In Farewell, Obama Sets Red Lines That Would Pull Him Back Into Fray

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In Farewell, Obama Sets Red Lines That Would Pull Him Back Into Fray

New York Times
At the final news conference of his presidency, Mr. Obama made clear on Wednesday that he finds some ideas advanced by President-elect Donald J. Trump so alarming that he laid out markers that would draw him back into the fray. “There’s a difference

After 8 Years Of Unbroken War, Obama Hands Over Conflicts To Trump

Among the many things President Obama will be handing off to his successor this week: stubborn wars in three separate countries.

At Final White House Press Conference, Obama Offers Both Reflections And Rebukes

President Obama’s final press conference was one of both reflection and subtle rebuke toward incoming President-elect Donald Trump, defending voting rights and a free press, all while reassuring the American people that “at my core, I think we’re going

President Obama’s parting message: Hope

Los Angeles Times
President Obama closed his presidency on a note of optimism Wednesday, telling a room of reporters that, despite the worry felt by many of his fellow partisans about the incoming Trump administration, “we’re going to be okay.

Obama aides, full of emotion, get ready to turn out the lights

This week, President Barack Obama’s White House aides have been getting their last taste of Chocolate Freedom. The molten fudge confection (with fro-yo a la mode) is the signature dessert at the White House restaurant known as the mess, and it’s been a …

Democrats in the Wilderness

They expected her to win, of course, but they knew President Clinton was going to get thrashed in the 2018 midterms—the races were tilted in Republicans‘ favor, and that’s when they thought the backlash would really hit. … a collection of half

44 ways to judge the Obama era

CNN International
Obama’s election coincided with Democratic victories across the nation and the strong 2008 showing built on the party’s successes in 2006.

Obama should pardon Hillary Clinton, former assistant US attorney …

Fox News
A New York lawyer appealed to President Obama Wednesday to pardon Hillary Clinton and others who may be “potential targets” of an investigation into the use …

Obama Understood the Power of Art. And He Wanted You to Get It, Too.

New York Times
Anyone inclined to find joy when a president’s taste collides with yours had a lot to choose from with Barack Obama. There was the time he dropped by the Los Angeles garage where the comedian Marc Maron records his podcast or when he sat between the …

Obama’s Last News Conference: Full Transcript and Video

New York Times
OBAMA: But Michelle, whose fashion sense is a little better than mine, tells me that’s not appropriate in January. I covered a lot of the ground that I would want to cover in my farewell address last week, so I’m just going to say a couple of quick

Lessons Taught: Obama’s Legacy as a Historian

New York Times
President Obama, shown at a memorial service following the Charleston, S.C., church shootings in 2015, was “able to wrap the history of the civil rights movement into the fabric of American history,” Kenneth Mack, a historian, said.

Obama calls voter fraud fears ‘fake news’

“Not just along racial lines — here are a whole lot of folks who voted for (President-elect Donald) Trump because they feel left behind.

President Obama’s Last Chance to Show Mercy

New York Times
President Obama did the right thing in granting clemency to Chelsea Manning, who was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking huge amounts of classified information about American diplomatic and military activities in 2010.

President Obama is leaving office on a very high note

Washington Post
Barack Obama leaves office Friday with 6 in 10 Americans approving of his job performance, capping a steady rise that vaults him above the average final mark for modern presidents, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds.

Looking Back With Gratitude On Obama, And His Optimistic Vision Of America

I’ll say this for President Obama: We went into his administration talking about a “post-racial America.” We went out of his administration talking about a “post-factual” America.

Episode 748: Undoing Obama

Congress may pass the laws, but the president and the agency heads he appoints write the rules. And it is the rules that dictate how laws play out in our daily lives—how strong a regulation will be, and even who gets funding.

Senate’s Closer Look at Steven Mnuchin Reveals Much More

New York Times
When pressed, the nominee for Treasury secretary, Steven T. Mnuchin, tells the Senate Finance Committee that he is an officer in a tax-haven-based investment fund, and much more.

10 Highlights From Wednesday’s Confirmation Hearings

New York Times
Democrats complained mightily about their questions being limited, but the Republicans, who hold the majority, get to set the rules.

Obama (again) discreetly disses die-hard Democrats

Los Angeles Times
President Obama had a lot of words of consolation for his admirers in his last news conference as president, and a few veiled words of warning for his successor.

Obama’s Final Press Conference As President, Annotated

President Obama gave his final press conference at the White House on Wednesday, just two days before Donald Trump’s inauguration.

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