Why Stop At Carbon Capture Storage? Think CO2 Utilization

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Why Stop At Carbon Capture Storage? Think CO2 Utilization
Japan has come a long way since its self-inflicted environmental disasters of the 1960s when double-digit economic growth rates spawned garbage and pollution challenges of Mount Fuji-sized proportions. Steady progress came after the government finally got serious about dealing with the problems and promulgated new laws and strengthened rules for industry and municipalities to follow when disposing of trash and environmentally harmful by-products.

4 Compelling Reasons To Attend JavaOne
JavaOne 2016 is an opportunity not just for learning and networking, but also to hear from the core Java teams about the future directions of key packages.

Meet The Four Start-Ups Helping Ford Develop A Robo-Taxi By 2021
The race to develop autonomous car technology is heating up. Here are the promising young companies Ford picked to help it get to the finish line first.

How to Eliminate the Need for Heroism in Customer Service
by Christopher Koch is the Editorial Director of the SAP Center for Business Insight

‘Virtual Singapore’ Platform Will Help The City-State Address Shortage Of Space, Aging Population
Two-thirds of the planet’s inhabitants are expected to live in cities by 2050, up from 50% in 2014. Close to 90% of the increase will be concentrated in Asia and Africa, according to a report published two years ago by the United Nations.

Data Visualization Dress Maps Human Displacement At London’s Science Museum
Dress For Our Time – a fashion meets science installation – delves into the global refugee crisis and the complex matter of human displacement in a bid to change the social narrative of the topic.

Bang & Olufsen Sets The Benchmark For Portable Headphones With The Play H6
A great pair of headphones needs to be a perfect blend of sound and comfort. Firstly, the sound has to be right. You need a solid middle range, a firm bass but without too much boom so your ears don’t tire. At the top end you need enough treble to take care of the cymbals but not so harsh that it hurts your ears or crowds out the rest of the music. Quite a few headphones achieve this sonic balance and the Play H6 headphones from Bang & Olufsen most certainly do.

Uber And Volvo To Collaborate On Development And Production Of Autonomous Cars
It’s no secret that the end-game for ride-hailing firms like Uber, Lyft and Didi Chuxing is to replace tens of thousands of human drivers with autonomous vehicles. In the past year, Uber has launched its own autonomous vehicle development program, Lyft has partnered with GM and Didi received a $1 billion investment from Apple. In the wake of this week’s Ford autonomous vehicle announcement, Volvo has now stepped up and announced that it will partner with Uber to develop and produce autonomous vehicles.

Amazon’s Next Move To Penetrate Deeper Into Indian E-Commerce
While China remains a sore spot for Amazon, the e-commerce giant is ensuring that it does not leave any stone unturned in establishing a significant presence in India. After committing an additional $3 billion investment in the region, the company is now looking to make its subsidiary “Junglee” a platform for individuals to buy and sell goods to each other (mostly second hand products), with Amazon managing the payment and delivery. Quikr and OLX are established players in this market in India. However, Amazon’s strong delivery network and promise of an “Amazon like” experience should draw customers to this platform. We believe this initiative will broaden Amazon’s user base in India and give it a stronger foothold in the region. With India well positioned for strong e-commerce growth over the long term, we believe it can be a key region to drive Amazon’s revenues in future.

The One Thing Missing From Most KPI Dashboards
One thing I see lacking on most dashboards and key performance indicator (KPI) measurement systems companies produce to track their own performance is an external perspective.  Companies become so immersed in their own numbers, their own trends, their own data, that they forget to look at the external factors, including the market at large, and their competitors specifically.

New Research Supports Idea That You’re Smarter Than A Monkey Because Your Ancestors Learned To Cook
Recent research indicates that the human brain isn’t fundamentally different from the brains of other primates, it’s just bigger. This finding is understood as supporting the idea that humans developed larger brains because they are the only species that learned to cook their food.

