Hillary Rising


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Hillary Rising
Alternative-energy and hospital stocks could prosper under a Clinton administration, while energy and financial shares could take a big hit.

Safe Yields of Up to 5%: Fixed-Income Panel
Our savvy market experts reveal which funds and individual securities maximize income and minimize risk.

Ruchir Sharma: Wall Street’s New Global Thinker
The Morgan Stanley macroeconomist sees more woes ahead for China and Russia. The U.S., India, and Germany will prosper.

Pharmacy-Benefit Managers Under Fire
American Express, Coca-Cola, and others are teaming up to try to cut soaring drug prices. Shares of Express Scripts, CVS, UnitedHealth are at risk.

Shell: The World’s Best Oil Stock
Royal Dutch Shell’s makeover could lift the shares more than 20% in a year—even without a rise in oil prices. Plus, a juicy 6.6% yield.

The Future of Mutual Funds
As the industry’s growth slows, expect the push toward ever-lower expenses to continue, with only the best stockpickers thriving.

Will the Republicans Lose Control of Congress?
The next Congress could go a long way to blunting the impact of either a Clinton or Trump presidency on issues of concern to investors.

Brexit Selloff Highlights Strength of U.S. Market
U.S. companies depend on domestic customers, which helps to insulate them from problems abroad.

Brexit: Is It the Beginning of the End for the EU?
The Brexit vote hammers markets around the globe, and encourages populist parties in Europe to seek similar referendums for their nations. Looking at the impact on Britain, stocks, and currencies.

The Best Watches of 2016
We pick the watches you’ll want to own, in eight different categories.

2016 Midyear Roundtable: 24 Investment Ideas
Stocks like Alphabet, Nike, and Macy’s could shine in the next year. Learning to love Argentina. Mario Gabelli, Jeffrey Gundlach, Meryl Witmer weigh in.

Where Have All the IPOs Gone?
Rising regulatory burdens combined with a surfeit of venture capital are making new stock offerings passé. That’s good for investors.

5 Reasons the Stock Market Won’t Crash–Yet
With the bull market now more than seven years old, many investors worry that a crash is imminent. Not so. Five reasons stocks still have room to run.

Byron Wien: What’s Ahead for the Markets
At 83, the investing legend and Blackstone strategist is still trotting the globe. What’s next for stocks, bonds, and the economy.

Regeneron: The Single Best Bet in Biotech
Regeneron has created tools and technologies that speed the drug-discovery process. Why the shares could grow 35% in a year—and continue up from there.

Bet On the Aussie Buck
The Australian dollar is on the rise, which is historically a good sign for commodity prices. Seven Aussie stocks, two ETFs, and one closed-end fund that could pay off big for U.S. investors.

Islamic State in Retreat
An unlikely coalition, including the U.S., Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, is pushing ISIS out of key cities and could greatly reduce its power in 2017. What happens afterward?

Barron’s Big Money Poll: The Pros Turn Cautious
Only 38% of the money managers in our latest survey are bullish on the outlook for stocks. And they think Clinton will beat Trump.

General Motors and Ford Shares Have 25% Upside
Detroit is back—in vehicle sales, profitability, and financial strength. That bodes well for the two U.S. titans’ shareholders. Revving up in China.

Bill Gross: Why Interest Rates Must Rise
The renowned bond investor argues that the Fed must normalize interest rates in coming years to keep the economy functioning properly.

Kasich: The Best Pick for Markets and the Economy
Governor’s plans on taxes, spending, trade, and other issues are more sensible than Trump’s or Cruz’s.

Luxury Second-Home Prices Up 11% in 2015
Why you will want to buy in Austin, Texas, and Park City, Utah.

Luxury Second-Home Prices Up 11% in 2015
Why you will want to buy in Austin, Texas, and Park City, Utah.

Luxury Second-Home Prices Up 11% in 2015
Why you will want to buy in Austin, Texas, and Park City, Utah.

Luxury Second-Home Prices Up 11% in 2015
Why you will want to buy in Austin, Texas, and Park City, Utah.

Luxury Second-Home Prices Up 11% in 2015
Why you will want to buy in Austin, Texas, and Park City, Utah.

Luxury Second-Home Prices Up 11% in 2015
Why you will want to buy in Austin, Texas, and Park City, Utah.

30 Top CEOs Make Barron’s List
Our 2016 list features 10 new members, including Comcast’s Brian Roberts and Nike’s Mark Parker. Kudos to the FANG foursome.

Move Over, FANGs: Value Investing Is Rebounding
After nine years of underperformance, value stocks look poised to take the baton from Amazon.com, Facebook, and other growth stocks.

Trump or Clinton: Who’s Better for Investors?
Why Republicans will likely hold their noses and vote for Hillary in the 2016 presidential election.

At AQR, Investment Rigor Spells Success
Cliff Asness’ approach has helped make AQR’s liquid-alt mutual funds among the best in the business.

What Recession? GDP Set to Grow 3%
The gloomy stock market notwithstanding, economic growth in the U.S. could be the best in years.

Trump and Sanders: Are They Killing the Market?
U.S. stocks have fallen sharply since Trump and Sanders began rising in popularity in the polls. It could be more than coincidence.

After a Harrowing Start, Stocks Could Take a Breather
The S&P 500, down 6% on the week, is off to its worst January ever. Tossed aside with the rubble were auto shares, off more than 10%, financials, and Apple. All could move higher in the year ahead.

Barron’s 2016 Roundtable, Part 1: A World of Possibilities
Our nine investment pros see lots of cheap stocks, but little chance that the market will rally sharply in 2016. Why global growth is challenged, rates will stay low, and India could prosper.

Barron’s 2016 Roundtable, Part 2: 31 Savvy Investment Ideas
Abby Cohen, Felix Zulauf, Mario Gabelli, and Jeffrey Gundlach offer their best bets for 2016 in this week’s Roundtable installment.

Time to Buy Bank Stocks
Big U.S. banks are in better shape than they have been in years, and yet they trade at levels last seen in 2011. Why Citi, JPMorgan, BofA, and Wells Fargo could jump 20%.

Here Comes $20 Oil
Oil could fall as low as $20 a barrel in the first half of this year, recovering to $55 by year end. That could help drive stocks, which have closely followed oil prices, much higher.

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