President Obama on What Books Mean to Him

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Transcript: President Obama on What Books Mean to Him

New York Times
Michiko Kakutani, the chief book critic for The New York Times, interviewed President Obama about literature on Friday at the White House.

Repealing Obamacare: Trump says fast, Congress says slow

(CNN) Emboldened by Donald Trump’s surprise victory, Republican lawmakers vowed after Election Night that they wouldn’t waste a single day to pursue their most urgent mission: Kill Obamacare.

Obama-Era Political Losses, the Real Story

New York Times
As he leaves office, Republicans control the House, the Senate and about two of every three state legislatures and governorships.

One Hand on Light Switch, Obama Isn’t Flipping to ‘Off’ Just Yet

New York Times
Still in the works as the seconds tick by for President Obama: a negotiated release of American hostages in Afghanistan, another lengthy list of reduced prison sentences for nonviolent drug offenders, and a raft of appointments to obscure but important

Obama Legacy of Freeing Prisoners May Come Under Trump Siege

New York Times
Mr. Sessions – a staunch conservative who has been a key roadblock in the Senate to legislation easing what many see as unduly long prison sentences – vowed at his hearing that cracking down on drugs, violence, gun crimes and illegal immigrants would

President Obama, the millennial whisperer

Los Angeles Times
And while much of the rest of America is divided on how well he has performed as the nation’s 44th president, Obama has won overwhelming approval from the millennial generation, born 1982-2003. … about the president than the rest of the population

What Michelle Obama Wore and Why It Mattered

New York Times
It began, to be more specific, in October 2008, when Mr. Leno, the host of “The Tonight Show” at the time, turned to his guest, Michelle Obama, the wife of the Democratic nominee for president, and said – with glee, with gotcha expectation, because it

The President of resentment

New York Daily News
As the Obama presidency draws to a close, we should acknowledge that America held the national conversation about race Obama called for, even though it ended up sounding more like an angry shouting match than the earnest, enlightening discussion he

Joe Biden, surprised with Medal of Freedom, sparks one last meme

… Biden’s November birthday and imagined pranks about President-elect Donald Trump’s election have both sparked Twitter memes, but the one trending this weekend likely will be the final one of Biden’s time in office.

What Obama deserves credit for — and doesn’t

Washington Post
It is far too early to render final judgment on the Obama presidency. All the chatter about his “legacy” overlooks two obvious realities.

Obama says UN vote didn’t rupture US-Israel relations

Relations between the United States and Israel, which have soured during Obama’s eight years in office, reached a low point late last month when Washington, defying pressure from longtime ally Israel and President-elect Donald Trump, declined to veto

Hillary Clinton operatives stoke doubts of Donald Trump presidency

Washington Times
Hillary Clinton‘s campaign operatives have fueled efforts to delegitimize President-elect Donald Trump, pushing allegations of his complicity with Russian email hacks and boosting protests of the inauguration.

Laura Ricketts’ pleas to President Obama led to Monday’s White House visit

Chicago Tribune
It was a bipartisan effort by the Ricketts siblings that led to Monday’s White House celebration of the Cubs, who just managed to beat the clock before President Barack Obama‘s moving day. So while Pennsylvania Avenue … Cubs co-owner Laura Ricketts

Was President Obama good for Michigan?

Detroit Free Press
President Barack Obama carried Michigan twice by easy margins and remains popular in the state in the waning days of his administration.

President Rodrigo Duterte of Philippines Criticized Over Martial Law Warning

New York Times
MANILA – Rights advocates and survivors of the dictatorship of Ferdinand E. Marcos, the former Philippine leader, criticized President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday for saying that he could impose martial law to curb what he has called a runaway drug

FBI’s pre-election sweep of Muslim Americans raises surveillance fears

The Guardian
Ahmed was one of at least 109 people who contacted the Council of American Islamic Relations (Cair) to say they were visited by the FBI days before the election. Donald Trump’s subsequent victory has raised fears of increased surveillance against the …

President Obama says he was “surprised by the severity of partisanship” in Washington

CBS News
As his administration draws to a close, the president who vowed to unite Republicans and Democrats conceded that the political divide was a bigger obstacle than he thought it would be.

Sharpton: ‘Thank God we lived in the age of Obama

The Hill
The Rev. Al Sharpton on Sunday praised President Obama and touted his accomplishments while in office. … “We come to say to the Democrats in the Senate and in the House, and to the moderate Republicans, to get some backbone and get some guts.”.

All eyes will be on a composed Hillary Clinton at the inauguration that got away

The Guardian
Last month Clinton resumed political duties, speaking at an unveiling ceremony for a portrait of retiring Senate minority leader Harry Reid.

Sasha Obama Hits Miami for Girls’ Weekend With Joe Biden’s Granddaughter, Maisy

Us Weekly
A much-needed R&R. Sasha Obama enjoyed some fun in the sun during a girls’ weekend trip to Miami on Saturday, January 14, donning a bikini while hanging out with friends on the beach.

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