Top 20 Startup Ecosystems

India’s Fintech Startups Will Cause A Cashless ‘Payment Revolution’ By 2023
Indians possess a habit to save and prefer to spend in cash with a vast majority of the 1.2 billion population without a bank account. In 2016, 78% of all consumer payments in India were made in cash – but that could change soon.

10 Cars With The Most Brand-Loyal Buyers

Baidu And Ford Invest $150M In Velodyne LiDAR For Driverless Car Technology
China?s search engine giant Baidu has teamed up with Ford to invest $150 million in Velodyne Lidar, which makes lidar sensors. Lidar sensors are among the most vital components of driverless autonomous vehicles, permanently scanning the vehicle?s surroundings and comparing the images with previously created 3-dimensional maps.

Flash Memory Summit Keynotes Outline The Future Of Solid State Storage
We appear on the verge of an explosion of solid-state storage options that will fundamentally change the architecture of computers and electronic devices. These new technologies will influence the development of new applications such as advanced media and entertainment, consumer products and big data analytics.

The World’s Top 5 Smartphone Makers Of Q2 2016

Nutanix Purchase Price For PernixData Revealed?
It looks like we now know how much Nutanix is paying for PernixData.

WWE NXT Results (8-17-16): New Match Made For Takeover
What NXT Superstar will make their debut at NXT Takeover, and what happens when Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura have one last faceoff before the pay-per-view?

What’s So Sensational about Your Customer Experience?
Why Marketers Need to Include All Five Senses in Their Customer Experience Formula

10 Incredibly Simple Things You Can Do To Protect Your Privacy

Inside A Chinese Entrepreneur’s Robot Dream
With the recent launch of a new robot for Apple stores, Chinese robotics maker UBTech and its line of ?JIMU Robots? has created worldwide curiosity for their new product.

The Cybersecurity Stakes Of Election 2016
We have less than 90 days to go until Election Day 2016. Citizens across the United States will go to the polls to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump—or possibly one of the alternative candidates, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, or Evan McMullin. There is a lot at stake in any general election, but this one feels more important than most—especially as it relates to cybersecurity.

Intel Takes Aim At Nvidia (Again) With New AI Chip And Baidu Partnership
Intel practically owns the business of selling chips for data center servers, with 99% market share. But Intel doesn’t have such a strong grip on the latest, and hottest, slice of the market: artificial intelligence.

DJI’s South Korean Drone Playground Is Spectacular
A sneak peek into South Korea’s decadent drone park — and how this type of experience is becoming prevalent in America.

Galaxy S7 Vs iPhone 6S Review: Which Is Best?

iPhone 7 Leak Reveals New Release Date
Your new iPhone 7 may take a little longer than expected…

Intel’s Big Factory Problem
San Francisco—Can anything fill it up?

‘FIFA 17’: Extended Gameplay Video With Cover Athlete Marco Reus
Check out this extended FIFA 17 gameplay video with cover athlete and Borussia Dortmund star Marco Reus playing 2-v-2.

Apple A Trend Follower?
Apple looks like “a trend follower” and is struggling to “keep itself interesting” in China.

‘Nioh’ To Get New Time-Limited Demo This August
The fascinating Nioh will be getting another demo this August, prior to its release later this year.

Amazon Continues To Gain Share In Cloud Infrastructure Services Market
Amazon Web Services was unsurprisingly ranked first again in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for cloud infrastructure services in Q2 2016, followed by Microsoft, IBM and Google . Amazon has been a leader in this market since 2006, owing to its wide array of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings, and continues to grow faster than the market, thus consistently improving its share.

Turning Up Volume On Deal Chatter For Pandora
By Troy Hooper

What Castration Does to a Skeleton

What Does Ancient Human Sacrifice Look Like?
Human sacrifice is an ancient practice, but archaeologists caution against premature interpretation of skeletons from Greece and Italy.

‘NBA 2K17’ News: All Euroleague Clubs Confirmed
Details on NBA 2K17 continue to trickle in; the latest information centers around the inclusion of Euroleague teams.

