6 Common UTI Myths


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6 Common UTI Myths
We consulted doctors on the most common misconceptions about why women get UTIs, plus what you can do to ward them off in the future.

If You’ve Ever Wondered What Your Cervix Looks Like, Here’s Your Answer
Behold the amazing cervical selfies of The Beautiful Cervix Project. (These photos are graphic and potentially NSFW, unless you work at a gynecologist’s office.)

This New Mom Showed What It’s Really Like to Have a C-Section
When Raye Lee gave birth to her baby boy Roxas, she heard it all: from “you didn’t actually give birth” to “it must have been nice to take the easy way out.” Raye Lee actually had an emergency C-section (she had been in labor for 38 hours when doctors told her that her contractions were putting her baby in jeopardy and they’d need to perform the surgery). But whether a C-section is performed in an emergency setting or not, they’re still hell to recover from.

Jennifer Aniston on Battling Dry Eyes and the New Herb She Thinks You
When I picture Jennifer Aniston it’s the yoga-loving, crazy-toned-arms, amazing-hair version we’ve come to know and love. But according to Aniston herself, she wasn’t always the epitome of a health goddess.

What’s the Real Deal With Drinking on Antibiotics?
Can you really not drink on antibiotics? Does just a glass of wine affect the medication? I took it upon myself to talk with some doctors to find out the truth surrounding the mixing of alcohol and antibiotics.

Brain Eating Amoeba in Florida
A fatal parasite called Naegleria fowleri is frighteningly common in the South.

Dolls Don’t Work for Teenage Pregnancy Prevention
Schools that give students dolls to practice parenting may want to adjust their curricula.

This Woman Was Denied Care for Her Dislodged IUD for the Worst Reason
Thanks to the religious doctrine that governs her health care network, Melanie Jones had to wait two weeks to receive care for a dislodged IUD.

Video Shows Effects of Coca-Cola and Mountain Dew Soda on Teeth
A YouTuber investigates and compares effects of Mountain Dew and Coca-Cola on teeth, revealing which is the more harmful choice.

Teen Pregnancy Is Down, and There Is a Simple Reason
The Journal of Adolescent Health reports that the teen birth rate is down across the United States, with teens still sexually active but using more contraception.

One Woman Shares How She Overcame Chronic Pelvic Pain
It was so bad, she wasn’t able to have sex with her husband without pain for five years.

How Morning People vs. Night People Self-Sabotage
Here’s when night owls and morning people should really work.

10 Women Share Why They Can’t Live Without Their Menstrual Cup
Women explain why they use menstrual cups instead of tampons.

The FDA Is Cracking Down on Antibacterial Soap
The FDA announced Friday they would ban soap marketed as antibacterial that contained any of 19 specific ingredients.

Serena Williams on Bras, Beyoncé, and Always Having a Goal
Tennis superstar Serena Williams got real with Glamour about hard work, body positivity, and her new bra line.

Three STDs Are Developing Antibiotic Resistance
STIs like syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia are on the rise in the U.S. And according to a World Health Organization report, they’re becoming less treatable.

I Never Knew How Strong My Vagina Was Until I Tried 3 Vaginal Fitness Trackers
Improving your vaginal fitness may require some dedication, but it does pay off.

Here’s How Much Guys Actually Understand About Periods
In a video for the #JustATampon Campaign, guys get schooled on periods.

7 Ways to Wake Up Without Coffee
Though coffee can have a lot of health benefits, not everyone wants to be dependent on it to feel awake and alive in the mornings. But as anyone who’s tried to wean themselves off caffeine knows, the struggle is so, so real. If you’re aiming to get up and moving without coffee, here are some ways you can jump-start your day with no cup in hand.

This Could Be the Secret to Getting the Most From Your Antidepressants
Your sleep habits could affect your ability to recover from depression.

Is It Safe to Do 2-a-Day Workouts?
Khloé Kardashian has been open about the fact that it’s taken hard work to get her incredible body. Now she’s revealing that she does two-a-day workouts. Is that safe?

This Period-Tracking App Is Giving Women a New Way to Talk About Their Cycles
In a culture that tells women not to talk about periods, the period-tracking app Clue is doing the polar opposite.

No, Freezing My Eggs Isn’t Selfish—It’s the Best Decision I’ve Made
When you’re considering freezing your eggs, you hear a lot of objections. Some of them, I dismissed outright. But others had a shadow of truth to them, and came from people who seemed genuinely concerned about the implications of this technology for me and for society. Here’s why I’m glad I did it anyway.

This Infertility Treatment Could Be Dangerous
Researchers believe doctors should prescribe far fewer corticosteroids.

Your Partner’s TV Habits Could Hurt Your Chances to Get Pregnant
a new study in the American Journal of Epidemiology has identified a factor that could influence your partner’s sperm count: how much TV he watches.

8 “Weird” Questions Your Ob-Gyn Hears a Lot
We got ob-gyns to spill on the top “weird” questions they actually hear a lot (seriously—it’s not just you):

Another Benefit of Exercise: Saving Money
A study found that exercising saves you money on medical bills.

Why Does My Vagina Smell?
It’s one of those things we all wonder but rarely speak up about: Why does my vagina smell?

Umbilical Cord Art Is Circulating on Instagram
Moms and artists are making art, jewelry, and even dreamcatchers out of umbilical cords.

Instagram Yoga Star Jessamyn Stanley Answers the Most Common Beginner Yoga Questions
Jessamyn Stanley is a favorite around the* Glamour *offices: she’s a yoga teacher, a body-positivity activist, an Instagram star, and now an author. Her first book, Every Body Yoga, debuts in March of 2017. Here, Stanley shares an exclusive excerpt from her upcoming book, featuring questions she’s asked, well, a lot.

How to Tell How Drunk You Are
A study shows why we might overestimate or underestimate our drunkenness.

Why Sex Education Is Failing Students
A study examines how students in 10 different countries feel about sex ed. The results? Kids aren’t getting the information they want or need.

Harmful Household Chemicals Are Lurking in Your Dust
Household dust contains all sorts of dangerous chemicals.

Your Guide to Cervical Fluid
Here are the types of fluid you may see during a cycle, based on the definitive guide to cervical fluid awareness, *Taking Charge of Your Fertility* by Toni Weschler. The exact pattern, amount, sensation, texture, and color are different for everyone and may change cycle to cycle. If you use hormonal birth control, the hormones in the medication usually cause the fluid to stay thick, so you won’t notice a pattern.

Does Cold Weather Make You Sick?
Here’s when the viruses that cause colds are most likely to rear their heads.

We Tried Fall’s 5 Best Leggings and, Honestly, They All Impressed Us
Athleisure is still making a big splash on the runways, but the real test comes when these clothes hit the gym. We wanted to know how fall’s newest high-tech performance leggings held up to getting sweaty and actually, you know, working out. So we decided to take them for a test-drive: new leggings from Nike, Lululemon, Under Armour, Sweaty Betty and Athleta.

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