Memory Loss Associated With Alzheimer’s May Be Preventable And Reversible


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Memory Loss Associated With Alzheimer’s May Be Preventable And Reversible
Research exploring protein blocking at the synapse indicates that the loss of memory function associated with Alzheimer’s disease may be preventable and reversible.

Improve Customer Service By Speaking The Customer’s Language (Not Making Them Learn Yours)
Customer service suffers if you use jargon when speaking to customers. You’re causing customer discomfort, as well as driving prospective customers away.

Have PPO Networks Perpetrated The Greatest Heist In American History?
Trillions Have Been Redistributed from the American Workforce to the Healthcare Industry Creating An Economic Depression for the Middle Class

Wells Fargo Learns You Can’t Force People To Be Scientists And Engineers
Insulting (both artists and scientists) advertisement campaign yesterday. Apology today.

Doctor Shortage Leads China’s U-Home To Look Abroad For Growth
U-Home Group Holdings, following its purchase of two healthcare businesses in Europe in the past three years, is eyeing more overseas investments in the same industry amid what it sees as a growing shortage of doctors at home.

FDA Saves Us From Ourselves, Halts Excessive Use Of Antibacterial Soaps
After manufacturers failed to prove any benefit, the FDA announced they will no longer permit triclosan and 18 other chemicals to be used in “antibacterial” soaps in the U.S. Regular soap and water is just as effective, and safer. Sometimes government regulation is a good thing.

Designing Vaccines Just For You
What if everyone had to wear the same size and type of pants (e.g., yoga pants) regardless of who, what, or where you are? That’s what vaccination is like today.

Wells Fargo Encourages Budding Actors To Become Botanists And Then Apologizes
Becoming a ballerina or actor has no place in a real world of cold hard cash and sciencey-sounding things like botany. Obviously.

Becoming an Empowered Patient
By being an empowered patient, you can help stop the waste and get better care as a result.

Antibacterial Soaps Have Phased Out Controversial Ingredients, But Concerns Remain About New Ones
The Food and Drug Administration is banning 19 ingredients in antibacterial soaps, but some of the ingredients can be found in many other consumer products. Plus, the FDA has questions about the safety and effectiveness of compounds that are replacing the banned ingredients.

For Best Obamacare Buy, Insurers Offer Even Narrower Choices
Health insurance companies that will continue next year to offer coverage under the Affordable Care Act will this fall unveil more narrow network plans that can keep premiums low but offer fewer doctor choices

FDA Is Cleaning Up Antibacterial Soap
On Friday, the FDA announced that companies will no longer be able to market over-the-counter (OTC) consumer antiseptic wash products that contain any of the following 19 easy-to-pronounce ingredients…

Destructive Doctor Relationships Will Destroy Hospitals’ Success

“Common sense is not so common.” ― Voltaire

The highest-performing healthcare organizations fundamentally understand the importance of the forgotten aim in the Quadruple Aim (caring for the caregivers). It’s common sense. My observation turned my inbox into a virtual confessional once I started focusing on the quadruple aim. The bad behavior of far too many hospital CEOs has created collateral damage for the economy and doctors. The only surprise is how most hospital CEOs aren’t recognizing how their actions are self-destructive.

Did Emily Jane Brontë Have Autism?
People seem to think that the features of autism involve being solitary and odd, possibly with a dash of “magic disabled supergenius” and a prickly temperament.

Simplifying The Way To Billions In Healthcare Savings
Widespread computerization of insurance claims will save the U.S. billions of dollars

Personal Injury Lawyer Fed Up With Colleague, Files Class Action
Last week, a Texas attorney who says he is “intimately familiar” with litigation over inferior vena cava filters, or IVCs, filed a proposed class action lawsuit against an Arizona-based law firm for allegedly making unsolicited phone calls to line up potential clients.

Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artists 2016

Hip-Hop Artist The Game Is The Latest Musician To Invest In Marijuana
The Game is already involved with the business of getting high, but apparently he hasn’t had enough yet.

World’s 25 Biggest Drugs & Biotech Companies In 2016

Mylan’s #EpiGate Tsunami: Early Warning Signs Went Unheeded
It’s hardly front-page news when a pharmaceutical company charges high fees for a new or coveted drug. It happens all the time. So why is Mylan NV’s handling of the allergy antidote EpiPen generating newspaper headlines and outraged discussions on morning shows and talk radio?

States With The Most Drug Overdose Deaths

Mylan’s Outrageous EpiPen Price Hikes: How Many Children Will Suffer?
On her first day of kindergarten, five-year-old Sally is eating her lunch and suddenly chaos breaks out. Her face swells, her breathing becomes difficult and, without anyone realizing it, her blood pressure falls. Anaphylaxis has set in.

EpiPen Only Scratches The Surface Of The Drug-Price Crisis, JAMA Study Says
Parents of kids with peanut allergies are outraged about price hikes on EpiPen, but it’s far from the only drug that’s burning holes in patients’ pockets. Now Harvard researchers are offering tips for taking control of high drug prices.

Serious Infections Skyrocket In People Who Inject Illegal Drugs
Bloodstream and heart valve infections are on the rise in people who inject drugs (PWID), more commonly known as IV drug users (IVDU). This is likely obvious to any hospitalist or infectious disease physician, but the magnitude is quantified in a new study.

Diet Coverage In The New York Times? Chew Carefully, Swallow Selectively
There is good, and at times truly great and profoundly important attention to diet and health in the New York Times. But these days, dubious alternatives seem increasingly to predominate. So when the New York Times serves you food for thought on the food you should eat, chew long and carefully, and swallow only selectively.

Why On-Demand Industry Likes Hillary Clinton’s Mental Health Plan
Hillary Clinton’s mental health plan would expand payment to telehealth via expanded Medicaid and Medicare payment for companies providing video consultations from psychiatrists and therapists.

Monopolies On Medical Knowledge And Information Are Unethical
Written with Jonathan Bush, CEO athenahealth

The Developing World Needs A Cancer Moonshot

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