Could Cities Become Too Hot To Host The Olympics?
Researchers believe that if climate change continues at its current rate, only a tiny number of cities could stay cool enough to host the Olympics

‘Game Of Thrones’ To Tour North America In Live Music Experience In 2017
If you are the kind of viewer who hums along with the Game of Thrones opening theme, then pull out your wallet because now you and thousands of other GoT fans can do it in a new immersive and visual experience.

How To Place An Editorial In The Major Media
Every day, there are 4.75 billion “content items” posted on Facebook.

‘NBA 2K17’ News: First Official In-Game Screenshot Of Jimmy Butler
Check out Jimmy Butler in NBA 2K17, along with a comparison of the render from NBA 2K16.

Billions Go To Cloud Services, But Often Without A Game Plan
Are we working in a cloud computing bubble?  That is, have business leaders (and perhaps some IT leaders) been lulled into assuming that moving or deploying to cloud is as easy as 1-2-3, without any heavy lifting required? So, have at it, spend the money, get cloud for cloud’s sake?

Q&A: Ford Autonomous Vehicle Chief On Producing Fully Self-Driving Cars By 2021
Ford director of Autonomous Vehicles Randy Visintainer on how he and his team plan to meet the five-year deadline to bring a fully autonomous car to market and what the production entails.

Ants Have A Stealthy Way Of Shedding Unwanted Calories
Why don’t ants gain fat? This question was originally answered on Quora by Matan Shelomi.

The Real Reason Why Mosquitoes Find Some People Irresistible
Why do fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes show individual preference? This question was originally answered on Quora by Tirumalai Kamala.

‘No Man’s Sky’ Could Have Paid DLC After All
Hello Games doesn’t seem to know whether or not ‘No Man’s Sky’ will have paid downloadable content.

Salary Is Important, But Here Are 5 Other Things You Shouldn’t Ignore As A Job Seeker
Is salary the most important consideration when choosing a job? This question was originally answered on Quora by Paul K. Young.

The One Marketing Mistake Companies Make Over And Over Again
What was the biggest mistake you made in marketing? This question was originally answered on Quora by Jonathan Brodsky.

Cisco And Fortinet Confirm Flaws Exposed By Self-Proclaimed NSA Hackers
It’s looking ever more likely the NSA was hacked… and that it was hacking American companies.

What Could Cause The Night Sky To Shimmer & Pulse With Light?
Out in the mountains to watch the meteor shower, what could cause the stars to flicker and shimmer in the night?

The Best First-Person Shooters Of 2016

‘Gears Of War 4’ Should Not Be Locked Behind The Windows 10 Anniversary Update On PC
Gears of War 4 shouldn’t be limited to Windows 10 or the Windows Store.

How Sustainable is the Agritech Venture Ecosystem?
Like other niche sectors, agritech has a small group of core investors. In recent years that number has increased, but the agritech venture investment ecosystem is still immature.

More Philanthropists Should Think Like Venture Capitalists
A venture capital fund may evaluate thousands of potential deals per year to find just 10 investments that have the potential for great returns. With more private-sector-style sourcing and due diligence, philanthropists could follow suit, using “effective altruism” to uncover those opportunities that could truly change the world.

What Airbnb And The Uber-Didi Deal Tell Us About Marketplaces And Monopolies
It’s easy to think that the most attractive marketplace is a monopolistic one. But the different experiences of Airbnb and Uber globally reveal a much more nuanced truth to marketplaces.

‘WWE 2K17’ Gameplay Videos Show Off Ladder Match And Backstage Brawls
New gameplay videos released with ladder match and backstage brawls on display.

Aki Takanori Of Good Smile Company On Conquering The Figure Market With Cuteness And Quality
One of the biggest figure companies in Japan is definitely Good Smile Company. I caught up with the company’s president Aki Takanori and realized that the scope of the company’s operation was far bigger than I’d imagined.

Google Classroom And Expeditions Apps Get Back-To-School Updates
Google for Education has been hard at work for the new school year, with major upgrades to both Google Classroom and Google Expeditions. Plus, the iOS release of Expedtions!

