Facebook Prosecuted Over Teen’s ‘Naked Pictures’

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 03: A person holds an iPhone displaying the Facebook app logo in front of a computer screen showing the facebook login page on August 3, 2016 in London, England.  (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

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Facebook Prosecuted Over Teen’s ‘Naked Pictures’
Facebook will face trial in Belfast over naked pictures of a 14-year-old girl posted to a “shame page”.

Samsung Shares Plunge After Phone Fire Alert
Samsung shares have plunged to their lowest level in nearly two months after warnings about the new Galaxy Note 7 phones setting on fire.

Two Dolphins Recorded ‘Talking To Each Other’
Scientists have recorded two dolphins having a conversation with each other for the first time.

Oliver Stone Feared Hackers Making Snowden Film
Oliver Stone has revealed he used encrypted messages to communicate while making his film about whistleblower Edward Snowden, due to fears of hacking.

‘Get Ready’ To Pay Up EU Tax Bill, Apple Told
The Dutch finance minister has called on Apple to “get ready” to pay up in the wake of a tax ruling issued by the European Commission last month.

Striking Mars Landscape Captured By NASA Rover
NASA has released new colour images taken by the Curiosity Mars rover, which it says will help increase understanding of the red planet’s landscape.

Anger At Facebook’s Censoring Of Vietnam Girl
Facebook has been accused of “changing reality” after it removed an iconic image of a Vietnam War napalm attack victim.

EU Pulls Free Roaming Plan After Backlash
Hopes of free mobile phone roaming across the EU soon have been dashed after the plan was withdrawn for more work just days after its launch.

Apple Ran ‘Untaxed Bermuda Triangle’ In Ireland
Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has claimed that the Irish government “sided with corporate interests” by deciding to appeal against its £11bn Apple tax bill.

Autopilot Not To Blame For Fatal Crash – Tesla
Tesla Motors has insisted a 53-year-old man who died when his electric car crashed into a tree in the Netherlands was not operating the controversial autopilot mode.

FTSE Tech Firm To Pay $8.8bn For HP Software
Shares in FTSE 100 tech firm Micro Focus have soared by more than a fifth after it confirmed an $8.8bn (£6.6bn) deal to buy Hewlett Packard’s software arm.

iPhone 7: Small Tweaks May Lead To Big Changes
Apple chief Tim Cook told us this “was the best iPhone ever”.

Apple Ditches Headphone Socket For iPhone 7
Apple’s newest iPhone will be water resistant and come without a headphone socket, the firm has confirmed.

‘Don’t Use Samsung Galaxy Note 7 On Planes’
Airline passengers should not turn on or charge their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones during flights or stow them in checked baggage, US aviation officials have said.

NASA Explorer Begins Seven-Year Asteroid Quest
An ambitious mission to collect dust from an asteroid and return it to Earth for scientific analysis has blasted off from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Micro Focus In £7bn Swoop For HP Software Arm
One of Britain’s biggest independent technology companies is to unveil a multi-billion pound deal to buy a chunk of Hewlett Packard’s software business in a move that will mark a rare exception to the usual flow of transatlantic takeovers.

Patients To Self-Diagnose With Smartphones
Patients will be able to diagnose their own ailments using smartphones under plans for a one-stop NHS website.

Can ‘Sex Robots’ Replace Human Relationships?
Humans should be “very careful” about developing intimate relationships with robots, experts have warned.

Could Apple Drop Headphone Jack In iPhone 7?
Apple is expected to unveil its new iPhone 7 in San Francisco on Wednesday – at a key time for the company as sales of the current models are falling.

British Airways Hit By Global Check-In Delays
British Airways passengers have been hit by hours-long delays after an IT glitch affected worldwide check-in systems at airports – including Heathrow and Gatwick.

Drone Captures Footage Of Rare White Whale Calf
Images of a rare white whale calf have been captured by scientists using drones to study the endangered animals off the coast of Western Australia.

Hazy Little Asteroid Called Freddie Mercury
An asteroid in Jupiter’s orbit has been named after the Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, on what would have been his 70th birthday.

