On honesty issues, Hillary Clinton fights own missteps, gender stereotypes

In this photo provided by CBS, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks on CBS' "Face the Nation" with John Dickerson, Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015, in Washington. (Chris Usher/CBS via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

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On honesty issues, Hillary Clinton fights own missteps, gender stereotypes
Clinton’s campaign may be a case study in missteps that can be punishing for female candidates.


For the Record: About that overly expensive health care
Presidential candidates agree that health care is too expensive. But fixing it is another story.


Clinton controversies: A brief history
How has the Democratic nominee dealt with crises throughout her career?


Clinton says she won’t go to Mexico, per Peña Nieto’s invitation
Hillary Clinton’s campaign has called Donald Trump’s trip to Mexico “embarrassing,” but she’s not taking up Peña Nieto’s offer to meet.


Phyllis Schlafly through the years

Trump: No connection between campaign cash, Trump U. case
Candidate says he never spoke with attorney general about Trump University case


Trump to take part in debates with minimal prep
Donald Trump says he plans to take part in all three presidential debates against rival Hillary Clinton. (Sept. 5)


Trump, Clinton launch fall campaigns on same Ohio tarmac
Both touch down in Cleveland; Clinton attacks Trump, while Trump confirms he will debate


Coughing Clinton: I get allergic when I think about Trump
Battling back a stubborn cough while delivering her Labor Day rally speech, Clinton took jabs at her Republican opponent Donald Trump while on the trail in Cleveland, Ohio. (Sept. 5)


Clinton v. Trump: Poll finds a Labor Day standoff on jobs
Poll: A big advantage for Clinton on social issues, but a narrow divide on the economy


Trump visits Ben Carson’s Detroit neighborhood
Donald Trump joined former GOP rival Ben Carson on a brief visit to the Detroit neighborhood where Carson grew up. The visit was part of the GOP nominee’s effort to woo African-Americans two months before the election. (Sept. 3)


Congress returns with just weeks to prevent government shutdown
Funding for the federal government will expire on Sept. 30 unless Congress acts.


Hillary Clinton debuts new campaign plane
This was the first time journalists were accompanying the Democratic candidate on a plane.


‘Very weak and ineffective’: Donald Trump blasts Republican senator Jeff Flake
Donald Trump lashed out at Sen. Jeff Flake on Sunday after the Republican from Arizona said he wasn’t ready to vote for Trump.


Poll: Amid Zika fears, support for funding
Poll: 30% say Zika is affecting family plans, fueling support for Congress to pass funding


Pelosi says ‘Too much is being made’ about Clinton e-mail
House Democratic leader called the email saga a ‘distraction’ from more important issues


Why was Donald Trump bashing Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake on Twitter?
As Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign spends money on TV ads in red-state Arizona, Republican nominee Donald Trump on Sunday resumed his feud with one of Arizona’s Republican senators.


Christie again defends Trump’s immigration policy
On ‘Face the Nation,’ he walked back his stance on Trump’s proposed Mexico border wall.


Trump aides aim to clarify immigration plan
Emphasis will be on migrants with criminal records, Trump’s people say


Mike Pence to release tax returns next week
In an interview with to NBC’s “Meet the Press,” the Republican vice presidential nominee said he would release his tax returns next week.


Donna Brazile rediscovering her roots as interim DNC chair
The Louisiana native has been knocking on doors and working phone banks to help elect Democrats.


Trump to parishioners at black Detroit church: ‘I’m here to listen’
Donald Trump stuck to a prepared script during a service held at Great Faith Ministries Church in Detroit.


Five contentious issues for Obama and Turkey’s president to discuss Sunday
Obama and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will meet at the G-20 summit in China.


For the Record’s week in review: Clinton’s FBI interview
This week we found out that despite the fact that Hillary Clinton was handling some of the most sensitive information in the world, no one ever trained her on what was right and wrong.


For Trump, wooing Detroit may be mission impossible
When Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump comes to Detroit on Saturday in search of votes from a more diverse audience, he’ll face some long odds with the black community.


Raw: Trump meets with Philly church leaders
Donald Trump is meeting with African-American leaders in Philadelphia, a day before he visits a church in Detroit. Trump’s Friday roundtable with local business, civic and religious leaders shows that he is working to appeal to minority voters. (Sept. 2)


Trump does African-American outreach in Philly
Republican candidate to visit African-American church in Detroit on Saturday


How Hillary Clinton’s email investigation unfolded
With Hillary Clinton’s private email server still a hot topic this election, see how the entire incident has evolved over the last year.


Putin: DNC hack was public service, but Russia had nothing to do with it
Vladimir Putin doesn’t care who hacked the DNC as long as the data is out there.


Oops: Jill Stein flies to the wrong city for her rally
Let’s hope the White House is easier to find.


More Republicans say no to Trump, endorse Clinton
Charles Badger worked as former governor Jeb Bush’s director of coalitions now he’s endorsing Clinton.


Ohio’s Senate race is the most expensive in the nation. Here’s why.
More than 46,000 TV ads have aired in Ohio since the beginning of the election cycle.


