Exclusive deal: An Amazon Fire HD tablet for $50


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Exclusive deal: An Amazon Fire HD tablet for $50
You can get a refurbished Amazon Fire tablet for just $50 with one-day shipping.


How to tell if your new Galaxy Note 7 is safe
Make sure your Note 7 isn’t at risk of combustion.


Amazon’s Alexa can now control your kitchen
GE added Amazon’s popular voice assistant to over 70 connected appliances.


This adorable robot dispenses pills and vitamins
Pillo’s a great healthcare companion your family will love.


Apple revealed its next design innovation—and nobody noticed
The proof is in the patents: Apple’s been working on ceramics.


The best deals on accessories for your new iPhone 7
If you’re getting an iPhone 7, you might as well go all out.


What you need to know before buying a jet black iPhone 7
The jet black iPhone 7 is sleek, but it’s got one big caveat.


9 cheaper alternatives to Apple’s AirPods
We tested the top-selling wireless headphones to find the best of the best.


Killing the iPhone headphone jack may be Apple’s ‘New Coke’ moment
Apple’s decision to axe the headphone jack is anything but courageous.


How to watch every NFL game this season
For the most diehard fans, here’s how you can watch — or stream — all 256 games.


How the iPhone 7 stacks up against the competition
How does Apple’s new baby stack up against the rest of the field?


iMessage updates get lost in translation on Android
Most of the features work, but not to their full effect.


8 mistakes Apple could make with the new iPhone
Apple seems obsessed with fixing what isn’t broken.


This 55-inch TV deal is the best we’ve seen all year
A big-screen TV this good shouldn’t be this cheap.


GE snuck WiFi connectivity into its new dishwasher
The GE app can monitor your dishwasher, but it can’t control it.


Amazon’s Alexa now works with LG smart home tech
From washers to lightbulbs, you can control them all with your voice.


The best budget robot vacuums you can buy
These affordable robot vacuums clean just as well as expensive models.


Hack on Dropbox leaves 70 million users vulnerable
Dropbox suffered a major data breach in 2012 but the full extent of the damage is just coming to light.


Make dinner with an app, thanks to this smart oven
Drop’s recipe app will program Bosch wall ovens, and eventually other kitchen appliances.


Amazon discounts Fire TV to court cord-cutters
Let Alexa crash on your couch with the discounted 4K-ready Fire TV.


Samsung’s Family Hub fridge won’t unite your family
A fridge made to bring people together united us in frustration.


Cutting the Cord: Hit the books with The Great Courses on Amazon Prime
You can now study The Great Courses on Amazon’s streaming video service.


Amazon Kitchen Deals Day, explained
This relatively unknown sale is Amazon’s third biggest day of the year.


Apple’s MacBook offers great battery life, bad keyboard
This razor-thin Mac is a double-edged ultrabook.


The best big-screen TVs under $1,000
These are 5 of the best big TVs you’ll find under a cool grand.


Weekend deals: Big TVs to kick off football season
We found three great big screen TVs on sale in time for football season.


7 smart gadgets to make your dog a connected pet
Technology: unleashed


Range Dial brings smart cooking to “dumb” ovens
Cook it. Cook it real good.


Roomba’s mopping cousin now offers a discounted clean
The Braava Jet 240 mopping robot is currently $30 off.


LG’s see-through fridge lets you spy on your food
Parents, rejoice: This see-through fridge door also hides messes.


Samsung’s Note 7 is #1 among best Android phones
The Note 7 and S7 put Samsung back on top.


How to watch the NFL without paying for cable
Cord cutters have a few more options in their playbook to connect with the NFL this season.


Cutting the Cord: NFL makes play for streamers
Cord cutters have a few more options in their playbook to connect with the NFL this season.


Amazon Pantry—a great way to send college care packages
Your kids might be in college, but you’re still looking out for them.


iPad Pro can replace your laptop, but with trade-offs
The latest iPads are speedy and thin…but are they laptop killers?


The best deals from Best Buy’s 50th anniversary sale
Bargains on MacBooks, PlayStation 4 bundles, and iPhones


The best budget robot vacuums you can buy
These affordable robot vacuums clean just as well as expensive models.


Nikon’s new DSLR camera sends photos to your phone
Take a D3300, add SnapBridge, and voila! You get the new D3400.


Samsung’s Note 7 is the best smartphone camera yet
Samsung’s still gunning for that #1 spot.


This 32-inch TV is perfect for budget buyers
A super-affordable, no-nonsense option with deep, inky shadows. Need I say more?


This smart toaster serves up the forecast on rye
Whole wheat. Half baked.


Your iPhone can now help you decorate your home
With the RoomHints app, you can get free interior design recommendations for your house.


Weekend deal: Dell’s best 2-in-1s are $100 off
You can save $100-$150 off already reasonably priced Inspirons.


5 smart home products for a worry-free vacation
Worry-proof your home while you’re away with this affordable, smart tech.


Best Buy has Amazon’s best gadgets on sale Monday
Get a great deal on an Echo or Kindle Fire tablet.


Amazon dashes into laundry room through GE washers
GE’s washers and dryers will automatically order more laundry supplies for you.


The #1 laptop on Amazon is a powerful budget buy
If you’re hunting for value, look no further.


Best Buy has Amazon’s best gadgets on sale today
Get a great deal on an Echo or Kindle Fire tablet.


