIL, from Israel.

Hackers preying on US companies
The vast majority money stolen by hackers in “business email compromise” scams goes to banks in China and Hong Kong, according to the FBI.

Apple probably just sold its billionth iPhone
IPhone sales are nearing one billion, a milestone Apple might have hit this week.

A 3D movie without those goofy glasses?
Scientists at MIT are working on movie screen technology that would project high-res 3D imagery without relying on glasses.

Why Verizon wants to buy Yahoo
Verizon has a clear reason for buying Yahoo: the company wants to become a major player in mobile media.

Amazon to test drone delivery in the UK
Amazon has formed a partnership with U.K. aviation regulators that will allow it to test and develop new drone delivery systems.

You can use beer & hemp for 3D printing
If you thought 3D printing was already cool, a startup in North Dakota is turning recycled beer, coffee and hemp into filament for 3D printers.

Why Marissa Mayer couldn’t save Yahoo
Marissa Mayer made a series of expensive bets to turn Yahoo around. But they didn’t work.

Pokemon Go startup is worth $3.65 billion
Niantic is worth $3.65 billion, thanks to the runaway popularity of mobile game Pokemon Go, say analysts.

Meet the 78-year-old Crisis Text Line counselor
Read full story for latest details.

‘Shark Tank’ star Daymond John: High-tech hearing aids changed my life
The FUBU founder speaks out for the first time about how he’s using the iPhone and smart hearing aids to stream phone calls, listen to music and improve his everyday life.

A look at Yahoo’s hits and flops
The company that once was Google turns 20. We look back at the many, many brands it has cycled through. Remember Geocities?

You’re running out of time to get Windows 10 for free
The free Windows 10 update expires July 29, and you’ll need it to get the Windows Anniversary Update on August 2.

Donald Trump to host Reddit AMA
Donald Trump will open himself up to public questions during a Reddit AMA on Wednesday night.

Marissa Mayer’s payday: 4 years, $219M
Read full story for latest details.

Nintendo shares drop 18% after reality check
Nintendo has some bad news for investors: It’s not expecting a huge profit boost from Pokemon Go.

Verizon is buying Yahoo for $4.8 billion
Verizon is acquiring Yahoo for $4.83 billion, ending the internet pioneer’s two-decade run as independent company.

Two Uber drivers arrested while on duty
Two Uber drivers were arrested Saturday in separate incidents, once again highlighting the potential safety concerns of ride-sharing services.

Yahoo-Verizon deal said to be near
Read full story for latest details.

Pokemon Go breaks Apple download records
The augmented reality app had more iOS downloads its first week than any other app in history.

You can now ride your luggage around the airport
This may be the perfect suitcase for tired travelers.

Can tech’s Four Horsemen live up to hype?
Investors want to see solid earnings and healthy outlooks from Apple, Facebook. Amazon and Google-owner Alphabet. If that happens, the Nasdaq could hit a new all-time high. The pressure is on following strong numbers from Microsoft.

Yahoo sale nears end, Verizon in the lead
The dream of the ’90s Internet is alive in Verizon, which could soon own both AOL and Yahoo.

Apple Watch sales are down 55%
A new report from IDC shows Apple Watch sales have dropped by 55% since the smartwatch launched in 2015.

Twins are taking on the male-dominated cigar world
Twin sisters Yvette and Yvonne Rodriguez launched Tres Lindas Cubanas Cigars to prove a point: women entrepreneurs can succeed in the male-dominated world of cigars.

Jeff Bezos is now richer than Warren Buffett
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos now worth slightly more than Warren Buffett.

R.I.P.: The world’s last VCR will be manufactured this month
Funai Electric, the world’s last known VCR manufacturer, will cease production of video-cassette recorders this month.

Pokemon Go finally launches in Japan
Pokemon Go made its debut in early July in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand, but Japanese fans haven’t been able to get their fix until now.

Tech CEO organizes anti-Trump stunt outside RNC
Read full story for latest details.

Peter Thiel disrupts Silicon Valley with RNC speech
Read full story for latest details.

Trump Yourself tool gives email to Clinton
A new photo-filter tool by the Clinton campaign is also a clever way to add people to its database.

Feds try to forcefully search WSJ reporter’s phone
Read full story for latest details.

Namath’s comeback as a Hall of Fame hologram
Former Jets quarterback Joe Namath has big hopes for his holographic alter ego, which will guide visitors at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Save on your student loans with Amazon Prime
A discount on a student loan from Wells Fargo is now yet another perk Amazon offers its Prime customers.

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