For the Record: Trump asks supporters to bash media


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For the Record: Trump asks supporters to bash media
On Monday, Donald Trump gave a speech on foreign policy and his plans to deal with terrorism.


Cleveland artist wants you to take a selfie with Trump and Clinton — the lint sculptures
Artist Sandy Buffie turned heads at the Republican National Convention with her lint sculpture of Trump’s head. Now she has a Clinton sculpture to match.


Tribes watch GOP effort to wrest control of federal land
Republican Party activists are asking that the feds return certain lands to the states.


Cleveland artist wants you to take a selfie with Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton — the lint sculptures
Artist Sandy Buffie turned heads at the Republican National Convention with her lint sculpture of Trump’s head. Now she has a Clinton sculpture to match.


Kaine touts Clinton jobs plan, rips Trump priorities in N.C. stop
Kaine: Trump’s campaign promises are the same as promises he made to stiffed contractors.


Sen. Jeff Sessions backs Donald Trump on Russia policy
The Alabama senator, normally a critic, has hope for better relations with Moscow.


Republican activists campaign for Trump in Israel
Republican activists in Israel launch a campaign to promote US presidential hopeful Donald Trump, approaching Israelis who have US voting rights outside a mall in the central city of Modi’in. Video provided by AFP


Pence to the rescue after another controversial Trump comment
It’s the third time in recent weeks that Mike Pence has tried to explain what his running mate Donald Trump meant to say. Video provided by Newsy


Pentagon releases 15 more Gitmo detainees
WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has approved the release of 15 detainees from the prison camps at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to the United Arab Emirates, a move derided Monday night by a leading member of Congress as reckless.


Donald Trump talks about combating terrorism
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is outlining his plan to combat terrorism in a speech in the important swing state of Ohio on Monday. (Aug. 15)


Biden blasts Trump while stumping for Clinton
Vice President Joe Biden said Donald Trump’s claims that President Barack Obama “founded” the Islamic State were “outrageous” during a joint appearance with Hillary Clinton on Monday.


Biden on Trump: ‘He woulda loved Stalin’
The vice president tore into Donald Trump on Monday, calling his ideas “dangerous” and “un-American.”


Trump calls for new approach to anti-terror fight
Republican candidate blames Clinton and Obama for rise of Islamic State


Trump releases ‘media accountability survey’
Donald Trump is taking his frustration with the media to a new level.


A look at Jill Stein’s political career

Former refugees get ready to cast their vote
Thousands of former refugees and asylum-seekers will vote in a U.S. election for the first time this November. Many have witnessed the consequences of autocratic rule and civil strife. They’ve spent years navigating the bureaucratic gauntlet needed to get to the U.S. and, eventually, to become a citizen. (Aug. 15)


Bernie Sanders bought a new home; people had a lot to say
Sanders paid $575,000 for a vacation home near a Vermont lake, and the internet doesn’t like it. Video provided by Newsy


Trump to outline plans to battle Islamic State
Republican candidate delivers what aides are calling a major foreign policy address Monday.


Ahead of Trump’s speech, Clinton ad hits him on foreign policy
A web ad attempts to use his comments and those of members of his own party against him.


Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman, denies secret payments from Ukraine
Top Trump campaign aide says he never worked for Ukraine or Russia.


For Millennials, a consensus on transgender bathroom use
Transgenders should be able to use the bathroom they choose, Millennials say by almost 2-1.


For the Record: Already tired of winning?
Trump seems to be raising the specter of losing quite a bit lately, whether it’s based on unfair media coverage, election fraud, flawed polling or poorly aligned chakras. Lowering expectations may not be that bad of an idea right now.


Bernie Sanders buys a lake home, igniting Twitter snark
Bernie and Jane Sanders buy $575K lakeside home in Vermont.


Young voters flee Donald Trump in what may be historic trouncing, poll shows
Hillary Clinton is consolidating the support, if not the enthusiasm, of Bernie Sanders’ backers


Police violence a rising concern for Millennials, new poll shows
A new USA TODAY survey finds the economy and jobs still at the top of the list


Clinton leads poll of Millennials
A new USA TODAY/Rock the Vote Poll of voters under 35 finds overwhelming support for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.


Donald Trump to deliver speech in Ohio on Islamic State
Candidate to speak Monday at Youngstown State in Ohio


For all of his winning talk, Trump keeps broaching the possibility of losing
Republican candidate blames media and potential ‘cheating’ at the polls


Donald Trump takes to Twitter to lecture media on freedom of the press
Republican candidate denounces ‘disgusting’ coverage of his campaign


Mike Pence denies he is Donald Trump’s clean-up man
Running mate says he and Trump have ‘different styles,’ but ‘same convictions’


Mike Pence says he will release his tax returns
Pence said on WABC Radio that his tax returns would be a “quick read.”


Pelosi bombarded with ‘obscene and sick’ calls, texts after cyber attack
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi warned other Democrats to change their numbers.


Trump solicits election observers after warning of vote rigging
Nominee posts website page after warning of possible electoral cheating in Pennsylvania.


