This Company Wants You To Know That Trading Isn’t Just For Men In Black Suits


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This Company Wants You To Know That Trading Isn’t Just For Men In Black Suits
The social media revolution is making investment and trading more accessible to people from more diverse backgrounds.

Where Can You Invest In The Rust Belt?
Here are nine sub-markets investors should consider in the rust belt. There’s not necessarily gold in the Rust Belt, but some very solid silver.

Accepting Bad Health Habits
Most people live in a state of denial with their health risks and this prevents preparation for the likelihood of potentially bad outcomes. Wouldn?t it be better if we accepted our health risks and planned for those outcomes in advance?

Six Steps To Reinvent Your Career After A Major Life Change
After having a baby late in life, she took baby steps and found a new path. Follow her tips to reinvent yourself.

Seth Klarman Keeps Pouring Money Into This Oil Refining Company
Seth Klarman (Trades, Portfolio), a conservative investor who runs Boston-based Baupost Management, again added to his growing position PBF Energy (NYSE:PBF), the fourth-largest independent oil refiner in the U.S. – two spaces below Warren Buffett (Trades, Portfolio)’s refiner Phillips 66 (NYSE:PSX)

Options For Displaced ITT Tech Students
While many college students are returning to campus, tens of thousands of ITT Educational Services students found out this month that their school is closing its doors. In a press release last week, the for-profit college announced they would discontinue academic operations at all of its ITT Technical Institutes permanently. ITT places blame for the closure on the U.S. Department of Education, which has stepped up oversight of for-profit colleges and imposed tough financial sanctions against ITT over recruitment and financial aid practices.

How Millennials Can Get Good Credit Scores
Someone just setting out in adult life must get a credit card right away and handle it wisely. There are some tricks to this.

‘I Could Have Been A Multi-Millionaire,’ Says Son Of Honus Wagner Baseball Card’s First Finder
A proud son honors his visionary father for selling the world’s most valuable baseball card long ago to support his family.

If Rates Rise, Small Caps Like These 6 Could Still Lead
Small cap stocks have historically tended to perform better than large cap stocks during rising interest rate environments

The 25 Markets Where The Cost To Rent A Home Is Rising Fastest

The Markets Where The Cost To Rent A Home Is Rising Fastest
Of the top 25 markets five are in Florida and five in California.

IRS Slaps Nelly With $2.4M Tax Lien
Nelly is a Grammy winner, but still has to pay the IRS. And a federal tax lien is the IRS’s way of making sure it gets paid no matter what.

Boeing, Dell Technologies, Samsung, Tesla And Burning Lithium Ion Batteries
Lithium ion batteries are all around us — they help turn over the engines on Boeing 787s and Teslas, they energize laptops made by the likes of Dell Technologies, and they power your Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Money-Saving Websites

Is Your 401(k) Is A Rip-Off? One Easy Way To Tell
You can pay way to much for your 401(k), which can hurt your retirement funding. Here’s how to tell.

How To Choose The Right 529 College Savings Plan
The increasing cost of a college education has significantly outpaced national inflation by an average of 3.4% every year since 2005, creating a national student loan crisis and putting tremendous financial pressure on parents. According to data released by, the current cost of one year at a private nonprofit four-year college, including tuition, fees, and room and board, is $43,921, or roughly $175,000 for four years. By comparison, a public four-year in-state college requires far less out-of-pocket funds, costing around $19,548 a year or close to $80,000 for four years.  While college costs cannot continue to outpace inflation forever, many people expect the cost of college tuition to spiral upward for a number of years. In order to fund these tremendous expenses, many students and parents are turning to borrowing the funds through student loans. However, this can create an even bigger financial burden in the long run by creating decades of future interest payments. One way to get ahead of the curve is by setting up a 529 college savings account. While you have likely heard about this savings vehicle, you might not be aware of the benefits it can provide and you probably know even less about how to choose the right plan for your specific situation. In fact, many people are unaware that you can select from a variety of 529 plans, including those offered in other states. When choosing a 529 plan, there are three main factors to consider: 1) federal and state benefits, 2) fees, and 3) investment options. Retirement Success In 10 Steps: An eBook From Forbes You’ve been saving diligently for retirement. Now make that money last the rest of your life. The federal and state tax benefits afforded to 529 plans are the main reasons why the plans are widely utilized as a college savings vehicle. The federal tax benefits include tax-deferred growth of the investments and tax-free distributions for qualified education expenses.  These features are available for any 529 plan you may choose. However, your state might offer some additional tax and other benefits that can play a major role in deciding on the right plan. The most common state benefit is an income tax deduction or credit when you contribute to an in-state 529 plan, a move which can save you hundreds of dollars a year in tax benefits by choosing an in-state 529 plan over an out-of-state plan. So, if your state only offers the income tax deduction for in-state plan contributions, there will be a strong incentive to go with an in-state plan. However, in a few states (i.e., Arizona, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, Montana, and Pennsylvania), often referred to as tax-parity states, you receive the tax benefits regardless of whether or not you use an in-state 529 plan. Additionally, in states where there are no state income tax benefits for using a 529 plan, there is a stronger argument to shop out-of-state plans and compare them to your in-state 529 plans.

