Hillary Clinton to Court Elusive Group With Speech Focused on Millennials


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Hillary Clinton to Court Elusive Group With Speech Focused on Millennials
She is seeking to expand her support with young voters, a group that helped elevate President Obama but that has often proved resistant to her overtures.

Sidebar: Supreme Court to Hear Case on Juror Racial Bias
In previous rulings, the court has said that even egregious misconduct by jurors cannot be used to challenge a conviction. But a case involving a juror’s racial bias might be an exception.

Letter From Former Officials Urges Trump to Detail Foreign Dealings
The government, national security and military figures warned Mr. Trump’s overseas business relationships could cause major conflicts of interest if he becomes president.

Senate Moves to Clear Agenda Before Elections
Lawmakers, aware that the control of the chamber could turn on a handful of races, hope to resolve lingering disputes to return to their states to campaign.

The 2016 Race: Why a President Trump Could Start a Trade War With Surprising Ease
The asymmetry of trade politics: New agreements require congressional approval, but undoing existing commitments does not.

Obama to Push Refugee Aid at U.N., but Critics Say Effort Is Overdue
Even those who praise Mr. Obama’s planned meeting on the refugee crisis wonder why the United States waited so long to mount a global response and why it has taken in so few Syrians.

Errant Bombing of Syrian Troops Weakens U.S. Effort to Curb Violence
The accidental killing of Syrian soldiers again exposed the White House’s struggles to put together a coherent strategy in a multisided civil war.

Mediator: Moscow Joins the Partisan Media Landscape With Familiar American Faces
The presence of the cable talk show hosts Larry King and Ed Schultz on the United States feed of Russia Today, the satellite media organization funded by the Russian government, has raised eyebrows.

Doctor’s World: A Doctor’s Assessment of Whether Donald Trump’s Health Is ‘Excellent’
Mr. Trump has pledged to release a full medical report, but has yet to do so. Here is an assessment of what he has released so far, and what remains unknown.

Doctor’s World: How Healthy Is Hillary Clinton? Doctors Weigh In
The disclosure that Mrs. Clinton had pneumonia has put candidates’ health under scrutiny. Here is an assessment of the medical history Mrs. Clinton has made public.

White House Letter: Election Noise and ‘Frivolous’ Issues Hinder Obama’s Last Objectives
President Obama has limited opportunities in his last months in office to shift focus from the raucous presidential campaign to his signature issues.

Obama Sees ‘Personal Insult’ if Blacks Don’t Rally for Hillary Clinton
Many Democrats are afraid that Mrs. Clinton’s large edge among African-American voters may be undercut by apathy and low voter turnout.

The 2016 Race: Introducing the New York Times Upshot/Siena College Poll
Tomorrow, we will unveil a Florida poll that uses voter registration files, a core of the “big data” that has transformed campaign targeting and analytics.

Coming Soon, Economists Hope: Big Spending on Roads, Bridges and Ports
Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and many economists support investing billions in the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, but paying for it won’t be simple.

Letter From Washington: Contests in New Hampshire May Alter Political Map
Donald J. Trump has advantages in the state, but in the last six presidential races, the once reliably Republican state has voted Democratic five times.

Rose Mofford, First Woman to Serve as Arizona’s Governor, Dies at 94
A Democrat in a historically Republican state, Ms. Mofford was governor from 1988 to 1991, culminating 50 years in state government.

Of the People
Americans share their hopes, fears and frustrations in interviews from the campaign trail.

Presidential Campaign in Pictures
Browse New York Times photos and slideshows from the 2016 presidential campaign.

Presidential Election 2016
Here’s the latest news and analysis of the candidates and issues shaping the presidential race.

Voices From Donald Trump’s Rallies, Uncensored
Mr. Trump’s supporters often chant vitriolic, even violent slogans at his campaign events. New York Times reporters documented examples over several weeks.

Some Republicans Acknowledge Leveraging Voter ID Laws for Political Gain
A trove of documents reveal Republican politicians drawing on fears of election fraud to prevent voters — usually Democratic — from casting ballots.

Bill to Shield International Art Loans Gains in Senate
The legislation, which opponents contend protects stolen works while they’re being exhibited in the United States, will head to the full Senate for a vote.

U.N. Meeting a Farewell for Obama, and a Dress Rehearsal for Clinton
Mr. Obama’s last General Assembly as president is a return to the diplomatic stage for his preferred successor, who will meet with world leaders she already knows.