Clinton told FBI she had no training on how to handle classified documents
WASHINGTON — In Hillary Clinton’s July interview with FBI agents, the former secretary of State told investigators that she could not recall “any briefing or training” that she received on the retention or handling of classified documents.


Presidential debate moderators announced
The official list of debate moderators includes anchors from all the major networks.


Clinton video hits Trump on ’embarrassing’ Mexico trip
Hillary Clinton has a new video hitting Donald Trump for his trip to Mexico.


Clinton offers plan to rein in ‘excessive’ drug price hikes
Hillary Clinton announced a plan to rein in drug companies from charging excessive prices.


Clinton ‘illness’ has been trending on Google, despite no evidence she’s ill
Trump campaign’s unfounded rumors about Clinton’s health have clearly caught public attention


Dwyane Wade says Trump’s response to his cousin’s death left ‘bad taste’
Trump used the shooting to highlight his outreach to African Americans


Melania Trump is officially suing news outlets
Melania Trump followed through on some of those lawsuit threats. Video provided by Newsy


For the Record: After Trump loses Hispanic backers, Clinton makes a move
“I am going to do very well with the Hispanics, the Mexicans.” — Donald Trump, June 3, 2016


Fact check: Trump’s immigration speech
In Trump’s speech, he said “the facts aren’t known because the media won’t report on them.” But he was wrong about the facts in several instances.


Obama, on historic Midway Island, touts his conservation efforts
Before snorkeling with friends, Obama speaks of preserving Pacific wildlife.


Hillary Clinton’s negatives could hamper Patrick Murphy in Senate race
In one poll, 60% of likely independent voters in Florida said they view Clinton unfavorably.


State Dept. to give AP all Clinton schedules before election
The State Department has agreed to turn over all the detailed planning schedules from Clinton’s time as secretary of State to the AP by mid-October.


Trump and Mexican president battle on Twitter
GOP nominee Enrique Peña Nieto dispute financing of proposed border wall


Team Clinton raised a staggering $143 million in August
Democrats’ presidential nominee just posted her best fundraising month of the election.


Melania Trump sues Daily Mail and Maryland blogger
The suits seek damages of $150 million dollars.


Obamacare rate hikes rattle consumers, could threaten enrollment
A certain deja vu for those who had health insurance before the Affordable Care Act.


Good news for the GOP: Most Clinton voters say they’ll split their ticket
More than half of Clinton supporters say they’re likely to split their ticket downballot.


Poll: Fear, not excitement, driving Clinton and Trump supporters
Clinton holds a 7-point lead over Trump as Labor Day launches the final election push.


Paleologos on the poll: Voters want third-party candidates on debate stage
Libertarian Gary Johnson did not reach the 15% threshold for inclusion in presidential debates in the latest Suffolk University/USA TODAY national poll.


Following immigration speech, Hispanic Trump backers withdraw support
Trump’s hard-line immigration speech Wednesday is causing some of his Hispanic backers to rethink their support.


Trump outlines 10-step immigration plan
Speaking from Phoenix, Donald Trump outlined 10 steps he says will make America safer and help fix the U.S. immigration system.


Trump focuses on populism, ‘America First’ message during Ohio stops
Ohio appearances come day after a high-profile speech on immigration.


Biden: I’m calming leaders anxious about Trump presidency
Joe Biden says he’s been reassuring anxious leaders that Trump’s views do not represent America.


With no ‘softening’ on immigration, can Trump broaden support?
Republican candidate maintains hard line on policy that boosted him to GOP nomination.


Want to dial for Donald Trump? First, sign this legal form
Online volunteers seeking to help Donald Trump by making phone calls might be signing up for more than they bargained for.


Following Trump’s immigration speech, Clinton making play for red Arizona
Campaign will begin airing ad on Friday.


Trump to vets in Ohio: ‘We will stop apologizing for America’
Ohio appearances come day after a high-profile speech on immigration.


Union chief isn’t pushing Clinton to re-nominate Garland for high court
AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka says Clinton might find a better Supreme Court choice.


For the Record: Lost in Trumpslation
Trump: Funny, we totally forgot to talk about the wall. Pena Nieto: The first thing I said to him was “we’re not paying for the wall.”


AP Fact Check: Trump lacks immigration details
An Associated Press Fact Check of Donald Trump’s immigration speech shows that the Republican Presidentian nominee repeated many of his campaign themes and left out key details. (Sept. 1)


Trump invites ‘Angel Moms’ on stage in Phoenix
Donald Trump ended his immigration speech in Phoenix by inviting onto stage ‘Angel Moms,’ people who have lost family members to crimes committed by people living in the U.S. illegally. (Sept. 1)


Supreme court shuts door on North Carolina’s voter ID laws
An appeals court ruling from July will stand. Video provided by Newsy


Here’s what is in Trump’s 10-point immigration plan
The wall, blocking ‘sanctuary cities,’ ending ‘catch and release’ are key parts of plan.


Trump rejects moderation, goes hard-line on immigration
Trump on Tuesday atomized any notion he is softening his hard-line immigration positions, rejecting a move to the middle that might make his presidential candidacy more appealing to Latino and moderate white voters.


Watch: Donald Trump gives speech on immigration
USA TODAY provided live video of this event.