Ask Larry: ?I Got Hit By Deeming. Can I Undo The Damage?
Today?s column examines the deeming provision, by which you might be deemed to file for both your spousal and your retirement benefit, spousal and widow(er)’s benefits and other topics.

Dirty Dozen Tax Scams For 2016

Scam Alert: Avoid College Payment Processors
Here’s the latest scam involving college payments.

The ‘Brexit-Apple’ Connection: What In The World Was Margrethe Thinking?
How do you feel about the €13 billion (c.$14bn/£11bn) European Commission (EC) fine against Apple? Are you glad to see “justice done” to the alleged big multinational tax cheats? Do you care? Either way do you care as much about this as you do about Britain’s EU Referendum result to exit Europe?

Are 97% of Social Security Recipients Doing It Wrong?
Figure out whether you should take benefits early. You probably shouldn’t.

How 9/11 Inspired Me To Pursue My Passion
September 11, 2001 – It’s hard for me to believe that it has been 15 years. That day is burned into my memory. I was in the Army Reserves in an advanced sergeant’s training course.

Can You Beat The IRS By Waiting Out The Ten Year Statute?
So that is three decisions in as many weeks, in which taxpayers lost in their attempt to beat the IRS using the ten year statute. Does that mean that it is a strategy that does not work? It does not mean that. That is because if people are getting out from under by waiting it out, it is not something that we will ever read about.

DECENT ‘Crypto’ Investment Paves Way To Decentralized Content Distribution Revolution
As the growing trend of decentralized organizations and platforms changes the global playing field with the wide-spread adoption of blockchain technology, crypto-solutions have begun being devised for a diverse range of applications to solve various challenges. Now a Slovak team has devised a way to invest via crowdfunding in a digital asset tapping the content distribution sector underpinned by a blockchain-based platform.

Stock Performance Under Every Federal Reserve Chairman

Are Low Interest Rates Hurting – Or Helping – You?
To raise or not to raise? That has been the question for most of the past few years if you are a voting member of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). The FOMC is the arm of the Federal Reserve Bank that votes on the direction of interest rates. The challenge is that while the U.S. economy shows signs of strength, the global economy has pockets of both weakness and extraordinarily low interest rates. Because of our relatively strong economy, raising interest rates here at home has been talked about a lot in the past few years. Why might this matter to you?

Financial Planning Tips For Every Generation
Here are financial tips for every generation—for those just starting out in their careers—to those enjoying their first year of financial independence.

Fed Members Set to Speak Monday. Will Their Comments Move the Markets?
This week’s trading activity might be marked by anecdotes and expirations given what’s on tap and the Friday fallout. Are traders nervous enough to pull the markets into the red this week?

Becoming A Retirement Millionaire

The Three Biggest Retirement Worries — And Their Solutions
Okay, so you are worried about retirement. Here are three big things you should focus on.

Why Are Yield-Starved Investors Ignoring Closed-End Funds?
Closed-end funds (CEFs) sometimes get lost in the never ending expanse of investment options. That certainly seems to be the case in recent months, as yield-starved investors continue to gobble up risky debt with coupons at all-time lows while ignoring safer plays in the fixed income CEF market.

Who’s Managing The Money?
The growth of Unified Managed Accounts (UMA) has been well documented, just as the death of Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) has been greatly exaggerated. There continues to be room for both among the many advisory options available at most firms.

Fed’s Rosengren Makes Case For Rate Hike; Markets React Negatively
The three major benchmarks were heading notably lower in the early going Friday after investors appeared to be spooked by North Korea’s confirmation that it had tested a miniaturized nuclear warhead Friday as protection against “threats and sanctions,” according to published reports.

What Income Investors Should Do Now
Three investing pros offer very different strategies

Think Twice Before You Finance Your iPhone 7
This week, Apple introduced the world to the iPhone 7. Much has been written about the death of the headphone jack. But I want to focus on the “special financing” advertised on the Apple website. You can pay no interest for six months (on purchases of less than $499), no interest for 12 months (on purchases equal to $499 and less than $999) and no interest for 18 months (for purchases greater than or equal to $999). Apple has partnered with Barclaycard, a division of Barclays, to offer a credit card that can be used to finance the purchase.