Lost Comet Probe Philae Turns Up In Images
A probe that lost contact with Earth after landing on a distant comet has been spotted in new pictures.

Never-Before-Seen Pics Of Jupiter’s North Pole
The NASA spacecraft Juno has sent the first pictures back to Earth of Jupiter’s north pole, leaving scientists stunned.

Apple Issues Updates After Hack Flaw Exposed
Apple has released two security warnings, urging users to update software to fix flaws that could leave them open to hackers.

Samsung Halts Galaxy Note Sales Over Explosions
Samsung has said it is suspending sales of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after finding some of the batteries exploded.

Virtual Helicopter To Train Military Medics
A simulator that mimics the conditions on board a Chinook helicopter has been created to help train medics in the Armed Forces.

Study Reveals What Your Phone Says About You
What does your smartphone say about your personality? According to a university study, it is actually quite a lot.

Explosion At SpaceX Rocket Launch Site
There has been an explosion at the SpaceX launch site in Florida, shaking buildings and sending smoke billowing into the sky.

Fossil Discovery Hints At Earlier Life On Earth
The world’s oldest fossils have been found in Greenland, suggesting life may have emerged on Earth earlier than first thought.

Apple Boss: €13bn EU Tax Ruling ‘Maddening’
Apple chief executive Tim Cook has branded his company’s €13bn (£11bn) bill in back taxes to Ireland as “maddening” and “political crap”.

Twin Stars Orbited By Giant Planets Discovered
Astronomers have discovered a trio of giant planets orbiting a pair of stellar ‘twins’ similar to our sun.

ISS Captures Striking Hurricane Footage
The International Space Station has captured incredible footage of three hurricanes spinning above the Earth’s oceans.

Japan Team Reveals Entry In Google Race To Moon
A team of engineers shooting for the moon have put the finishing touches to a lunar rover prototype.

Apple Ordered To Pay €13bn In Irish Taxes
US technology giant Apple has been ordered to pay up to €13bn (£11bn) in back taxes to Ireland after a European probe.

Call To Test Long-Term Safety Of ‘Smart Drugs’
Cognitive enhancing drugs, also known as “nootropics” or “smart drugs”, could have real benefits for people like doctors, military personnel, air traffic controllers and shift workers if trials were brought in to ensure long-term safety, according to a prominent scientist.

Apple Facing Europe’s Largest Tax Penalty
American tech firm Apple is expected to be hit with Europe’s largest tax penalty later following claims it received preferential treatment from Ireland.

Facebook Boss Zuckerberg Meets Pope At Vatican
Pope Francis has met Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, at the Vatican.

Mars Simulation Ends After A Year’s Isolation
Six scientists have emerged from a year-long self-enforced isolation in order to simulate what it would be like to live on Mars.

Juno To Get First Close-Up Look At Jupiter
Juno, the spacecraft on a mission to Jupiter, is due to make an unprecedented close approach to the giant gas planet today.

Regulators ‘Look At’ WhatsApp Links To Facebook
Regulators are “looking into” plans for WhatsApp to share user information with Facebook.

Apple Rushes Out Spyware Snoop Fix For iPhone
Apple has rushed out a software update after an attempt was made to break into a man’s iPhone using a spyware link that could have spied on his calls and messages.

New Planet Found ‘Which Humans Could Colonise’
An Earth-like planet, which may have deep oceans and harbour life, has been discovered and could be reached in future space missions.

Nose Spray Gives Sweet Taste Without Any Sugar
A spray which tricks the brain into thinking food has more sugar than it really does could help people to lose weight.

NASA Makes Contact With Lost Spacecraft
NASA has re-established contact with a lost spacecraft which likely spun out of control.

Fat V Thin: Study Reveals Who’s ‘Most Generous’
Fat people are more generous with their money than thin people, a new study suggests.

Drone Caught Smuggling Drugs And Phones To Jail
Police have stopped a drone carrying a large quantity of drugs and two mobile phones into Pentonville Prison in north London.

Fat V Thin: Study Reveals Most Generous People
Fat people are more generous with their money than thin people, a new study suggests.

