Marine sculptures made from pollution


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Marine sculptures made from pollution
These sculptures started their life as everyday items: bottles, bags, boxes that were at some point thrown away and became marine pollution.

Move over China, Southeast Asian art takes center stage
Not to be outdone by North Asia, which hosts major events like Art Basel every year, Southeast Asia is rapidly growing its own art fair line-up.

Paralympics day 4: McFadden begins gold rush
Day four of Rio 2016 saw another 54 gold medals on offer.

French PM: Terror threat is ‘maximal’

3 veiled women attack Kenya police station
Three veiled women were killed by Kenyan police after they launched an attack Sunday on a police station in the port city of Mombasa, a local commander said.

Flying? Don’t use Galaxy Note 7
Air travelers are being warned not to use their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on planes after the company recalled the devices over complaints the batteries can catch fire.

Wells Fargo customers livid over phantom accounts

Musk to reveal autopilot upgrades for Tesla

Real reason Wells Fargo scandal should scare you
It’s not hackers breaking into your bank account that should scare you; it’s the banks themselves. Details are now surfacing about more than 1.5 million unauthorized Wells Fargo bank and credit card accounts created on behalf of unwitting customers by bank employees hoping to cash in on new account bonuses.

Colombia’s FARC rebels release some child soldiers
Child soldiers were released Saturday by Marxist rebels in Colombia as part of a potential peace deal with the government.

Man arrested in Sydney for ‘ISIS-inspired’ attack
A man was arrested in the Sydney suburb of Minto for allegedly stabbing a 59-year-old man and attempting to attack an officer in what police described as a terrorist act.

Tanzania earthquake kills 11, injures nearly 200
A 5.9-magnitude earthquake hit northwestern Tanzania, killing 11 people and leaving dozens injured, state media reported.

Bangladesh factory explosion kills 25 people, officials say
At least 25 people died when a boiler exploded in a four-story Bangladeshi factory near Dhaka early Saturday, authorities said.

Taiwan: Suicidal bus driver crashed, killed 26
The driver of a bus that crashed in Taiwan in July, killing 26 people, was suicidal and intentionally set the vehicle ablaze before ramming it into a guardrail, state media reported.

Skydiver dies when her chute won’t open
A woman died after her parachute failed to open while she was sky diving in northern England, police say.

28 kids among 90 killed after Syria ceasefire plan
Airstrikes killed at least 90 people in northwestern Syria on Saturday and Sunday, hours after the US and Russia announced a new ceasefire plan, a rights group said.

Lost space probe found
Philae, the little space robot that has captured hearts around the world, was thought to be forever lost.

Three giant exoplanets found orbiting twin stars
It’s beginning to look a lot like Star Wars in our universe. Ours just happens to have even more Tatooine-like planets attached to multiple stars.

NASA aims to intercept asteroid
NASA is launching a space probe called OSIRIS-REx on Thursday to chase down a dark, potentially dangerous asteroid called Bennu. The probe will take a sample of the asteroid and — in a US space first — bring the sample back to Earth.

‘Galactic fossil’ of early Milky Way discovered
At 12 billion years old, Terzan 5 looks pretty good for its age.

World’s busiest airports revealed
According to new figures, more than 101 million passengers traveled through the world’s busiest airport in 2015.

FIFA to investigate Sepp Blatter and former top officials
FIFA’s former president Sepp Blatter faces an investigation into multiple allegations including bribery and corruption, the football governing body’s ethics committee announced Friday.

The effect of nuclear weapons, and what exists to defend against them
There are just over 15,000 nuclear weapons in the world and several ways countries can deploy them. Jim Sciutto explains the potentially catastrophic effect nuclear weapons can have and what technologies exist to defend against them.

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