Sally LaPointe Rejoices As Kendall Jenner Swoons Over Her Designs

“Style is something you define by choosing what defines you the best”.

Kendall Jenner struts the streets of New York and Paris wearing Sally LaPointe

This is what Sally LaPointe believes and the same notion leads her towards making the best of designs and setting some of the most stunning trends. She has amazingly blended comfort and fashion. The effort has been completely on fleek and the proof is supermodels like Kendall Jenner being obsessed over her label. The lady boasts 39 million Instagram followers, which is a huge lot getting inspired and illuminated.

The beauty of the collection by Sally LaPointe is the way she blends minimalism and luxury in the silhouette she designs. The end result of the mix is nothing short of grandeur. Her collection precisely aims at two things:

  1. Enhancing and exploring the features of the person donning the designed attire.
  2. Every step in the silhouette shall make heads turn.

So when Kendall Jenner steps across New York streets wearing the designed apparel, the target seems well achieved.

Big and famous fashion names like Elle, Harpers Bazaar and New York Times are all praising her for her creativity in the collection. With such a different approach, she surely has more honors waiting. Just have a look over the application of monochrome and the use of pastel shades. Stunning is the word that comes and mind blown over is the state.

From reality show star Kim Kardashian to pop singer Katy Perry, brand Sally LaPointe is honoring them all. Though she dreams of designing clothes for the beautiful Kate Blanchett someday. Going ahead strong, is all that we can say.

But Kendall Jenner wearing it makes news for some very special reasons.  Her stylist Monica Rose especially called Sally and asked if she can use the designs for Jenner. A happy nod in yes was the obvious answer. She was generous enough to borrow the samples as they were one of a kind, quite literally. What turns the entire association into a moment basked in glory is the fact that Kendall just didn’t wear it once or twice, rather ten times in the past month. Thus, multiple feathers in a hat for the designer in a short span of time. As the designs chosen by the supermodel were some of Sally’s personal favorites, the artist in her feels completely satisfied.

And the after effects have been nothing short of awesome. Numerically talking, the social media stats are at an all-time high. The customers are rolling in more and ringing in to enquire. Be it those appealing pastel shade trousers teamed up with heeled sneakers or the black cashmere sweater in fur, the demand has increased. The business seems to be growing well.

Also, Sally thanks the stylist Monica Rose for choosing her and assembling the look so well. The wearer compliments the dress as much the dress compliments her. Proving the same, Jenner has carried the look with ultimate panache and poise.

On the professional front, Sally seems happier than ever as the newfound recognition is nothing short of a dream come true.

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