Fidel Castro lashes out at Obama on 90th birthday
Castro didn’t like Obama’s remarks in Cuba or Japan


Conservatives want to force House vote to impeach IRS chief
The Freedom Caucus can force action in the House, but the Senate is unlikely to go along.


Obama administration moves money around to fund Zika vaccine
The secretary of Health and Human Services is transferring money from other institutes.


For the Record’s week in review: Clinton, queen of polls
Polls this week show that maybe people are more into the more predictable candidate.


Clinton released her income tax return; now where’s Trump’s?
Hillary Clinton just made her latest federal income tax return public, putting the pressure on Donald Trump to do the same. Video provided by Newsy


Eligible voters with disabilities outnumber black, Latino voters, study finds
They could have significant sway on the presidential election, a Rutgers study shows.


Clinton tax returns show huge loss from presidential run
The Clintons earned a lot of money last year, but far less than before her White House bid


GOP leader re-affirms support for Trump, who looks to stop slide in Pa.
Republican chairman Reince Priebus introduces Trump at event in Erie.


Trump responds to criticism over Obama ISIL comment
At a rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, Donald Trump responded to questions about comments that he made calling President Barack Obama the founder of the Islamic State group, saying he was being sarcastic. (Aug. 12)


Clinton releases 2015 tax return, prods Trump to do the same
Clinton releases 2015 tax return and dials up pressure on her GOP opponent to follow suit.


Polls: Clinton has strong leads in battleground states
Hillary Clinton has leads in four battleground states, according to new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist polls released Friday.


Could Republicans still dump Trump? Sure, but it’d be a hot mess
With so many people talking about the possibility, we thought an explainer was in order.


Clinton releases 2015 tax return, prods Trump to do the same
Hillary Clinton released her 2015 tax return Friday, as her campaign dials up the pressure on Republican Donald Trump to do the same.


Trump: If RNC cuts me off, I’ll stop funding them
Trump isn’t worried about a report that the RNC is considering moving resources away from his campaign.


Watch key moments from Hillary Clinton’s economic agenda speech
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton delivered a speech about her economic plan on Thursday in Michigan.


State Dept: ‘Not aware of any actions’ influenced by Clinton Foundation
Trump and Republicans seeking to capitalize on newly released emails.


For the Record: Trump calls Obama the literal ‘founder’ of ISIS
Hillary Clinton unfurled her economic plan Thursday, aiming squarely at trade deals she said killed American jobs and stifled wages.


Trump says his Obama as ISIS founder comment ‘sarcasm’
The GOP presidential nominee is clarifying recent comments, at least to an extent.


Report: State Dept. aide assisted Clinton Foundation in hiring
A State Department aide participated in high-level recruiting for the Clinton Foundation.


Corker: Trump went ‘far too far’ in Obama, ISIS statements
Sen. Bob Corker said Donald Trump went “far too far” claiming president founded ISIS.


Ronald Reagan’s daughter calls out Donald Trump
Patti Davis, the daughter of the late President Ronald Reagan, criticized Donald Trump for his Second Amendment comments in reference to Hillary Clinton.


Pelosi calls DNC hack ‘electronic Watergate’
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the hack amounts to an electronic break-in.


Hillary Clinton lays out her economic plan
Hillary Clinton delivered her economic plan during a campaign speech in Michigan. She promised to ensure every American could receive proper education and training to get a well-paying job without racking up debt.


Priscilla Presley campaigns against ‘soring’
The practice is illegal, but some trainers continue to use it on Tennessee Walking Horses.


Clinton pitches economics proposals, blasts Trump in Mich. speech
Her speech came days after Donald Trump offered his economic vision in Detroit.


Economists: Clinton, Trump pledges should be greeted with skepticism
Clinton and Trump are making big promises to revitalize the U.S. economy.


Geno Auriemma knocks ‘Trumpian era’
Olympic women’s coach cites Republican nominee in protesting sexism.


Could ballot selfies help save democracy?
Every election for the past few years, Tyler Heald has posted on Facebook a photo of his marked ballot.


Gannett and N.Y. Times ask court to unseal 1990 Trump divorce records
The news companies say records from Trump’s divorce from Ivana are now of public interest.


The debate over debates: What will Trump do?
The latest question about the Donald Trump campaign: How many debates will the candidate take part in, if any?


Conservative Iowa GOP congressman: Clinton ‘is somebody I can work with’
Make no mistake, though: Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, is voting for Donald Trump in November.


Trump Impersonator shares GOP candidate’s hilarious plans for the White House
Ever wonder what Donald Trump has planned for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue if he wins? John Di Domenico does. He’s earned lots of laughs impersonating the Republican presidential candidate. Aisha I. Jefferson for USA TODAY


Hillary Clinton lays out economic plans in Mich. speech
Her speech came days after Donald Trump offered his economic vision in Detroit.


Trump releases more economic advisers, this time almost all women
Donald Trump’s economic team now includes women.