This Week In Credit Card News: Shameful Account Fraud at Wells Fargo; Consumers Dislike Chip Cards
Wells Fargo Fined $185 Million For Fraudulently Opening Accounts

Organize Your Financial Documents With These 10 Helpful Categories
How to save time, money and headaches by getting organized.

Pithy Maxims That Govern The Municipal Bond Market
Today’s bull market in municipals will face a crisis in the months ahead.

What You Can Learn From Gene Wilder’s Struggle With The ‘Illness-Pirate’
The death of Gene Wilder saddened Willa Wonka fans across the globe — not to mention fans of  Blazin’ Saddles, Young Frankstein, and many others.  When his family issued a statement saying that Alzheimer’s disease claimed his life, it served as a valuable lesson.  Alzheimer’s disease is a killer.  As Wilder’s family aptly described it, it’s an “illness-pirate.”

9 Keys To A Happy Retirement

2 New Money Books You’ll Want To Get
These new personal finance books ‘How to Think About Money’ and ‘Heads I Win, Tails I Win’ are easy to read and packed with smart advice.

Interview With John Buckingham and David Rolfe on Apple After New iPhone
GuruFocus unveils a new podcast today. Episode 1 features two well-known investors, John Buckingham (Trades, Portfolio) of Al Frank Asset Management and David Rolfe (Trades, Portfolio) of Wedgewood Partners. They have a conversation with GuruFocus about the state of iPhone maker Apple and answer some bearish questions. Apple is Rolfe’s top holding and Buckingham’s fourth largest.

The Perks Of Being A Flexible Spender In Retirement
William Bengen’s 1994 article introduced the concept of the 4% rule for retirement withdrawals. He defined the sustainable spending rate as the percentage of retirement date assets which can be withdrawn, with this amount adjusted for inflation in subsequent years, such that the retirement portfolio is not depleted for at least thirty years.

Should Preschoolers Be Taught Personal Finance?
There are three chances to start kids on the right path to money smarts as adults.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Top Pokétels In America
New York City boasts 11 of the top Pokétels in the country.

How To Choose A Financial Planner In The Top 2%
With all the volatility in the stock market and potential changes in tax law on the horizon, are you looking for a financial planner to help you sort all of it out? Don’t worry. This is not a sales pitch.

The Amazing Story Of The Most Valuable, $5 Million Baseball Card Up For Auction
At a giant baseball card show, the son of an original owner of a $5 million Honus Wagner fulfills a mission to reunite it with his family after 42 years and share a very special letter establishing its provenance.

Is A Market Crash Imminent?
Sam Stovall, U.S. equity strategist for S&P Global Market Intelligence, talks with Forbes contributor Simon Constable.

Ask Larry: I Got Hit By Deeming. Can I Undo The Damage?
Today’s column examines examines the deeming provision, by which you might be deemed to file for both your spousal and your retirement benefit, spousal and widow(er)’s benefits and other topics.

Five Stocks Millennials Should Consider Investing In Before Hitting Their 30s
According to a number of demographers and researchers, Millennials or Generation Y (‘Gen Y’) are defined as those born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, making the generation currently aged between 16-36. So, they’ve got some time to go before retirement. But it’s never too early to invest for the future and prudent to start sooner rather than later.

New Rules For The College Financial Aid FAFSA Form
Parents with children in high school will want to know about the new rules for the FAFSA form for college financial aid. Here’s a rundown.

How To Enjoy The Stalled Out World
I wrote the following paragraph a year ago:

How To Price Bucket-List Travel
Foreign travel is expensive. Here’s how to price it without blowing too much money.

Where To Put Your Next Dollar (Or $100)
Here’s a question I get asked all the time: “If I’ve got X dollars to invest, where do I put that money?” It’s an important decision. But it’s also a complicated one. There are so many different accounts to choose from — not just IRAs and other retirement accounts, but health savings accounts, college savings accounts, etc. “Regardless of the amount of income you have, putting yourself first and thinking about your future needs is an important thing to do,” says Jo Ann Jenkins, CEO of AARP and my latest guest on the HerMoney podcast.

When Things Pile Up On You Before Retirement
Problems before retirement are often temporary and a gateway for a brighter future

26 Ways To Save More Money And Cut Costs This Fall
Ditch the pumpkin spice lattes.

12 Strategies When Buying Into A Retirement Community

America’s Hidden Long-Term Care Problem
A new study shows just how difficult the jobs are for long-term care workers.

