Trump and Pence to appear on 60 Minutes


Here are the latest reports from CBS News ’60 Minutes’.

Bastille Day Tragedy
“It’s not human,” said a nurse who witnessed the July 14 attack in Nice, France, that killed at least 84 people. “What we saw is not human.”

Technology and talk in politics
In 1996, Andy Rooney wondered whether political ideas were as clever as the technology that broadcast them. He didn’t think so

Mountain Lions of L.A.
They are called pumas, cougars or mountain lions. But they are also being called neighbors by some residents of Los Angeles

The Republican Ticket
Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, speak to Lesley Stahl in their first joint interview

What Pence thinks of Trump campaign’s tone
Presumptive Republican VP nominee Mike Pence comments on the negativity and tone of the Trump presidential campaign

Trump and Pence to appear on 60 Minutes
Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence will appear on 60 Minutes in their first joint interview this Sunday

Danny Clinch
Danny Clinch has photographed just about every heavyweight in music. What does he look for? The “moment in between”

The Execution of Joseph Wood
An execution of a man in Arizona with a new cocktail of drugs was supposed to take about 10 minutes. It took almost two hours, the longest execution in U.S. history

“The Gaskos”
FBI agents tell Steve Kroft about their 16-year search and eventual capture of Boston mobster Whitey Bulger, once No. 1 on the Most Wanted list

A Night at the Movies
A special edition of “60 Minutes Presents” takes a look at the new force behind “Star Wars;” British veteran actor Michael Caine; and, the difficult task of making a film about Steve Jobs

El Chapo
U.S. and Mexican authorities give Bill Whitaker the inside story of the hunt for and recapture of drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman

The Resurrection of St. Benedict’s
Their school motto is “Whatever hurts my brother hurts me” and their graduation rate is 98 percent. Scott Pelley reports on a unique school in Newark

Sharyn Alfonsi profiles the compelling and controversial golfer Bubba Watson — who says he wants to improve himself, not his golf

Taking on the Eiger
60 Minutes cameras capture an extreme sportsman using a three-sport technique for the first time to descend the Eiger in the Swiss Alps

Smart Guns
Smart-gun technology is not new, yet these guns are not mass-produced or sold in the U.S., partly due to fears they are a backdoor to greater gun control

28 Pages
Former Sen. Bob Graham and others urge the Obama administration to declassify redacted pages of a report that holds 9/11 secrets

60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll: The Environment
New poll finds many Americans think if global warming is real, humans can handle it

60 Minutes director’s cut of “Hamilton” offers more on the Broadway smash and may be last chance to see Lin-Manuel Miranda before he steps down

Lost in the Bermuda Triangle
Scott Pelley’s report on the sinking of the El Faro shows video of the cargo ship 15,000 feet beneath the Atlantic

“Hamilton” encore on 60 Minutes
60 Minutes director’s cut of “Hamilton” offers more on the Broadway smash and may be last chance to see Lin-Manuel Miranda before he steps down

Marshawn Lynch talks retirement with “60 Minutes Sports”
“I’m done,” the former Seattle Seahawks running back tells 60 Minutes Sports, confirming his retirement on camera for the first time

A New Direction on Drugs
Top drug official Michael Botticelli says the old war on drugs is all wrong, and wants to refocus the country’s drug policy

Little Jazz Man
Joey Alexander plays jazz like a veteran of decades, but he’s just 12 years old. Anderson Cooper reports on the jazz prodigy

Director Brennan
In a rare interview, the head of the CIA outlines the threat to America posed by ISIS and discusses other security concerns such as cyber and biological terror

King of Coal
Coal company CEO’s misdemeanor conviction after a disaster that killed 29 miners is a “perversion of justice,” says victim’s sister

The Future of Money
A “mobile money” revolution has swept Kenya, where people can send and receive money on their cell phones. It’s improved commerce and brought basic necessities to poorer areas

Morley Safer’s brush with the CIA
1972: Operation Mud Hen, or how Morley Safer, producer Phil Scheffler and muckraker Jack Anderson ran afoul of the CIA

After Shock

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