Sporting pioneer


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Sporting pioneer
In September 1960, Margaret Maughan won Great Britain’s first ever Paralympics medal.

The woman who says that it’s not only men who like to look
Indian woman takes on the trolls after writing in defence of the female gaze.

Fruit smugglers ‘upgrade’ Russian border road
Route on the Russian-Belarusian border is secretly upgraded by fruit smugglers.

Nose-picking ban for Philippines police
New directive also tells police in Manila not to scratch any part of their bodies.

Rio 2016: Wrong flag repeat angers Chinese
Chinese fans mystified how incorrect flag resurfaces during the medal ceremony for the nation’s final gold.

#TwoWomenTravel – Live-tweeting an abortion
Irish women protest abortion laws by using social media to document trip to UK for termination.

Project connects Moscow pensioners to students abroad
A new initiative will connect elderly Muscovites to students around the world for language teaching.

The Arabic revolution song that went viral
How a song that was popular during the revolution in Libya in 2011 ended up being sung in Germany in 2016.

A public proposal that went wrong
A Chinese girl got in trouble after receiving a public marriage proposal from her girlfriend in Guangdong, China.

Can the DJ of Dakar stop people emigrating?
Three-quarters of young people in Senegal want to emigrate – even though the journey to Europe could cost them their lives.

Should we embrace the mid-life crisis rather than be embarrassed by it?
Instead of fretting about hair loss and diminished virility, should mid-life be re-evaluated as a time to try new experiences and re-invent oneself?

The town where 100 young people have tried to kill themselves
More than 100 people in Attawapiskat have tried to kill themselves since October – why are so many of Canada’s Aboriginal people at risk?

How John Hersey’s Hiroshima revealed the horror of the bomb
Seventy years have passed since the publication of a report hailed as one of the greatest pieces of journalism ever written – one that described the terrible effects of the atomic bomb.

Strange path
Three men share their experience of using the Class A drug peyote to find religious enlightenment.

Rio 2016: How China’s athletes opened up on social media
How the Rio 2016 Olympics have revealed a more personal side to China’s athletes.

Thai university creates Pokemon-style parasite app
Thai university creates parasite-hunting game to raise awareness over health risks.

Can social media save Syria’s children?
Several campaigns on social media are calling for the safe evacuation of children from besieged Syrian cities.

10 things we didn’t know last week
Why scientists wanted to scan Sting’s brain, and more news nuggets.

Quiz of the week’s news
The Magazine’s weekly quiz of the news, 7 days 7 questions.

Rio 2016: Lesser-spotted oddities of the Olympics
Gold medals and drama are all very well, but what about the strange little details that marked out the Rio Olympics?

China staff fined for not liking boss’s Weibo posts
Company in China punishes employees who don’t comment on manager’s social media posts.

Bite Club: The shark attack survivors’ group
Survivors of shark attacks are helping each other with their own online support network.

Bollywood bombshell
How one of Bollywood’s leading stuntwomen escaped a violent husband with two young children and nowhere to go.

Raped for speaking out against rape
A Colombian woman who denounced armed groups for sexually abusing women and girls, was abducted by gunmen and subjected to a terrible punishment.

Tokyo monitors heatstroke risk for 2020 Olympics
Monitoring devices will tell officials how dangerous conditions could be during 2020 Games.

Why do some people think this meme is racist?
A tweet from US comedian and chat show host Ellen depicting herself on Usain’s Bolt’s back has been called racist.

Egypt state TV orders female hosts to lose weight
Eight female state TV anchors are given one month to slim down before being allowed back on screen.

‘I found my dad on Facebook’
How a simple post on social media ended a Russian woman’s 40-year search for her father.

My friend the North Korean defector
As reports emerge that a diplomat at the North Korean embassy in London has defected, the BBC’s Korea correspondent Steve Evans wonders if he knew the man.

Rio 2016: ‘Hands off Caster’ trends in South Africa
South Africans on social media rally round Caster Semenya following eligibility criticism from US media.

Chinese drivers fashion rat-proof car “skirts”
Rodent trouble prompts locals in Nanning to create wraparound shields for their cars.

Who lives here now? Park Hill
The giant concrete estate once condemned as an eyesore is flourishing again but who has moved back to Park Hill?

Rio 2016: Does John Major deserve credit for Team GB’s success?
The sight of Team GB above China in the Olympic medal table has led some to heap praise on John Major, whose government took the decision to launch the National Lottery. Is this justified?

Lonnie Johnson: The father of the Super Soaker
Lonnie Johnson had an illustrious career as a nuclear engineer working on the Galileo space programme and the stealth bomber – but he is best known for creating a water pistol

How I kicked drugs without going into rehab

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