With Politics, NBA Speaks Its Mind

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With Politics, NBA Speaks Its Mind

Athletics as escapism makes sense. A recent New York Times op-ed writer reminded us that that talking sports offers a “way for people who have diametrically opposed politics to share a beer at a bar.” Well, if you enjoy sports only as an escape from

When Dating In The Era Of Divisive Politics, Both Sides Stick To Themselves

They say opposites attract. But these days, maybe not so much. A growing number of singles are adding a clause to their online dating profiles telling either Trump haters or Trump supporters – depending on their political preference – that they need

Female MP abuse ‘puts women off politics‘ says Diane Abbott

BBC News
Women may be deterred from entering politics because of abuse suffered by female MPs, Diane Abbott says. The shadow home secretary said she was speaking out about her own experiences after recently receiving a series of threats and insults.

Boycotting companies tied to president new weapon in US politics

San Francisco Chronicle
But morphing that challenge into direct political action against the president, his policies and the people who support them takes boycotts to a level not seen before.

The Snapchat Cohort Gets Into Politics, and Civics Is Cool

New York Times
With Mr. Trump in the White House, the obsession with politics that has many adult Americans fiercely focused on the Senate’s latest confirmation hearing and the president’s last Twitter message has filtered down to those not yet of voting age.

OkCupid’s new matchmaking questions tackle Trump, politics

Palm Beach Post
“You’ll see a brand-new category of questions that cover topical issues, so you can focus in on the things – whether politics or sex – that are most important to you,” the company said Tuesday in a press release. “We’ll update this new question

Tom Brady in favor of ‘putting politics aside’ when it comes to White House visit

(Corrections/Clarifications: An earlier version of this story said Tom Brady thought his teammates should put politics aside when deciding about the visit.

The “Identity Politics” Debate Is Splintering the Left. Here’s How We Can Move Past It.

In These Times
We might instead frame it like this: People from left to center are engaging in heated, rarely helpful and often confused conversations about “identity politics” that present false choices about how to move forward. In the wake of Trump’s inauguration

What’s in the short leash on China’s insurers – risk or politics?

It’s not only because he decides who gets to sell life insurance in China – the most juicy business in the country – but also because of the deep involvement of political heavyweights in the industry. The rumour, which appeared on Friday in Ming Jing

The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Flynn and Out of Love

The Atlantic
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the “eroding level of trust” between the president and his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, drove Trump to ask for Flynn’s resignation—an account that differs from those of White House reporters

Valentines that mix pink hearts, politics and Latino pop culture

Yañez says mixing politics and art is unavoidable. He calls 2017 the most “polarizing year of my life and we’re only in February.

Politics Podcast: Tea Party Parallels

As anti-Trump protesters flock to congressional town halls around the country, lots of political observers are drawing parallels to the tea party protests of 2009.

Fox News Poll: Sharp division along political lines on Trump’s travel ban

Fox News
A majority of voters thinks President Trump’s executive order on immigration is better described as a restriction on terrorist hot spots than as a “Muslim ban.

In Ghana, Post-election Fiscal Crunch Is Politics as Normal

U.S. News & World Report
People walk on the street around Kwame Nkrumah circle in Accra, Ghana, December 2, 2016. REUTERS/Luc Gnago Reuters. By Matthew Mpoke Bigg.

Why EY Wants Employees to Talk about Politics at Work

To call the current political climate “distracting” would be a bit of an understatement. The 2016 election results caught most of the country by surprise, and people say the news coming out of Washington continues to make it harder for employees to

ANTHRAX Bassist Says Musicians Should Stay Out Of Politics

ANTHRAX bassist Frank Bello has slammed artists who insert themselves into politics, believing they can sway people into believing and voting as they would.

Politics & Prejudices: Sick leader, healthy community

Detroit Metro Times
Neither knew anything about my politics, but they seemed to be in a truth-telling mode. Not everyone fits the stereotype of the angry blue-collar worker who can’t wait to throw them Muslims out and bring all those good-payin’ jobs back.

Trump or nah? OkCupid now matches partners’ politics

OkCupid has refreshed is mobile app with a new look and revised questions and categories to help you find a potential life partner rather than a one-night stand.

Who speaks for you in today’s politics?

Is it their place to use their star power to influence politics? Does any celebrity speak for you about news events? In the increasingly fragmented news media, is there a commentator or columnist with whom you usually agree?

Ben Carson is ready to work. Senate, drop the politics and do your job

The Hill (blog)
On any given day in New York, there are more homeless adults than fans at a sold out game in Yankee Stadium; more homeless children than attendees at a packed to capacity Madison Square Garden event.

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