Carolyn Hax: Putting family unity ahead of feelings of betrayal


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Carolyn Hax: Putting family unity ahead of feelings of betrayal
Her husband admitted to visiting prostitutes. She doesn’t want to stay married but wants to keep family peace for the sake of the children.

Hints From Heloise: What’s the deal?
Why do longtime customers typically pay more than newbies?

Ask Amy: Mom’s a doormat, desperate to change
Adult daughter doesn’t pay rent or contribute to expenses.

Top-grossing films for the weekend of Aug. 12-14, 2016
“Suicide Squad” stays on top in its second week.

Fox News confronts (but just barely) a scandal in its own house
Sexual harassment allegations about ex-boss Roger Ailes get the once-over-lightly treatment.

Michael Phelps’s infant has his own Instagram account. Read this before you make one for your kid.
Don’t let the overwhelming cuteness distract you from privacy settings.

Why Bowe Bergdahl’s ‘Serial’ interviews should be off limits in his court martial
News organizations are right to fear a chilling effect on newsgathering

Their goal: Meet the Beatles on tour in 1966. Their solution: Impersonate the opening act.
A group of scheming D.C. teenagers didn’t think they’d even make it into the venue.

Solution to the August 14 Post Magazine crossword, “Themeless No. 2″
Evan’s on vacation until mid-August, but he posted the solution to this tough themeless puzzle for your convenience.

Michel Richard wanted you to be happy in the kitchen, too. His recipes prove it.
The ones he shared with Washington Post readers over the years are true to his spirit.

Robert De Niro likens Trump to ‘Taxi Driver’ character Travis Bickle
So what does the mentally ill, homicidal character have in common with the GOP nominee?

Emeril Legasse, Mark Bittman and other celeb chefs pay homage to Michel Richard
The legendary Washington chef and restaurateur died Saturday.

Bloody mary, we can do you one (or two) better
A gentle smackdown pits a light, fresh-juice mix vs. a spicy match with beer.

Carolyn Hax: Wife wants help around the house, not being told to quit her job
A new baby has left her struggling to keep things running, and she and her husband need to divide the work.

Ask Amy: Abuse survivor worries about family contact
Daughter wonders whether she can tell her own story despite mother’s objections.

Miss Manners: Discussing food issues at the table is a great big bore
Reader’s friends repeatedly talk about allergies and other digestive issues.

It’s time to hit the gazpacho reset button
A Madrid chef reminds us how good the simple tomato version — and its creamy cousin — can be.

Chef Michel Richard was happy in the kitchen. And you could taste it.
APPRECIATION | The influential restaurateur was also a whimsical inventor.

Leaked Johnny Depp video appears to show actor in heated argument with wife Amber Heard
Latest volley in the couple’s messy divorce battle appears to the show the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star loudly cursing and slamming cabinet doors.

Are you on a staycation? You don’t need to go far to have fun this summer.
Kids find history while hiking and see a smelly flower on the Mall for Summer of KidsPost.

Extreme heat isn’t necessary for heatstroke, as this athlete’s harrowing story shows
Know the warning signs, and learn how to help someone in trouble.

Amid deal with Anheuser-Busch, craft brewery gets kicked out of its own festival
BEER | Devils Backbone, previously lauded, sees fallout from its pending sale

5 summertime reds and whites, ready for the grill
PICKS | This week’s recommendations include a Great Value white from Germany.

The basic rule for pairing wine with tomatoes
WINE | Try a puckering txakoli with a fresh sauce, or Lambrusco with an eggplant Parm.

7 recipes that will turn you into a ‘Great British Baking Show’ star baker
Any would be worthy of serving at your finale viewing party this weekend.

Michel Richard, innovative chef who made D.C. a capital of dining, dies at 68
Mr. Richard combined cooking methods from his native France with an American casual flair to become one of the country’s most influential chefs.

Beer of the Week: Timothy Taylor’s Landlord
The classic malty ale has been crowned Supreme Champion Beer of Britain four times.

May-December romance? Don’t forget the mistletoe.
If you’re both of legal age, it’s no one else’s business.

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