Where science stands on ‘the fountain of youth’


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Where science stands on ‘the fountain of youth’
Scientists have been working to unlock the secrets of aging for decades.

Why some guys wet the bed after a night of drinking
“Is there any chance I can get out of this without anyone knowing?” That’s the first thought Sam*, a 27-year-old from Massachusetts, has after an evening of drinking.

‘I’m an OB-GYN and I have herpes’
I was 20 years old, sitting on the exam table in the medical clinic of my college campus, when the nurse practitioner uttered four dreaded words: “It looks like herpes.”

Zika pesticide controversy: Is ‘naled’ dangerous to human health?
To fight mosquitoes that may be carrying the Zika virus, officials in Miami-Dade County are now using aerial spraying, and this is stirring local controversy about the safety of the chemicals that are used in those sprays

Students often find school sex education negative and out of touch
Many students say the sex and relationship education in their schools can be negative and “heterosexist,” and the way teachers approach the subject is ineffective, according to a review of international research.

Wisconsin teen who plans to die avoids of media spotlight
At 14 years old,  a typical American girl might be thinking about school, hanging out with friends, and going on dates, but an Appleton, Wisconsin teenager is focused on something very different.

Is cockroach milk the new superfood?
The idea is a bit disarming, but cockroach milk may be one of the most super of all superfoods.

Toddler suffocates under day care’s beanbag chair
Leonardo Sanchez would have turned 2 on Saturday, but instead of a birthday party, his parents are holding his funeral.

Ohio law protecting companion animals goes into effect
It is now a fifth-degree felony to knowingly cause serious physical harm to a companion animal in Ohio, in part thanks to the tireless work of a Fox 8 Cleveland meteorologist.

Video exams may help expand kids’ access to asthma care
Children with asthma who live miles from specialists might do just as well when doctors treat them via video chats as they do when they visit physicians in person, a small experiment suggests.

An experts guide: How to evaluate health disclosures from Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have promised to disclose more details about their health soon, but it’s not clear what records they will or won’t release.

Vouchers and incentives can increase kidney donations and save lives
The chronic organ shortage in this country is a well-known scourge, so any good idea for recruiting more organ donors is always welcome.

Cancer overtakes heart disease as Australia’s biggest killer
Cancer has become Australia’s biggest killer, overtaking heart disease for the first time to take more lives than any other ailment, a government health agency said in a report released on Tuesday.

Timeline: Zika’s origin and global spread
The following timeline charts the origin and spread of the Zika virus from its discovery nearly 70 years ago: 1947: Scientists researching yellow fever in Uganda’s Zika Forest identify the virus in a rhesus monkey 1948: Virus recovered from Aedes africanus mosquito in Zika Forest 1952: First human cases detected in Uganda and Tanzania 1960s-80s: Zika detected in mosquitoes and monkeys across equatorial Africa 1960s-80s: Zika found in equatorial Asia, including India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan 2007: Zika spreads from Africa and Asia, first large outbreak on Pacific island of Yap 2012: Researchers identify two distinct lineages of the virus, African and Asian 2013-14: Zika outbreaks in French Polynesia, Easter Island, the Cook Islands and New Caledonia.

Golden retriever puppy stolen from service dog training facility
A golden retriever service-dog-in-training was stolen from a facility in northwest Georgia, and now her owners are seeking help from the public to locate her.

Woman pays $375 to save $9 goldfish after it chokes on pebble
That Conquer’s eyes were bigger than his stomach nearly cost him his life.

5 things everyone should know about brain tumors
Earlier this summer, retired U.S. soccer player Lauren Holiday was sailing through her first pregnancy when suddenly, she began experiencing painful headaches.

Pediatric cancer survivor to swim open water relay fundraiser
At 1-year-old Daniel Jackson’s annual checkup, doctors discovered he had acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

The office walk-and-talk really works
They don’t require yoga pants or a shower, but the research is clear: Walking meetings count as exercise.

New ways to fight super lice
Inside the brightly lit storefront in Brooklyn, N.Y., business was brisk as employees combed, washed and blow-dried little heads.

Amputee Army veteran on how an obstacle course cured his depression
When Army veteran Noah Galloway, 34, lost his left arm and left leg during an IED attack in Iraq 11 years ago, he spent the next five years in a deep depression.

The ultimate battle against MRSA
If you are admitted to one of the 320 intensive-care units at HCA Inc.’s hospitals, you will be bathed with germ-killing soap and administered an antibiotic nose ointment twice daily for five days.

5 unhealthiest Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins
Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins are one of life’s great simple pleasures.

‘Real Housewives’ stars pen book debunking latest anti-aging fads
In 2015, the anti-aging services market reached 50-billion dollars. But with so many new trends and procedures, how do you know what really works? Dr. Manny sits down with Dr. Terry Dubrow and his “Real Housewives of Orange County” star wife Heather to find out

How to make a better smoothie
Smoothies are an easily portable way to get your daily boost of nutrients and vitamins.

US Navy sailor gives birth on aircraft carrier after complaining of stomach pains
A sailor who complained of a stomachache recently gave birth to a healthy, 7-pound baby girl aboard the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Navy told The Virginian-Pilot.

Woman who lost job while pregnant files complaint
The attorney for a North Carolina woman who lost her job at a clothing embroidery plant while she was pregnant says her client has filed a federal complaint against the company.

Chronic sinus problems linked to small increase in cancer risk
Older adults with chronic sinus problems may have a slightly higher risk of developing certain head and neck cancers, a new study suggests.  The researchers found a link between people in the United States ages 65 and older who had chronic sinusitis and an increased risk of being diagnosed with one of three different types of head and neck cancer, compared with older adults without chronic sinus problems

FDA staff flags concerns about Pfizer’s quit-smoking drug study
U.S. Food and Drug Administration scientists have expressed concerns about a post-marketing study of Pfizer Inc’s drug Chantix, which is aimed at helping smokers quit, according to documents posted on the regulator’s website on Monday.

Sugar industry downplayed heart risks of sugar, promoted risks of fat, study finds
In the 1960’s, before conflict of interest disclosure was required, the sugar industry sponsored research promoting dietary fat as an important cause of coronary heart disease, and downplaying the role of sugar, according to a special report online September 12 in JAMA Internal Medicine.

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