Bear family takes a dip with vacationers at California’s Lake Tahoe


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Bear family takes a dip with vacationers at California’s Lake Tahoe
Mama bear and two cubs hit the water as swimmers and sunbathers look on

Betty White the dog reunited with family after 3 years
The puppy ventured into the woods in Minnesota in 2013 and did not return

Parents win court battle to give son unique name
Spanish couple started an online petition to be allowed call their newborn son the Spanish word for “Wolf”

Police officers pull over woman for surprising reason
A woman who got pulled over during a routine traffic stop never expected police to hand her this

The battle of the Ferris wheels
Cities all over the world are competing to build the tallest and grandest Ferris wheel

Thieves in Chicago inadvertently save dog locked in hot truck
Pub owner believes a group of thieves who had been preying on the neighborhood, accidentally saved the life of a German shepherd

Endangered baby zebra makes debut at Zoo Miami
The male zebra — born last week — came out with his mother and another female zebra with her offspring

Minn. man finds bear cooling off in backyard kiddie pool
Homeowner in Minnesota was in for a big surprise when he looked at his backyard during a hot summer day

Caught on camera: Hawk checks out TV station’s towercam
The hawk likes to hang out in front of the Nebraska station’s towercam, but they had never seen it stare them down quite like this

Unusual sculptures offer Cavs fans new way to savor NBA title
Artists spend hundreds of hours on display honoring Ohio basketball team’s historic win

2 paramedics in Fla. charged in “selfie war” with incapacitated patients
Okaloosa County authorities say the selfies included 41 patients; one sedated patient had his eyelid held open for picture

Were RNC protesters handing out poisoned stickers to police?
Officer treated for skin irritation after protesters placed yellow stickers saying “I am awesome” on his

Dog in U.K. adopts new best friend
A 2-year-old boxer named Rusty found a chick under a tree after it fell from its nest in southern England. Rusty’s owner brought the bird inside and their friendship took off.

FBI no longer investigating mystery of the D.B. Cooper skyjacker
FBI stops investigating nearly 45 years after D.B Cooper vanished out the back of a Boeing 727 wearing a business suit, parachute and pack with $200,000 in cash

9-year-old sets Maryland fishing record with 94-lbs. fish
Little girl reeled in a record-breaking cobia off of Maryland’s Eastern Shore after a fishing trip with her father

Ex parks official sentenced for stealing ancient remains of Native Americans
Man took bones from sacred mounds in Iowa and stashed them in his garage for decades

Bulls 7, Runners 0, in annual Pamplona spectacle
7 people gored, including 3 Americans, in Spain’s running of the bulls festival

Pa. woman pleads guilty in loud sex case
Police say neighbor has dealt with issues for 2 years, including energetic sex that shook her neighbor’s furniture

Noah’s Ark theme park got $18 million in state tax incentives
Critics say the state money the Ark Encounter received floods the line between church and state

An escaped Arkansas inmate walks into a bar …
What happens when an escaped inmate, wearing a dirty prison uniform, walks into the neighborhood watering hole

Parents to miss son’s wedding for brother’s Euro 2016 game
What do you do when your son is getting married the day after your other son is playing in the Euro 2016 semifinals?

117-year-old woman dies hours after getting birth certificate
Born in 1898, Mexican woman suffers heart attack hours after receiving document allowing her to get old age benefits

Snake feasting on animal near kids’ play area alarms residents
Maine snake hunt has residents atwitter, police urging caution

Meet the “world’s ugliest dog”
A Chinese-crested Chihuahua named Sweepee Rambo has been dubbed the world’s ugliest dog.

New theories on mystery beast in Concord cemetery
Zombie dog? Coyote? Chupacabra? Speculation rages over photo of strange creature

Texas mom wakes up from surgery with a British accent
Rare speech disorder leaves a Houston-area mother of three sounding like she belongs on “Downton Abbey”

Strange-looking creature spotted in N.H. cemetery
Police in Merrimack, New Hampshire, are letting the public know about an unusual-looking animal that was spotted in a cemetery

Watch: Bear takes a dip in New Jersey pool
New Jersey family says they watched a bear do laps for more than 15 minutes in their pool

Rare translucent blind catfish discovered in Texas cave
Endangered eyeless catfish was previously known to exist only south of Texas in Mexico; but recently discovered in a Texas cave

8th grader delivers hilarious “presidential” graduation speech
Fourteen-year-old draws rave reviews after delivering his commencement speech by impersonating 2016 presidential candidates

Hilarious dog deadpans in a pool full of playful pups
A lot of dogs are having fun, but one in this video is either overly calm or socially awkward

Scientists may have discovered world’s oldest mechanical computer
Mangled wreck of very old technology may be a kind of philosopher’s guide to the galaxy, and perhaps the world’s oldest mechanical computer

Ohio woman says mother deer keeps attacking her
Woman says she’s a “prisoner” in home due to deer attacks

Can you spot problem with name of NYC’s Verrazano-Narrows Bridge?
Hint: 51-year-old span is named after Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano

Los Angeles artist sculpts Michigan landmark out of fudge
Artist and internet star created an ultra-detailed miniature sculpture of the Grand Hotel made completely out of homemade fudge

Four years later, Chicago family reunited with lost dog
Police said two concerned citizens found the brown and white Chihuahua wandering the streets nearly four years after it went missing

Christo (the artist) to let people “walk on the water”
80-year-old U.S. artist says “any interpretation is legitimate” of his latest work — which will stretch about 2 miles across a lake in Italy

Locals up in arms over new fetish store in Illinois town
Baby store for adults “Tykables” is sparking outrage in suburban Mt. Prospect; features of the business include adult-sized crib, adult diapers

Illinois church members say they see image of Virgin Mary in tree
St. Kevin’s has served Chicago-area Catholics for 135 years; now something behind the church is drawing the faithful

Family: Parrot mimicking murder victim’s last words
Could a winged witness offer a major clue in a Michigan murder case? A prosecutor says possibly — but it could be a flight of fancy

Illinois zoo names new camel after Broadway hit … with a twist
Newborn camel has been named “Alexander Camelton” after the founding father Alexander Hamilton and the hit musical

Couple moving into NYC apartment find dead body
Pair were cleaning out the apartment in the Bronx when they moved a blanket and saw a foot sticking out

Mass. 6-year-old calls 911 on dad for running red light
In the 911 recording, the little boy can be heard telling a dispatcher his dad went past a red light in his mom’s new car

Sacramento Kings player arrested on domestic violence charge
Placer County Sheriff’s Office says Darren Collison was arrested early Monday after a woman told deputies she was being assaulted

Husband charged in beating death of alleged attacker
A New York man is facing a manslaughter charge after police say he beat another man to death who was allegedly trying to rape his wife

Former Oklahoma deputy sentenced for shooting unarmed man

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