Trump seeks to brand Obama as ISIS ‘founder’
GOP candidate also claims Clinton is “co-founder” of organization


Reagan’s daughter on Trump 2nd Amendment comment: ‘Horrifying’
Critics said the comments encourage violence, while Trump said he was talking about voting power.


Hot seat: Disgraced former congressman Foley sat behind Trump at rally
Appearance came just two days after the father of the Pulse nightclub shooter sat behind Hillary Clinton at an event.


Disgraced ex-congressman sat behind Donald trump at a Florida rally
As Trump attacked Hillary Clinton for letting the Orlando shooter’s father sit near her at a rally, a disgraced politician was sitting behind Trump. Video provided by Newsy


What is President Obama listening to this summer?
President Obama, in full-on vacation mode (he’s currently in Martha’s Vineyard), just released his summer playlists.


Ex-congressman Foley sits behind Trump at rally
Donald Trump called out Hillary Clinton for having the father of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooter sitting behind her at a rally, while controversial former Congressman Mark Foley could be seen over his shoulder. (Aug. 10)


Watch live: Hillary Clinton details economic plan
USA TODAY will have live video of this event.


Polls: GOP Senate incumbents face tight races in Fla., Pa.
Republican Senate incumbents were neck and neck with their challengers in Florida and Pennsylvania, according to a Quinnipiac Poll released Thursday.


Trump: Obama, Clinton co-founded ISIS
At a Donald Trump rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, supporters cheered when Trump said President Obama founded the Islamic State with Hillary Clinton.


Hillary Clinton to lay out economic plans in Mich. speech
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has never tried to hide her policy-wonk nature.


Donald Trump calls Obama ‘the founder of ISIS’
Donald Trump draws Florida faithful who say they back him, no matter what.


For the Record: Clinton email scandal, version 3.0
More of Hillary Clinton’s emails were released and they raised questions about her time in the State Department. But then Trump said something about Second Amendment people stopping her and the email story got buried.


Trump blasts media as ‘disgusting,’ ‘dishonest’
Donald Trump draws Florida faithful who say they back him, no matter what.


Texas judge OKs compromise on voter ID law
Voters in Texas without a photo ID will be able to cast their ballots come November, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.


Poll: Clinton leads Trump in Wisconsin
Hillary Clinton boosted her lead over Donald Trump in Wisconsin, according to Wednesday’s Marquette University Law School Poll.


Ohio Senate candidate sorry for saying Scalia’s death came ‘at a good time’
Strickland is locked in a tight race with GOP incumbent Rob Portman in Ohio.


In L.A.’s ‘Little Persia,’ Iranian-Americans split on Clinton v. Trump
Despite stance on immigration and Muslims, many in community still support Donald Trump


DEA regularly mines Americans’ travel records to seize millions in cash
Network of informants helps the DEA profile possible cash couriers for drug traffickers.


Trump supporters in unlikely place – L.A.’s “Little Persia.”
Despite his stance against Muslims and immigrants, many in the “Little Persia” section of L.A, support Donald Trump’s bid for president. USA TODAY’s Kimiya Manoochehri reports.


Analysis: Dems outraising GOP in battle for Senate
A new analysis by the Campaign Finance Institute shows Democrats with a big advantage.


Paul Ryan routs GOP foe that Trump flirted with favoring
No Trump bump for GOP challenger Paul Nehlen, except perhaps on turnout.


Clinton’s goal: Erase Trump’s advantage on the economy
Clinton will lay out her economic vision during a speech in Detroit on Thursday.


Follow who’s up and who’s down in the 2016 Presidential Poll Tracker
Follow who’s up and who’s down in polling.


Poll: Americans feel their way of life is under threat
Almost half said their way of life is under “a great deal of threat.”


Analysis: Democrats outraising Republicans in battle for Senate control
A new analysis by the Campaign Finance Institute shows Democrats with a big advantage.


Senate panel could help Sanders further goals of ‘political revolution’
The Vermont senator will seek free college tuition and expanded funding for health centers.


Fact check: Trump’s baseless claim on Iranian execution
Trump speculates that Shahram Amiri was executed in Iran “because of Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails.” There is no evidence of that.


Trump explains his ‘Second Amendment’ comment
Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump says he was speaking about the power of gun rights supporters, not violence, when he made controversial comments about Hillary Clinton and the second amendment. (Aug. 10)


Clinton camp releases list of Republicans, independents for Clinton
The Clinton campaign officially announced the results of their behind-the-scenes recruitment of Republicans and independents Wednesday.


Legal group issues private emails Clinton did not turn over
The conservative legal group Judicial Watch obtained the emails as part of its lawsuit against the State Department.


Christie aide: ‘He lied’ about Bridgegate
A former aide to Gov. Chris Christie said the governor lied about his knowledge of his administration’s involvement in the George Washington Bridge lane closures, according to a new court filing.


Trump’s latest ‘pivot’ on hold amid Second Amendment uproar
So much for focusing on the economy.


What happens if no presidential candidate wins 270 electoral votes?
A failure of any candidate to reach the 270 votes needed to become president triggers a bizarre process to select the nation’s leader. Video provided by Newsy


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