Marine sculptures made from pollution

Opinion: Obama needs to speak out on Philippine killings
Stop the killings.

The police chief behind the Philippines’ war on drugs
It’s not uncommon for Filipinos to have nicknames: sometimes holdovers from childhood; sometimes affectionately acquired as young adults.

Building the ‘Harvard of Africa’
At just 18 years old, Fred Swaniker became a head teacher, since then he’s built an education empire that he hopes will enrich and empower the continent.

Why North Korea is testing missiles
North Korea may be seeking to outpace its southern neighbor by testing multiple missiles as Seoul prepares to deploy a controversial US missile defense system.

‘Black Lives Matter’ shuts down airport
A group of Black Lives Matter activists whose protest temporarily shut down a London airport Tuesday have been arrested and removed from the runway, police said.

New refugee camps to open
Paris will soon set up its first urban camps for refugees — one in mid-October and another later in the year — the city’s mayor announced Tuesday, just hours after an uninhabited migrant camp was reportedly set on fire south of the city.

More than 80 people ill after chemical attack
More than 80 people were suffering severe breathing difficulties in Syria’s embattled city of Aleppo after another chemical attack Tuesday on a rebel-held neighborhood, said the Syrian Civil Defense, a volunteer rescue group.

UN official likens Trump’s tactics to ISIS
The United Nation’s human rights chief has launched a blistering attack on the West’s populist politicians, comparing their use of “half-truths and oversimplification” to spark fear in voters to the strategies used by ISIS.

Leaders throw shade at Obama
President Barack Obama bade farewell to G20 leaders in Hangzhou, China, on Monday by reminding them they’re living in “turbulent” times — and he wasn’t kidding.

US gives Laos $90M to clear bombs
President Barack Obama said Tuesday that US has an “obligation” to help Laos recover from a brutal secret bombing campaign that destroyed parts of the Southeast Asian nation.

G20: We must tackle income inequality
The G20 summit in China may not have produced many policy breakthroughs, but world leaders did agree on one thing: the danger of rising income inequality.

Saudi-Russian deal boosts oil prices
It looks like major oil producers might finally be ready to play nice.

Brexit plan is still unclear
What exactly is going on with Brexit?

Is Merkel paying the price for the refugee crisis?
Not long ago, Angela Merkel’s dominant position in Germany and her status as the most influential leader in Europe seemed secure.

Kofi Annan: 4 ways to end hunger
For the first time in human history, the end of hunger is well within our reach. While courageous and passionate individuals have been working to end this scourge for decades, a recent confluence of political will, public-private partnerships and funding has made this ambition possible.

Are Hong Kong’s best days behind it?
The Hong Kong elections for the city’s Legislative Council held Sunday — the parliament for Hong Kong’s Special Administrative Region — were always going to be significant: they are the first to have been held since the anti-Beijing Occupy Central protests that attracted international attention in 2014.

Hong Kong vote sees record turnout
Hong Kong is on tenterhooks Monday morning after pivotal elections for the city’s parliament saw record turnout numbers and lines stretching around the block.

Giant panda no longer endangered
There’s mixed news in the animal kingdom, as one beloved species celebrates increased numbers and another slips closer to extinction.

24 killed in Kabul bombings
At least 24 people are dead after two bombs exploded Monday near the Afghan Ministry of Defense in Kabul, a hospital official said.

Exit polls: Merkel’s party suffers blow
Another vote in Germany shows the growing strength of the far right, this time by defeating the nation’s major party on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s home turf.

South Sudan gets 4,000 more peacekeepers
South Sudan’s government agreed to the deployment of an additional 4,000 peacekeepers on behalf of the United Nations Security Council on Sunday, according to a statement from the United Nations.

Garage collapse kills 2, traps several
A Tel Aviv parking garage collapse killed at least two people and injured about 20 others Monday, officials said.

Riding on India’s ‘intense’ trains
Canadian photographer Sara Hylton spent months traveling India’s vast railway system. “I kind of felt like it was where all of life happened,” she said.

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