Stunning 360-Degree Vista Of Mars’ Surface
NASA has released a stunning 360-degree image of the surface of Mars, letting you feel like you’re standing on the surface of the red planet.

Astronauts Install Parking Space On Spacewalk
Two astronauts have completed a six-hour spacewalk to install a parking spot on the International Space Station (ISS).

Watch Live: Two Astronauts On ISS Spacewalk
Two astronauts have embarked on a spacewalk to install a parking spot on the International Space Station (ISS).

Six-Month-Old Babies Show Signs Of Maths Ability
Signs that a child will become a maths whizz later in life can be spotted when a baby is just six months old, researchers say.

Disney Patent For Real-Life Lightsaber Battles
Disney could be about to turn Star Wars lightsaber battles into reality – well, almost.

Birds Sing Special Song To Babies Through Shell
Scientists have discovered something unexpected about the way birds communicate with their unborn chicks.

Gawker To Shut After Losing Hulk Hogan Case
Gawker.com will shut next week as its parent company is sold for $135m (£102m) to Spanish-language broadcaster Univision.

Twitter Suspends 360,000 ‘Terrorism’ Accounts
Twitter has suspended 360,000 accounts in the past year for threatening or promoting terrorist acts, the company says.

Uber Launches Self-Driving Taxi Service
Taxi service Uber will start transporting passengers with self-driving cars in the next few weeks, the company has said.

Germany To Build Radar To Scan For Space Junk
The German military is building a space-scanning radar station to monitor for threats from space junk orbiting the Earth.

Culling Carp Using Herpes May Backfire
An attempt to kill carp with the herpes virus could backfire on officials in Australia – by wiping out the native fish it’s meant to protect.

Mega Volcanoes Once Blasted Debris Across Oz
Australia’s east coast was once lined with volcanoes so powerful they spewed chunks of debris all the way across to the west coast, scientists have discovered.

Microsoft’s Sassy New Advert Takes Aim At Apple
Arch rivals Microsoft and Apple are in another tit-for-tat war of words – this time over the iPad’s keyboard.

VR Headset Oculus Rift’s UK Price Tag Revealed
Facebook-owned virtual-reality headset Oculus Rift will be available to buy in UK stores next month – with a hefty £549 price tag.

Fans Furious At ‘Awful’ New Metal Gear Game
The first Metal Gear game without the involvement of acclaimed creator Hideo Kojima has been announced – but fans of the series are furious.

Facebook Fugitive Says His Life Is In Danger
A man who claims Mark Zuckerberg owes him half of Facebook has said he fled the US because someone was planning to have him killed.

Unhackable? China Launches First Quantum Satellite
China has launched the world’s first quantum satellite in the hopes of creating encrypted long-distance communications that are impossible to hack.

Pokemon GO Cheats Will Be Banned For Life
Pokemon GO players who are caught cheating will be hit with a permanent ban, say the game’s developers.

Drug Treatment Could Add Years To A Dog’s Life
A trial to extend the lifespan of pet dogs has shown promise – with marked improvement in heart health.

‘Guardian Angel’ AI System For Firefighters
A “guardian angel” artificial intelligence helper called Audrey could help firefighters to make split-second life-or-death decisions.

Apple Boss: I’m Lonely But I Don’t Want Sympathy
Tim Cook said running Apple is “sort of a lonely job” in a rare interview to mark five years at the helm of the company.

Call For ‘Drive-Safe’ Modes For Smartphones
Road safety experts have called for smartphones to be fitted with a “drive-safe” mode – similar to the flight-safe option – to help stop drivers being “distracted or overwhelmed with information” at the wheel.

Swipe: Star Wars Droid Controlled By The Mind
Many Star Wars fans have probably dreamt about being able to use the Force.

Scientists Discover 400-Year-Old Shark
Greenland sharks are the longest-living vertebrates known on Earth, with some reaching the age of 400, scientists say.

Insect-Sized Drone Will Spy On Terrorists
An insect-sized spy drone with four flapping wings and four legs is set to become Britain’s latest weapon in the war on terror.