Are You Financially Stressed? 5 Realistic Ways To Curb Your Anxiety
Feel out of control about your finances? It’s no way to live. Learn to dial it all back with these smart, easy, stress-busting tips.

How Some Millennials End Up Paying Their Parents’ Student Loan Debt
When finances are tight at home, the choice might be taking on more debt or selling mom and dad down the river.

Poverty Has Reaching Effects, So What Are You Wasting For?
As we speak, 360 Millennial changemakers are meeting in Pennsylvania as part of the Merit360 conference, held by World Merit. These young folks from around the globe have gathered to come up with actionable solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. And, they are prepared to make an impact, as they are preparing to voice their solutions in front of the United Nations on Friday, September 9, 2016.

10 Tips to Supercharge Your Savings

The Single-Worst Retirement Move
Your 401(k) is like a bucket. This is how you fix leaks.

5 Tips on Raising the Next Generation of Financially Savvy Kids
A strong grasp of personal finance is one of the best gifts that you can give to your children. After all, personal finance is rarely taught in the classroom and it?s often up to parents to stress the importance of developing money management skills. As a financial advisor, it?s my hope that these tips will better prepare the next generation to become better stewards of their money. Here are 5 things you should be doing today that your kids will thank you for in the coming decades.

Global Delays Following British Airways Computer Malfunction
Customers should continue to expect delays, although the technical issue was fixed Tuesday morning, says British Airways.

Tyler And Cameron Winklevoss On Why They Fell In Love With Bitcoin
Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, founders of cryptocurrency exchange Gemini and the first to file with the SEC for a Bitcoin ETF, discuss the importance of regulation in a sector once associated with illicit activity.

How To Be A Landlord To Friends In Your Own Home
After promising yourself that you’d get out of that apartment someday, you saved for that down payment and bought a house — huzzah! But now your friends want to move in too. Should you let them?

9 Spectacular Homes for Sale Under $150,000
Captain Obvious here with some breaking news: Not everyone can afford a home that costs seven figures. In fact, the vast majority of us can’t: The median value of the owner-occupied American home is $175,700. Not that we’re above ogling or drawing inspiration from those multimillion-dollar dream homes — far from it. Who doesn’t enjoy falling down the rabbit hole of real estate dream homes for sale in Philadelphia, PA, or Seattle, WA?

How To Buy A Home In Los Angeles Before You Turn 35
Whether movie stars, traffic snarls, or juice bars come to mind when you think of Los Angeles, CA, the reality is, there’s a lot to love about living in the City of Angels. And LA lovers say it lives up to the hype.

Are Investors Too Sanguine?
Happy investors aren?t necessarily a good thing, explains Edward Dempsey chief investment officer at Pension Partners. He talks with Forbes contributor Simon Constable.

What’s Your Square Footage Really Worth?
When you’re buying a home, square footage matters. Is there enough space for your eventual family of four? Can it house your 200-strong (and growing) bobblehead collection? Is the master bedroom really big enough for your California-king sleigh bed?

How To Save For A Real Estate Down Payment: 20 Financial Experts Share Their Tips
It was backbreaking work for a five-year-old — but it was totally worth it.

Are Investors Too Sanguine?
Happy investors aren?t necessarily a good thing, explains Edward Dempsey chief investment officer at Pension Partners. He talks with Forbes contributor Simon Constable.

Where Americans And Their Money Are Moving

The States Gaining And Losing The Most Migrants — And Money
Many of the most affluent states are hemorrhaging high-income earners the most rapidly, according to the latest annual IRS data, led by New York, which is also the biggest loser of domestic migrants to other states. Many of the winners are historically poorer states, mainly in the Sun Belt and the Intermountain West, that offer lower costs and ample job opportunities to Americans on the move.

Tyler And Cameron Winklevoss On Why Regulation Is Good For Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies
Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, founders of cryptocurrency exchange Gemini and the first to file with the SEC for a Bitcoin ETF, discuss the importance of regulation in a sector once associated with illicit activity.

Money Mantras You Should Really Live By For Financial Success
Pay yourself first. Save for the unexpected. We all know these money mottos—here’s how to actually use them to reach your goals.

Taxing Mark Zuckerberg’s Non-Charity Charity
Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is pioneering a new form of charitable giving vehicle, keeping control and feeding funds from taxable to tax-exempt.

15 Top Foreign Retirement Havens

Three Powerful Ways To Boost 401(k) Savings
Why get all bothered about saving in your 401k? Here are three ways to boost savings.

