Fitness: How do friends’ social media posts affect us?

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Fitness: How do friends’ social media posts affect us?

Medical News TodayFeb. 27, 2018
The researchers’ findings — published in the journal Health Communication — indicate that people who see a lot of fitness-related posts from their friends may become more self-conscious about their own bodies. “When people received more posts about exercise, it made them more concerned about their …
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What’s new in fitness this season

Divine.ca18 hours ago
While the idea of working out is often related to the notion of weight loss these days, it is equally important to promote fitness activities for other reasons – from health benefits to simply feeling energized and happy. The positive effects of working out regularly are by now well-known by all of us, but so are its …
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High fitness may slash dementia risk, study says

Medical News TodayMar. 15, 2018
The participants’ cardiovascular fitness — or their ability to sustain physical effort over a prolonged period — was assessed through a bicycle exercise test. Hörder and team asked the women to participate in the exercise until they felt physically exhausted; this allowed the researchers to establish what each …
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More Fitness, Less Fatness

New York TimesFeb. 26, 2018
Look around you and chances are you’ll see that more than two adults in three are overweight or obese. Perhaps you are among them and you’re thinking, “That’s O.K. I’m no different from anyone else, so what’s the point in waging yet another losing battle against the bulge?” You are not alone. A subtle …
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Kylie Jenner Shares Fitness Goals In Sizzling Pre-Pregnancy …

Access OnlineMar. 26, 2018
The 20-year-old momma shared a sizzling bikini throwback to her Instagram on Sunday, showing off her curvy waist and flat tummy in a pool. “Summer goals,” she captioned the black-and-white pic. Despite water pouring on her, Kylie is seen wearing a full face of makeup in the snap – including eye …
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The Future of Fitness Can Fit in Your Ear

Wall Street JournalMar. 1, 2018
FOR FITNESS geeks who think Apple Watches and FitBits are old school, or prefer not to have their wrists weighed down as they run, a clever solution has emerged. Smart, sweat-resistant earphones—called “hearables,” or wearable in-ear gadgets—not only deliver music from your smartphone without the …

Guided fitness hike at Lake Elmo Park Reserve

Lillie News5 hours ago
Explore the Washington County Parks trail system this spring with guided fitness hikes. The next hike will be 9 to 10 a.m. Thursday, April 5, at Lake Elmo Park Reserve. The one-hour hikes involve a warm-up and fitness challenges along the way. Trails are a mix of turf, gravel, grass, snow and pavement …
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Laila Ali Talks Family, Fitness, Cooking and Charity

AthlonSports.com12 hours ago
They’ll each receive $10,000 for the nonprofit where they work, totaling $1 million in donations from TIAA. People can go to and can nominate people or themselves. There will be submissions, articles, videos, other inspiring stories that people can access. And then, we’ll be …
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11 Benefits of Strength Training That Have Nothing to Do With …

U.S. News & World ReportMar. 23, 2018
Eccentric exercises are any that emphasize muscle lengthening, rather than shortening. Example exercises might include the lowering phase of a squat or raising the bar during a lat pull-down, Rivadeneyra says. However, even more important to overall function, fitness and quality of life is mobility, he says.
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Raising the last bit for family fitness park

Meridian BoosterMar. 6, 2018
The Kinette Club of Lloydminster is trying to the last little bit of funding needed for the future of the Outdoor Family Fitness Park. An event will be held March 14 in the form of a Paint Nite at the Kinsmen Hall. Tickets are $45 and $15 from each ticket will go directly towards the fitness park. “This spring we …

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