Ourdata App Pays Digital Media Consumers For Data Collected By Brands, Publishers
Ourdata.us CEO and Co-Founder Iggy Fanlo discusses how his company will accomplish a split revenue system between consumers and advertisers who want their data, especially as the debate over ad-blocking continues to grow.

Collaboration Abounds: A World Of We Is Infiltrating Every Aspect Of Both Culture & Commerce
The power of we is obvious in the business landscape as the sharing economy builds steam and continues on track to outpace its projected value of $335 billion by 2025.

‘Metal Gear’ Doesn’t Need Kojima, But ‘Survive’ Could Still Be A Konami Cash Grab
Metal Gear needs to survive without Hideo Kojima, but can Konami be a trusted steward of the brand?

Snapchat and other phone apps could be more dangerous than texting for teen drivers
For teen drivers, using apps while driving could be a bigger concern than texting. Only 27% of teens surveyed reported texting while driving. However, 68% admitted to using apps while driving and 80% thought they were “not distracting.”

Konami Announces ‘Metal Gear Survive’, Shows It Doesn’t Understand ‘Metal Gear’
Following the departure of Hideo Kojima from Konami, the publisher has taken over the Metal Gear reigns and announced Metal Gear Survive. A multiplayer shooter that seems to have very little to do with what Metal Gear is about.

Dog & Bone Wetsuit: A Waterproof iPhone Never Looked Better
Want a waterproof iPhone now, not once Apple gets around to releasing one? The Dog & Bone Wetsuit offers a unique take on a waterproof, rugged iPhone 6/6S case by sealing out liquid without requiring an annoying plastic cover over your Retina display.

5 Most Important Things About ‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’
Game director Christopher Barrett talks about private matches, new artifacts, supremacy, a new raid and light levels in the long-awaited Destiny: Rise of Iron.

Even With Custom Matches, ‘Destiny’ Is Unlikely To Become An eSport
Destiny is getting custom games at last, but fans should not expect there to be a full-on eSports scene that springs to life as a result.

‘Attack On Titan’ Game Goes Beyond The First Season Of The Anime
The actually quite decent Attack on Titan game released earlier this year in Japan is finally coming Westward at the end of August and features narrative elements from beyond the first season of the anime.

Three Things I Love (So Far) About iOS 10
Apple gave us a sneak preview of what to expect from iOS 10 at its Worldwide Developer Conference in June. As the anticipated launch of the new iPhone 7 approaches—and with it availability of iOS 10—Apple recently released Public Beta 5 of iOS 10. I’ve been playing with it for a few days, and there are already a few features that stand out as my favorites.

24 Cartoons From The Wide World Of Sports

For Certain Top Athletes, Some Things Never Change
“When they talk about my hair or me not putting my hand up on my heart or me being very salty in the stands, they’re really criticizing me, and it doesn’t really feel good,” a teary-eyed Douglas told reporters who felt the need to badger her about the attacks. “It was a little bit hurtful.” Cartoon by Rob Tornoe.

Square Enix Releases Close To An Hour Of Gameplay Footage For ‘Final Fantasy XV’
Following the news that Final Fantasy XV is having its release date pushed back to November 29th, it’s clear Square Enix wants to show how far the game has come. As such, they’ve released almost an hour’s worth of footage from the game’s master version.

Intel To Challenge Nvidia With The Acquisition of Nervana Systems
The leading microprocessor manufacturer, Intel , recently entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the deep learning technology startup Nervana Systems. The acquisition was announced in an editorial blog by Diane Bryant, executive vice president and general manager of Intel’s Data Center Group. She states that Nervana has a fully-optimized software and hardware stack for deep learning and has the advanced expertise in accelerating deep learning algorithms, which can help Intel expand its capabilities in the field of AI (artificial intelligence).

8 Marketing Project Management Software Must Haves

image thumbnail - see full story for attributions

On the surface, marketing management seems like every day, common sense project management. After all, it’s just creating a lot of copy and pretty pictures right? However, every aspiring marketing manager quickly discovers that marketing project management doesn’t follow the same rules as traditional project management.