Back to school: The best laptops under $200
You can still get a great laptop for school without breaking the bank.


The best laptops for every type of student
These laptops are at the head of the class.


The best dorm room TVs for heading back to school
These are the best 32-inch sets you can get.


Weekend deal: This 4K OLED TV is over $1,000 off
Act fast, this is the best OLED TV deal we’ve ever seen.


The new Roomba 960 is a cheaper smart robovac
iRobot also adds connectivity to the Braava jet robot mop.


One of the best robot vacuums is now $300 off
Samsung’s Powerbot VR9000 was one of 2015’s best bots.


The most powerful laptops for students
Our #1 pick might surprise you.


9 back-to-school essentials for the perfect dorm
Fall means back to school—and dorm makeover time!


Head to head: Samsung’s Note 7 vs. the competition
Can Samsung’s new Note 7 stack up against our top phablets?


Here’s everything you need to head back to school
We’ve found the essentials for heading back to campus in style.


Video: Samsung built one of the best TVs ever made
The Samsung KS9800 is one of the best TVs you can buy in 2016.


Amazon’s $50 smartphone comes with a side of ads
If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you might want to listen up.


Grab a great mirrorless camera for only $400
This Olympus kit offers you everything you need for mirrorless digital photography.


The two best smartwatches are an absolute steal
A solid deal for great Android Wear and Pebble watches


You can now buy a smart “fridge” that grows weed
This smart automated grow box is trying to capitalize on the marijuana craze.


Dyson’s first robot vacuum offers costly cleaning
The new Dyson 360 Eye does a great job picking up dirt—but has trouble reaching it.


Apple, Roku, or Amazon: Which streamer rules?
We took the most popular streaming devices on the market into the lab. Here’s what to buy.


These are the best cheap in-ear headphones
You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for great-sounding headphones.


Sony just announced the brightest TVs ever made
Sony’s new “Z Series” flagship aims to claim HDR supremacy.


This 2-in-1 laptop packs a powerful battery
The Lenovo Yoga 900S makes some sacrifices in exchange for lots of juice.


Weekend deal: A 60-inch 4K TV for under $800
Get an extra-large screen for medium-sized money.


The best 2-in-1 laptops you can buy
If you want a tablet/laptop hybrid, these are the machines to get.


This $700 Asus beats a $1,300 MacBook Air
Grab a full-featured ZenBook for $200 off its normal price.


These are the 7 best baby monitors you can buy
Got a new kid on the way? We’re here to sort out the best video baby monitors for you.


iPhones and iPads can now edit pro-grade photos
Thanks to Adobe, you can now edit RAW photos in the company’s Lightroom Mobile apps.


Pump Led out with the powerful Zeppelin speaker
The Zeppelin has a design you won’t find anywhere else.


TV tech’s new battleground: LED vs OLED
A new content standard called HDR is creating competition in the TV space.


This $199 robot vacuum cleans well for a lot less
The Anker RoboVac 10 cleans just as well as a $750 bot.


Keep catching Pokémon with this $20 battery pack
If you’ve got a smartphone, this battery backup is perfect.


Samsung takes on Microsoft Surface with TabPro S
The Galaxy TabPro S is a Surface clone without the Surface price.


Dyson’s new robot vacuum comes to America
The 360 Eye robot vacuum is finally crossing the pond.


The best Prime Day deals that aren’t on Amazon
We’re looking at sites that aren’t Amazon to find you great deals.


These are the Prime Day deals still worth buying
Discounts on electronics and home appliances for today’s big sale.


Amazon is giving you money to buy Dash buttons
Each button is now $1 with a free $5 Dash purchase credit.


Amazon’s best Prime deals keep getting better
Discounts on electronics and home appliances for today’s big sale.


4 battery-saving tips for Pokémon Go
Don’t lose out on that Jigglypuff just because your battery died.


The best deals for Amazon Prime Day
Discounts on electronics and home appliances for the July 12 sales day.


Amazon is giving you money to buy Dash buttons
Each button is now $1 with a free $5 Dash purchase credit.


Amazon’s #1 laptop is actually a steal
This Acer is comparable to the entry-level MacBook Pro.


Black stainless appliances might go mainstream
More manufacturers are putting their money behind black stainless.


Samsung’s flagship TV might be the best TV ever
This is what HDR should look like.


Finally, a French door fridge that’s affordable
The French door deal you’ve been waiting for


Save a boatload with this Anker portable charger
It’s available for Amazon Prime members today only.


Steam ovens are the future, this toaster is not
A steam oven is just as versatile as the Balmuda toaster.


Dyson vs everyone: The best cordless vacuums
Dyson’s $600 cordless vacuum is great, but so is a $120 Hoover.


Save data and money with these smartphone tips
Use less data—without putting down your phone


One of the best GE washers is now just $499
Technology meets simplicity in this great American-made top-load washer.


Want a Sonos? The Playbar is $170 off today only
You can also get a Sonos Play:3 for $75 off.


Electric shaver brand Braun enters the kitchen
A well-known brand returns to American kitchens.


This DIY upgrade can brighten any home
Colorful cords make building your own light fixture a bright idea.


Want better fireworks photos? Just shoot video
For a frustration-free experience, set it and forget it.


This all-in-one kitchen gadget will live forever
The Hub packs four kitchen appliances into one easy-to-fix package.


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