Table for Three: Elizabeth Warren and Tracee Ellis Ross on the Road to Activism
The senator and the actress reflect on the coming election, family dynamics and road maps for social change.

Revalued: The Standoff Between Big Oil and Big Corn
The policy debate over the decade-old federal Renewable Fuel Standard is largely a battle between two giant competing industries: ethanol and petroleum.

Donald Trump Again Won’t Acknowledge Obama Was Born in U.S.
Mr. Trump continued to sow doubts about the citizenship of the first black president even as his campaign is trying to reach out to minorities.

On Washington: Why the Senate Couldn’t Pass a Crime Bill Both Parties Backed
The major bill seemed destined to be the bipartisan success story of the year, meant to provide a second chance for nonviolent offenders. Then the election got in the way.

Gary Johnson and Jill Stein Fail to Make Cut for First Debate
The two third-party nominees were not invited because they averaged less than 15 percent in polls used by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Donald Trump Scorns TV Networks. For Once, They Return the Favor.
After Mr. Trump’s campaign barred an ABC News producer from a tour of his new hotel, news executives refused to cover it, uniting in an unusual act of defiance.

How the New York Times/CBS News Poll Was Conducted
The survey of 1,770 adults from Sept. 9 through 13 used random sampling methods to ensure proper representation in terms of region, sex, race and other factors.

Michelle Obama Makes Ardent Case for Hillary Clinton
Mrs. Obama made a rare appearance on the campaign trail on Friday to plead with young voters to support Hillary Clinton and extend President Obama’s legacy.

Ad of the Week: In Missouri Senate Race, Challenger Makes His Point With a Blindfold and Rifle
A campaign ad shows Jason Kander, a veteran and a Democratic candidate for Senate in Missouri, explaining his support for background checks using a blindfold and an assault rifle.

Hate Crimes Against American Muslims Most Since Post-9/11 Era
Some scholars believe that the violence is driven not only by the string of terrorist attacks, but also by the political vitriol from candidates like Donald J. Trump.

Caliphate in Peril, More ISIS Fighters May Take Mayhem to Europe
The American-led coalition is closing in strongholds in Iraq and Syria But some Western officials expect consequences to that success for years to come.

Mike Pence Releases Doctor’s Letter Saying His Health Is ‘Excellent’
The letter about the Republican vice-presidential nominee described his medical history, including the 2014 discovery of a heart condition that was not considered threatening.

Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton’s Bodyguards Should Disarm to ‘See What Happens to Her’
The Republican nominee again raised the possibility of violence against his opponent, saying of her Secret Service agents, “Take their guns away.”

Conflicting Policy From Trump: To Keep, and Remove, Tax Cut
After publicly backing away from his proposed tax cut for small businesses, Donald J. Trump’s campaign aides told a small-business group that he still supported the plan.

Hillary Clinton’s Backers Thought She Couldn’t Lose. Now, ‘I Can’t Go There.’
Those who back the Democratic nominee seem overwhelmed by a wave of unease, exacerbated by Mrs. Clinton’s illness and a slow-footed acknowledgment of it.

From Women, Skepticism About Marriage and a Hunger for Workplace Equality
Some of the women who took part in a New York Times/CBS News poll were called to talk further about the challenges they face today.

Poll Finds Most Voters Embrace Milestone for Women, if Not Hillary Clinton
The survey found that women think that more progress has been made toward ending sexism than racism in society, but they perceive that men still hold advantages.

Trump Drops False ‘Birther’ Theory, but Floats a New One: Clinton Started It
The Republican nominee tried to move on from the conspiracy theory that said President Obama was not born in the United States, which he has been clinging to for years.

News Analysis: Donald Trump Clung to ‘Birther’ Lie for Years, and Still Isn’t Apologetic
It was never true. Any of it. And even as Mr. Trump surrendered to the reality of President Obama’s birthplace, he insisted on conjuring a new falsehood.

News Analysis: Donald Trump’s Anything-Goes Campaign Sets an Alarming Political Precedent
The past week’s routine falsehoods, unfounded claims and inflammatory language offered a vivid illustration of how little regard Mr. Trump has for the long-held expectations of America’s leaders.

Hillary Clinton Struggles to Gain Traction in Florida, Despite Spending
Recent polls show Mrs. Clinton is not earning the same support of Hispanics, young people or white voters as President Obama did in 2012, which offers Donald J. Trump an opening.

A Trump Empire Built on Inside Connections and $885 Million in Tax Breaks
Mr. Trump has relied on the government and taxpayers to benefit the 15 buildings at the core of his Manhattan real estate developments

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