Trump holds firm on immigration in Phoenix speech
Trump said he wants a system that accepts only people likely to thrive and love their new country.


Trump outlines 10-step immigration plan
Speaking from Phoenix, Donald Trump outlined 10 steps he says will make America safer and help fix the U.S. immigration system.


President Obama: We know climate change is man-made
President Obama expressed his support for conservation efforts in order to combat climate change during his visit to Lake Tahoe.


Mexican president: I told Trump we wouldn’t pay for wall
GOP candidate and Enrique Peña Nieto dispute wall discussion


Former Trump model said she worked in U.S. illegally
Blais said she signed with the agency in April 2004 but didn’t begin her visa process until August 2004


Initiatives aim to protect Salton Sea, study geothermal power
White House announcement comes as President Obama attends Lake Tahoe Summit.


Marco Rubio, Patrick Murphy wage battle of the sixes over debates
Rubio and Murphy declined to debate their opponents ahead of Florida’s Senate primaries.


Watch live: Donald Trump gives speech on immigration
USA TODAY will have live video of this event.


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton want your money … now!
Matching funds, bumper stickers and ‘Margaritaville’ employed to pull in campaign money.


Wis. panel worries some may not get ID in time to vote
In some cases, the state Department of Motor Vehicles said it would use overnight mail to ensure timeliness


Supreme Court won’t restore North Carolina voter ID law
The U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday declined to overturn an appeals court ruling last month.


Trump, Mexico president dispute immigration, trade
Republican candidate holds surprise meeting with Enrique Peña Nieto


Congress troubled by Blue Alert delays after ambush attacks on police
Justice Dept. inaction is “especially troubling” after attacks in Dallas and Baton Rouge.


Donald Trump’s comments on Mexico
Donald Trump kicked off his presidential bid more than a year ago with harsh words for Mexico. “They are not our friend, believe me,” he said, before disparaging Mexican immigrants.


Maine Gov. LePage says he will not speak to reporters anymore
Maine Gov. Paul LePage, while speaking to reporters, announced that he would never speak to the press again.


Clinton blasts Trump for rejecting ‘American exceptionalism’
Hillary Clinton returned to Cincinnati Wednesday to make her case to veterans against a Trump presidency.


Mexicans react to Donald trump’s announced visit
Republican White House hopeful Donald Trump — who has pledged to “build a wall” on the US border with Mexico if he is elected — heads south to meet President Enrique Pena Nieto, ahead of a much-anticipated speech on immigration. Mexicans in the streets of the capital react to his visit. Video provided by AFP


Poll: Presidential race tightens in Wisconsin
The presidential race has tightened in Wisconsin, according to Thursday’s Marquette University Law School Poll.


Trump’s Mexico visit: what you should know about president Peña Nieto
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has a fairly low approval rating in his country. Video provided by Newsy


Fact check: Donald Trump’s ‘Two Americas’
Trump’s new ad promises a bright future if he’s elected, and a gloomy one if Clinton wins.


CIA director misled FBI about how agency spied on Pentagon Papers leaker
Richard Helms’ misdirection enabled the CIA’s role in the Pentagon Papers case to go undiscovered for 11 months.


Congress concerned by Blue Alert delays after ambush attacks on police
Justice Dept. inaction is “especially troubling” after attacks in Dallas and Baton Rouge.


Poll: Clinton, Trump most unfavorable candidates ever
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the two most unpopular presidential candidates in more than 30 years of ABC News/Washington Post polling.


Fact-checking Trump on immigration
As he explains his plan on illegal immigration, Trump gets several facts wrong.


Here’s what Mexican leaders have said about Donald Trump
It’s not every day that a U.S. presidential candidate meets with a foreign leader who has likened him to Hitler and Mussolini.


Trump heads to Mexico before immigration speech
Republican candidate meets with president of Mexico; plans to discuss immigration, trade.


Benghazi-related Clinton emails raise a question for Trump team
Trump’s campaign is asking what methods were used to determine which emails to turn over.


In Ohio, Clinton to blast Trump for rejecting ‘American exceptionalism’
Hillary Clinton returns to Cincinnati Wednesday and plans to warn veterans about the consequences of a Trump presidency.


CIA misled FBI about its Pentagon Papers role
Richard Helms’ misdirection enabled the CIA’s role in the Pentagon Papers case to go undiscovered for 11 months.


Trump in Washington state before Mexico visit
Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke in Everett, Washington on Tuesday night. He repeated his promise to secure the U.S. border but did not mention his meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, set for Wednesday. (Aug. 31)


Senator John McCain wins Arizona Senate primary
Senator John McCain won the Arizona Republican Senate primary. McCain said Republicans must keep their Congressional majorities and stop White House policies that would put the country on the wrong track, no matter who is elected President. (Aug. 31)


Trump to show up, not speak out at black Detroit church
Interview with Great Faith Ministries International’s leader will air at a later date.


With eyes on 2020, Marco Rubio wins Florida GOP Senate primary
Marco Rubio coasted to an easy victory in Florida’s GOP Senate primary but refused to commit to a full six-year term if he wins. Video provided by Newsy


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