Apple CEO Says Company Won’t Bring Home Money Parked Overseas Until Tax Rates Are ‘Fair’
Apple CEO Tim Cook recently fielded questions on Apple’s tax practices, including the company’s decision not to repatriate income earned overseas – at least not just yet. Cook invoked the “f” word when talking about offshore income, saying that he wouldn’t bring Apple’s overseas funds “until there’s a fair rate,” meaning, of course, a “fair” tax rate. Here’s what you need to know about Cook’s comments and Apple’s storied tax history.

The Big, Fat Myth About Bots
Kik founder Ted Livingston says bot developers are too obsessed with making bots you can chat to.

Six Tips For Aligning Your Career With Your Life Purpose, From A Female Tech Entrepreneur

I place a premium on giving, whether that means giving people new opportunities, my time, the benefit of the doubt, or a helpful hand. As a child, I was heavily influenced by the unfailing generosity of my parents. As I continue to give, I realize that others are also always giving to me. I see my dedication to giving as one of the key reasons why I am successful today.

The Significance Of Netflix’s Technology & Development Expenses
Netflix has an online ordering model and hence it devotes a significant amount of resources to develop the best suggestion and referral algorithms. This ensures that customers can find their favorite movies without much effort. Further, it also invests heavily in streamlining its delivery process and has successfully managed to automate a significant part of its postage and packaging process. These costs are included in technology and development expense heading and these investments ensure high levels customer satisfaction. Contributing here are not only compelling viewing experiences, but convenient payment and delivery processes as well. Since resources poured into technology and development (in addition to content) somewhat govern the user churn rate, it seems worthwhile to look at Netflix’s contribution profits from the perspective of technology and development expenses.

12 Hottest New-Car Features For 2016

Ford’s Upcoming Autonomous Car Likely To Be More Like Series Than Mass Production
This week Ford Motor Company CEO Mark Fields and CTO Raj Nair visited the company’s Palo Alto research center again to announce plans to build what may end up being the world’s first series production fully autonomous vehicle. At least it’s the first announcement with a hard date, in this case 2021. Note, the use of series rather than mass production which is probably an important distinction.

Pinterest Debuts Video Ads
Pinterest, the digital catalogue of objects, how-to, recipe and article ‘pins,’ is offering marketers video advertisements for the first time.

Shafin Tejani Is Remaking Venture Capital With Lessons He Learned From Online Vice
Here’s one: have the startups you are funding hire your digital marketing companies.

Microsoft Builds Out Windows Holographic Vision at Intel IDF 2016
Microsoft started showing the company’s vision for AR and VR at Computex 2016 with Windows Holographic, a platform that blended together the applications of AR and VR into a mixed reality implementation. With Microsoft’s announcements at IDF 2016, it appears they are doubling down on the holographic mixed reality vision. Microsoft is partnering with companies like Intel on hardware to enable both HMD-based Windows Holographic experiences as well as PC-based Holographic experiences.

How Instagram Is Fueling This Ferrari Lover’s Insane Car Collection

Will Consumers Embrace Smart Cities? Seven Tech Experts Weigh In
Technology is changing the way we live and work. But is everyone ready for these changes?

Actiance Gains ex-Credit Suisse Techo as CTO
Anthony West joins Actiance as CTO from Credit Suisse.

Technology Vs. Human – Who Is Going To Win? An Interview With Gerd Leonard
Futurist Gerd Leonard’s latest book “Technology Vs. Humanity” paints a potentially grim future for every person on the planet. What should businesses and individuals be doing to think about the forthcoming “tech-manity” sea change?

N.Y. Assemblyman Who Seeks To Legalize Sports Betting Is Going About It The Wrong Way
In the wake of New York’s new laws to regulate interactive fantasy sports, state assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow has announced some interest in passing a new law to legalize traditional sports betting in New York.  However, Assemblyman Pretlow’s approach seems misguided in light of both existing federal law and the underlying legal climate.