Which Is A Greater Risk: Running Out Of Money While You’re Alive Or Dying?
The second general approach to dealing with the question of longevity and sustainable spending is to leave the concept of planning horizons behind and to simply incorporate survival probabilities into calculations.

Tackling Difficult Money Conversations in 7 Steps
Lifestyle creep happens. Income rises, and expenses magically move up in lockstep. It’s easy to get caught up in the frills and extras that make life more fun. Then one day it occurs to you that time is marching on, and you haven’t been as attentive as you might be when it comes to savings and accumulations for your really big goals.  The time has come for “a talk” about spending and how to put the train back on the tracks.

Celebrity Entertainers Living To 120
Consider the musician who is about to go on stage for a three-hour performance. Her blood pressure taken right before she starts is 190/110. What about the actor who lives on junk food and diet soda while on location with an A1C score of 6.8; or, the movie producer with a PSA score of 9.12 who prefers to ignore the number until it falls below 4?

The 25 Best-Paying Jobs For Women Right Now

The 10 Best And Worst Ways To Look For A Job
Richard N. Bolles, author of What Color Is Your Parachute? 2017 edition, offers tips if you’re job hunting.

The First Drone For Girls — Disrupting The Toy Industry?
SmartGurlz, like all successful inventions, was born of necessity.

On Labor Day, Little Reason For Workers To Celebrate
Labor Day may have been created by unions to remember workers, but the glory days of the organizations are gone along with the earning power of many.

Charge It: How To Have The “Credit Talk” With Your Teens
Using a credit card is second nature for most shoppers; however, have you ever considered what your kids are thinking when they see you “Charge It?” Oftentimes, our kids see us purchase items with our credit cards, but they don’t understand how it works. Credit cards are a great way to teach financial literacy and introduce kids to the world of credit.

9 Keys To A Happy Retirement

How Couples Screw Up Retirement Planning
A new NerdWallet survey finds that when it comes to retirement planning, couples aren’t talking to each other enough.

Becoming an Empowered Patient
By being an empowered patient, you can help stop the waste and get better care as a result.

Leaving Your Employer? Better Do This First
I frequently work with employees who tell me they’re leaving their current position soon. It’s not like it’s rare. A recent LinkedIn study showed an increase in the average number of companies worked for by graduates within the first 10 years of graduation. With job-hopping becoming more prevalent, you’d think we’d all be getting pretty good at knowing what to do when we leave an employer to best set ourselves up financially.

How To Pay For Nursing Home Care
One way to pay enormous nursing home bills is by going on Medicaid. But there are rules to heed.

FATCA: Could Israeli Injunction On US Sovereignty ‘Violating’ Tax Law Prompt Rethink?
Tax doesn’t have to be taxing. But the Israeli High Court’s temporary injunction against the enforcement of America’s controversial global tax law FATCA should serve as “a wake-up call” for other nations to rethink enforcing this “toxic, flawed and imperialistic legislation,” according to the boss of a leading independent financial firm that advises high-net-worth individuals (HNWI’s) and expats globally.

Long Holiday Weekend Follows Jobs Data as Fed Hike Chances Seem to Recede
Summer is over, the kids are back in school, and the market faces a shortened holiday week still contemplating a somewhat tepid August jobs report. What, if anything, do Friday’s data say about the broader U.S. economy?

How Fantasy Ruins Football (and Investing)
It’s that time of year again, where the heat of summer recedes, sweatshirts make a comeback and businesses lose billions in flagging productivity due to fantasy football. But it’s not just businesses losing out—fans and players come up short as well.

Five Things Real Estate Agents Won’t Tell You
I’ve been working with clients for over 22 years, and one issue that has been popping up more and more is residential real estate. Naturally, some clients are merely seeking advice about one of the most significant financial decisions of their lives. For them, purchasing a home is about finding a place to put down roots and raise a family.

Do Foreign Markets Matter To U.S. Stocks?
Investors should watch overseas markets because they matter to American companies, says Sam Stovall, U.S. equity strategist at S&P Global. He talks with Forbes contributor Simon Constable.

Middle Market Lessons From Apple, Tim Cook, Brexit, And The EU
A meaningful percentage of U.S.-based middle market companies have or are contemplating having non-U.S. operations. The recent EU tax decision against Apple is technically incorrect and seemingly political (as CEO Tim Cook suggested). Owners and executives of middle market companies need to grasp the issues in play, why the EU was wrong, and how it affect them.

This Week In Credit Card News: Pentagon Cards Still Used At Strip Clubs; Issuers Up Cash Back Offers
Pentagon Credit Cards Still Being Used at Strip Joints

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