Virtual Reality Helps Paralysed Regain Feeling
Virtual reality has helped eight paralysed patients regain some feeling in their legs in “a big surprise”, say scientists.

Mystery Object Found On Fringes Of Solar System
There’s a mystery object in a strange orbit beyond Neptune that cannot be explained.

Snowden ‘Earned $200,000’ From Speaking Fees
Edward Snowden has reportedly earned $200,000 (£155,000) in speaking fees over the past year, despite being holed up in an undisclosed Russian location.

Software Jobs Help Power Creative Industry Boom
Britain’s creative industries are booming – with jobs being created three times faster than in other areas of the economy.

Down’s Syndrome: Prozac Could Boost Intelligence
Some parents of children with Down’s syndrome are giving them Prozac after tests showed that brain chemistry-altering drugs could boost intelligence.

Is Apple Working On A Tank? Bizarre New Patent
Is Apple working on a tank?

Oz Census Chaos As Website Is Attacked
Australia’s census website has been shut down by overseas hackers, stopping thousands of people from taking part.

Sherlock Creator Cleared Of Piltdown Man Hoax
Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has been cleared of hoaxing the scientific world with remains that were once believed to be the ‘missing link’ between humans and apes.

NASA Accidentally Sells Moon Landing Bag
NASA accidentally sold a priceless Apollo 11 artefact and now faces a legal battle to get it back.

Facebook Attempts To Bypass Ad-Blockers
Facebook wants to make it harder for people to block adverts on its website.

Detonating Plasma Bombs May Boost Radio Signals
The US Air Force wants to detonate plasma bombs – clouds of ionised gas – in the sky using tiny satellites.

Wireless Hotspot: Volcano Is Connected To Web
An active volcano known as the “mouth of hell” is being connected to the internet so Wi-Fi sensors can send alerts if it’s about to erupt.

Facebook: Cat People More Likely To Be Single
Dog people have more friends, while cat people are more likely to be single, research by Facebook suggests.

Watch: NASA Tests World’s Biggest Rocket
NASA blasted the world’s biggest rocket at its desert test base – and caught the spectacular results on camera.

World Wide Web Celebrates 25th Anniversary
It’s the place where we can communicate without speaking, where we can meet people we might never have crossed paths with, where we can shop and bank and watch movies.

Swipe: Iconic Glacier Is Rapidly Melting
France’s most iconic glacier is losing between four and five metres in thickness every year.

End Of Free Charging For Electric Car Drivers
Today marks the end of free charging for thousands of electric car drivers.

Samsung Used ‘Apple Watch’ Pics In Patent
A tit-for-tat tussle between Apple and Samsung for tech supremacy has taken a bizarre twist – with Samsung filing for a smartphone patent apparently using images of the Apple Watch.

Apple Offers $200k Reward For Bug Reports
Spotted a security flaw in Apple’s software? The tech giant will now pay up to a record $200,000 as a thank you.

Oh Great … Now Computers Can Spot Sarcasm
A new artificial intelligence system is able to recognise when someone is being sarcastic online – something even humans sometimes struggle to do.

North Korea Wants Its Flag On Moon In 10 Years
North Korea is aiming to plant its flag on the moon within 10 years.

Battery Life Could Be Used To Track You Online
A cunning new way has been discovered to monitor the activity of internet users – tracking battery life.

Young People Show That Old Media Isn’t Dead
If you look carefully through Ofcom’s latest report, you can see the future.

Crystal Mimics Brain Cells To Handle Big Data
Could a crystal be our best shot at mimicking the power and complexity of the human brain?

Bitcoin Heist ‘Mastermind’ In £450k ‘Giveaway’
A person claiming to be the mastermind behind a £52m bitcoin heist is promising to give away £450,000 in an online prize draw.

Six In 10 Britons ‘Hooked’ On Smartphone
The UK is spending more time online than ever with the average person on the internet for 25 hours each week, according to an Ofcom report.

Six In 10 Brits ‘Hooked’ On Smartphone – Study
The UK is spending more time online than ever with the average person on the internet for 25 hours each week, according to an Ofcom report.

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