I Was Asked To Take Over A Very Successful Company. My Assignment: Change Everything
Just over a year ago, I took the helm of a successful business. We had a predictable revenue stream, happy clients, an engaged team, and a great service offering. The reason I was brought onboard was also clear – to fuel massive growth for the company, and that meant change. I knew it was going to be the hardest thing I’d ever done as a leader.

How To Design A Car That Stays Comfortable At 200 MPH
Here’s a rule of thumb: The faster a car goes, the rougher the ride. When it comes to designing a mainstream car that’s designed to top out at highway speeds, this is hardly a problem. But if you’re looking to craft a car that can top 200 mph on the track or Autobahn, things get far trickier. To understand how this is done, I spoke to Cameron Patterson, Bentley’s director of vehicle engineering

Science: Where Finding Nothing Is The Biggest Victory Of All
From the LHC to dark matter and neutrino searches, physics experiments are coming up empty. Somehow, this is the biggest victory of all.

Kroger Deal Highlights 3 Reasons Blended Data Is A Must In Retail
Partnership with data provider IRI enables the retailer and manufacturers to share the same customer insights, for more customized experiences. If other retailers do not follow suit, they could lose in the battle for the consumer. Three reasons data continues to change the retail game.

5 Most Important Things About Destiny: Rise of Iron
Game director Christopher Barrett talks about private matches, new artifacts, supremacy, new raid and light levels in “Destiny: Rise of Iron.”

‘No Man’s Sky’s Worst Bug Is Now Actively Devouring My Save Files
No Man’s Sky has had a lot of launch issues, but this save-devouring bug might be one of the worst yet. Be careful, and check your Restore Points.

EA Sports Announces ‘FIFA Mobile’ For Android and iOS Devices
The FIFA brand returns to the mobile platform.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Review: For Those Who Like The Feel, But Not The Price, Of Samsung Galaxy Phones
There’s a certain stigma to the word “budget” when it’s used to describe products or services. The term means, literally, “inexpensive” and absolutely nothing more; yet consumers have long associated it with “inferior quality.” To take that mindset is to make the false assumptions that market prices are defined by quality only and not supply, demand and hype. Xiaomi — long considered a budget phone maker — is here to smash that stigma to pieces: its 2016 flagship phone, the Mi 5, is a gorgeous device crafted out of curved glass and metal frame. It’s an eye-catching design that’s similar to Samsung’s highly popular S7 — and the Mi 5 packs the same top-of-the-line Qualcomm processor — only it costs half as much (HK$2,599, or US$335).

How Crestron Grew Sales Tenfold and Tripled Quotes
Since Crestron Electronics moved its service operations to Oracle Service Cloud, it has increased sales globally from $100 million to $1.2 billion today.

‘Madden 17’ Review: The Good, The Bad And The Traditional
Breaking down the positives and negatives in Madden 17,

Is Cyberspace Where Health Goes To Die?
For whatever it’s worth, I fully recognize the irony: I am writing about health in cyberspace, to say that cyberspace may be where health goes to die. Such, it seems, are the paradoxes of modern living. We learn the perils of excessive screen time from messaging on glowing screens. Our favored sages tell us the merits of going off the grid…via their social media feed. We get perky tips about the benefits of putting down our smartphone via our smartphone apps. I just work here.

Does Automation Put Management and Creative Jobs at Risk?
by Michael Rander, Global Research Director for Future Of Work at SAP

Next-Generation Fitbit Activity Trackers Detailed
Two new Fitbit devices have been detailed in a series of leaked images. The Fitbit Flex 2 and the Fitbit Charge 2 are expected to be unveiled next month in Berlin, at IFA 2016.

How To Quadruple The Value Of Your Business
According to The Exit Planning Institute, more than 7 in 10 business owners expect to exit their business in the next 10 years. Many will be surprised at how little their company is worth. But there are some simple steps you can take now to maximize the value of your business.

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